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  1. Wow that’s not a good read from a Scottish championship perspective. I personally liked Maxwell but he has a serious overinflated opinion of his performances and his ability. He certainly won’t be back at Ayr but it will be interesting to see where he eventually rocks up.
  2. 1. Dundee 2. ICT 3. Partick 4. Ayr 5. Arbroath 6. Hamilton 7. Raith 8. Morton 9. QP 10. Cove
  3. Hmmm. Great team in the third tier pretty average in the league above
  4. First time in the hub today, very impressed but I have to ask the hero tables- Tommy Walker? Really?
  5. No need to get the fear over Baird as he signed for Morton about 3 weeks ago
  6. He’s here I believe just waiting on international clearance to play
  7. I’m sorry but McAllister, Mackenzie, Bryden and Hewitt shouldn’t be anywhere near our starting line up. Come the start of the season it will look very different.
  8. Some of these signings look good on paper. However, I still have nightmares over the Falkirk experiment from a few seasons ago when Hartley filled the team with unknowns from England and they sank without trace. I would personally like some experience of the Scottish leagues and maybe someone with a connection to the club, rather than a team of jobbers from lower league in England. Hope I’m wrong and that Mathie knows what he is doing.
  9. Whoever scored in our 3-0 romp against soon to be treble winners Rangers in 1975. I was there but can’t remember who scored. John Doyle got one I think?
  10. I agree with you about Smith. I was gutted when he returned to Scotland and turned us down for thistle but he has been so disappointing for you guys. I wouldn’t have him back at Somerset
  11. Greatest away goal I’ve witnessed. Not as good as Shankland’s at Partick but I wasn’t there.
  12. Apparently they are in disarray with no new signings and nobody sure whether Taylor is still the manager or not.
  13. That is pretty random . Obviously Dundee start as favourites but other than that it’s anyone’s guess.
  14. I am lead to believe we offered him a very good deal. For him to turn it down and join QP they would need to be offering a fundamentally better deal I would expect. I don’t think they will do that.
  15. I honestly can’t see it. They would need to be offering silly money and frankly Tomi isn’t worth it.
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