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  1. Further to Jonathan Van Tam analogy for COVID19 that we are 3-0 up but if we’re not careful we might lose 4-3. How many games can you remember us throwing away a 3-0 lead? ICT in the cup is he one that jumps out to me.
  2. I suspect with this weird season Kerr will be given at least until May
  3. If I was at the game I’d be halfway down Somerset road by now. Not good enough I’m afraid
  4. Tbh not good enough tonight. Hearts are bang average. We really didn’t create enough chances though and that’s disappointing.
  5. Nice to see that the Ayr stream finally working properly
  6. Tried emailing them, resend passwords and still nowt. Pretty poor tbh
  7. Anyone else having an issue getting a password after registering?
  8. Not usually the pitch that’s the problem at Gayfield it’s the wind and the sea that cause issues
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