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  1. I merely pointing out that the crowd was so big due to free tickets. There was so much noise about how QP had suddenly built up a massive support by winning matches and challenging at the top end of the championship. Not quite true I’m afraid.
  2. Yip amazing how many people turn up when you hand out free tickets
  3. Tbh we are doing an Arbroath this season and I don’t remember any pundit saying they couldn’t win the league last season
  4. Top of the league bud. Just you cherish your plucky draw against the mighty Arbroath
  5. As Bullen said before Kick off no Scottish Championship club could afford him
  6. If Mullen hadn’t scored 2 goals then MOTM was a toss up between MacAllister & Ecrepont, both were exceptional
  7. Musonda is injured. The guy that played for Zambia isn’t our Musonda
  8. You seriously think Lennon is going to quit his job in Cyprus to managed Thistle. Deluded or what?
  9. Adeloye was an unused sub today for Swindon. I don’t think it’s worked out for him there. Doubt he’ll be back though
  10. Tomi was a big player for us last season but Dipo is in a different league
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