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  1. Sounds like it’s a done deal that he’s off then, if your information is correct
  2. I would be happy to offer Moore an 18 month deal, not sure Thistle will offer him that
  3. At least we’re at home. Away to county would’ve been worse
  4. Only one game. But I agree he was the better goalie today.
  5. Oh I agree that nothing justifies throwing anything, however, the steward should’ve been more professional.
  6. I was sitting right in front of the steward, there were no coins thrown that I saw just a plastic object. The steward threw the ball back without looking and it went flying past Harvie. Almost certainly a mistake. Harvie didn’t overreact to the steward but afterwards the steward thought it was a great idea to snigger at the away support causing tensions to rise.
  7. Only if Scottish football begins and ends in Tannadice Street DD3
  8. That team were great in the third tier, were a massive disappointment in the second tier. This team and last years team much better imo.
  9. Remember what all you Dundee guys said “Dorrans is the best player in the league” [emoji23]
  10. If how we pay to get into the game is the only complaint we have then things must going fine. Paying at the gate to watch a team with Craig Beattie in it getting gubbed every week or ticketless entry to watch our current crop. Now which scenario would I prefer? [emoji848]
  11. Ryan Blair playing as a trailist for Ayr reserves tonight. Was he any good for you guys last season?
  12. We’re talking about the here and now not past history.
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