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  1. I don’t get this “a step too far” and Thistle are more experienced than our team. At the end of the day we finished 2nd and they finished 4th. Yes it was close and easily could’ve been the other way about. However, we should not be losing 8-0 to a team in and around us over a season, end of. Bullen has to take full responsibility for those dreadful displays.
  2. I don’t get all the love for Musonda he’s extremely average
  3. Honestly, despite his display tonight I’d keep Albison & Murdoch and that’s about it. Time to rebuild massively.
  4. Really take Dipo out of that team and there’s not much left. Recruitment has not been great. Our best players apart from Dipo have been loans
  5. Honestly just bring back McCall now. This Bullen experiment is going to end in tears
  6. Me too last week was enough. First time I haven’t been at a big game at home in my life. Really glad I did
  7. This tin pot nonsense also contributed to the looney running on the pitch. Questions really should be asked off the stewarding here
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