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  1. Preston 1 Nitten 9 thats nine preson 1- cowdenbeath u 20s 6 are preston really that bad or are they missing all their players
  2. ww 1 sauchie 1 best entertainment was watching the clueless ref ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, why are WW still playing all these trialists whom all seem to be from Binghams old u19 team ? quicker hislop is back and gets a settled team on the pitch the better
  3. think most teams have a chance of top 4
  4. All about opinions and too early too tell what team has made the best signings or is ready to challenge ek ,es ,spartans,cumbernauld,stirling, etc will all be in there role on the start of the season
  5. all the best to big John looked and was a serious injury makes any comments on the game pointless
  6. its only the 1st game ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. thought Welfare would get more at home early on to avoid call offs later on not effing more away lol
  8. All entitled to an opinion and I would tend to agree but Whether the story is true or nor whether its the training or not whether he should have been asked to re sign or not Darren was obviously not really wanted by the new regime who knows others may follow this is not a full time team getting paid a wad of money remember ! A player of Darrens ability will have no problem getting a team Lets move on and try to look forward to the new season
  9. LOL nice 1 and he is but as you say aw the best to Darren and bring on the fixtures
  10. Sad to hear Darren has had to leave makes you wonder though ? Michael Osbourne one of Binghams pals from Preston not sure another centre mid was required but time will tell but good luck to Darren always gave his all for the team
  11. Scott Gormley a proven goal scorer Scott Moffat if over his injury nightmares could be useful Frankie Arthur a very experienced player and did well at the end of season Michael Osbourne one of Binghams pals from Preston not sure another centre mid was required but time will tell Aaron Moffat & Connor Brydon hopefully the young lads do well a defender and forward but as said a big step up from u20s and as we saw with the lads who came up last season its a hard graft as none were kept That with the Players that resigned should form a decent team ps What did happen with Flynn and Mckinlay ?
  12. Gormley is exactly what WW require
  13. who is Ozzy ? Gormley again ?
  14. Dont recall anything about this last season
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