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  1. nonoldfirmclubinglasgow.exe Probably. The Swiss have a better command of most things. Many of them are multilingual, that's for sure. You can't look at that and think it's not hilarious. I would be equally incredulous if that had been the case for Hibs against either half of them. Obviously not every foul is the same, or a booking, but come on.
  2. You just know if anyone is going to 'suffer from long covid' it will be people like Jamie Oliver and his wife. Public health's reputation is in the mud as well and will take a generation or more to rebuild trust.
  3. Now you can get the fondue prepared for Thursday evening, lad.
  4. Out of dodge without the goal difference or confidence taking a battering will do before Thursday. Enjoy winning the league for the millionth time at a canter, lads!
  5. China branching out to crabs and hippos, lads!
  6. Absolutely remarkable that these dweebs don't realise yet that the overwhelming majority of people are completely done with covid being any sort of important event in their life. Most will, however, be concerned about the incoming cost of living catastrophe just around the corner this winter, not the poor wee NHS being in bits yet again as Santa Claus is making the rounds. I just can't see them fucking about with people's lives anymore, given where their priorities will be and what many will have to put up with this winter. Not only that, but the emerging collateral damage that is now becoming apparent because of decisions made since March 2020. Also, England only brought in masks as a token gesture last winter for a few weeks to placate The Psycho Brigade. Even then, most ignored it. The world has moved on. Granted, as I said the other day, if you are unfortunate enough to have a health minister or governor who have been taken in by the Cult of Covid, then you're going to have to suffer the nonsense a little longer.
  7. So when were Celtic last 'shite'? You have literally won 16 titles in the 22 full seasons that have taken place since the new millennium.
  8. They have Sellick and F.C. Zürich to cheer on now against the Hertz.
  9. Another famous draw! This time against the nine-men Berrz.
  10. The last time you were 'shite' was presumably under Deila yet you still won the league at a canter? Different planet these clowns.
  11. Were people with suspected HIV ever criminalised for passing it on to others? That sociopath Hancock was boasting that he'd seen it. It was never, ever a serious threat or health risk to under 50s. The vast majority of 'younger' people the media would highlight in hospital were extremely fat, but it was still only a very small proportion of obese and clinically vulnerable people in this age bracket that would suffer badly or die. The overwhelming majority of deaths were in the over 80s/nursing homes. Even your average pensioner that wasn't at death's door would contract it and be far more likely to recover. This was always the reality away from the fear and hysteria.
  12. Easter Road holds 569 more seats (at most) than Tynecastle Park. Most of this difference is literally taken up in the away end when Hearts come to visit as well. What an absolute oddball you are.
  13. The thing is, it's literally not biologically possible for the fish to contract covid. Err, some 'rules' were absolutely nonsensical from the beginning. Granted, going about knowing you were positive as Ferrier did back then was unethical. Should it ever have been a criminal offence, however? That's certainly debateable - and not something ever previously considered appropriate in 'public health'.
  14. Another one. Probably because not everyone is a pedantic wee gimp. I wonder why the fans didn't go all in on this tie in the most expensive country in Europe when they'll have three more games in the group stage to choose from. Do other clubs in Scotland outside the Old Firm (and Hertz) pull in 18/19k for run of the mill league fixtures these days? Must have missed it, or are they just nowhere near us still? Yeah, this. Not a unionist either, but the obsession with flags from some of the tadgers on here is just as cringeworthy as anyone who may be desperate to display a union flag among the Hearts support. Nearly every single one was maroon ffs.
  15. It was so glaringly obvious what would be to come because of the path that was taken. Are the Swedes seeing such society-wide issues on this scale? I'm going to go ahead and say no. Mind, you were a granny killer if you questioned any of this. Wee bit of a minter for the zealots these days, like.
  16. There's not much between the Pot 1 and 2 clubs in the Conference League and those in Pot 3 in the Europa League. Obviously, it won't strictly play out per seeding. Celtic dropped down and got leathered by that random Norwegian mob.
  17. Admittedly, I just have hopes of him pulling out a performance like when he bodied Hibs in the last derby at Tynecastle. Neilson will go with Haring again anyway. We were the first non Old Firm club to qualify for that (technically the first from these islands, in fact), so might as well also be the first non Old Firm club to qualify for the Conference League as well. The finalists certainly didn't...
  18. If Halkett is out next week: Gordon Smith Rowles Kingsley Cochrane Devlin Halliday Forrest Boyce McKay Shankland Cheers.
  19. We'll be in group stage football no matter what, m8. Hearts just need to win at Tynecastle, where we're usually extremely strong. It won't be a surprise if we don't do it, but it's not exactly the Mount Everest of challenges either.
  20. Hertz 'could' have scored twice late on if Forest and Boyce decided to release the ball... lol wut The Conference League is absolutely a decent standard and we need more signings regardless. Look at the teams that will be in Pot 1 and Pot 2 in paticular. Most of the Pot 4 sides are relative diddies, but that's about it. The final was Roma v Feyenoord last season, with Leicester and Marseille turfed out in the semi's. Nor will a Hearts win at home to FC Zurich be 'spawny'.
  21. Swiss Champs saving their best performance of the season so far for the Hertz, but let's not let that stop Hibs diddies chugging themselves into oblivion.
  22. Annoying considering we were 1-0 up and then lost two shit goals in two minutes... Relieved we never conceded again... Encouraged that 'all' we have to do is beat them at Tynecastle Park... #WeGoAgain
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