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  1. Yeah, lad: Hertz with no recent European experience giving the Swiss Champs, who have a considerably larger wage bill than us, a close tie over two legs is dreadful failure. Just have to make do with Istanbul, Florence and Riga now.
  2. UEFA Europa Conference League, Group A: İstanbul Başakşehir Fiorentina Heart of Midlothian RFS Hertz off to Istanbul, Florence, and Riga.
  3. Zero Covid doing bits! Place is a laughing stock.
  4. Ideally: Pot 1 - Villarreal or Gent Pot 2 - Fiorentina or FC Köln or Slovan Bratislava Pot 3 - Heart of Midlothian Pot 4 - Lech Poznań or Djurgårdens IF or Pyunik or FK RFS or Ballkani In terms of glamour, good cities, and/or an outside chance of qualifying, as well as avoiding cities or clubs we have visited or played in recent memory.
  5. Grant should be docked two weeks wages IMO. Need to learn lessons in sticking the ball in the onion bag when you have a team over a barrel. Do that and we could sneak through the Conference League group if the draw is kind. Hopefully go again in the Europa League next season...
  6. ^^^ lives in South Gyle and was woken up this morning IMO
  7. Not to worry - winter is coming! Agreed. It was bad enough living through covid here where the Scottish Government dragged the arse out of things far longer than necessary. That said, at least as a collective society the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland have returned to pre-pandemic social norms since April, almost like the flick of a switch. As mentioned above, I can only imagine how enraging and soul-destroying it must be living somewhere like Canada, parts of the US, and even Germany, etc, where it isn't being fully let go just yet... Hilariously, it was only as recently as February/March that the bald, speccy tube was telling us the way we live would have to change permanently because of covid - masks, testing, 'certification' - would all play a part.
  8. Good thing they'll have to wear FFP2 masks indoors for six months - at least it will keep noses and faces warm! Shame it will do next to nothing to reduce covid and other respiratory infections.
  9. Canada and some Democrat-run US States are absolutely unhinged when it comes to auld covid. As mentioned, Canada and some Democrat-run US States are beyond insane. Incredibly, I believe Australia and New Zealand are now more or less back to normal before them. Crackpots.
  10. Paulo seems to live here. Rent free in your head or on the covid thread?
  11. What did you do in the cheese section, though?
  12. Large parts of the world were getting back to normality a whole year ago. How much time do they need? Better cancel next year while we're at it in case a new super variant appears!
  13. Because that would require sticking one's head above the parapet.
  14. Why waste millions on a wee fireworks display when you can still just blame auld covid. Hogmanay probably cut back to 30 seconds worth - or just a single rocket fired out Mons Meg.
  15. Successive Embra Clowncils have made it a joke city IMO. What do so many cities on the continent do to make their management and maintenance appear so superior?
  16. Aye, that was very good.
  17. Monzo is perfect for travelling. Not much more to say, really. Mind and always choose to pay in the local currency if prompted, rather than GBP.
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