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  1. They spend 50% more on wages than we do. Are you able to comprehend this? They scooshed the league ahead of Champions League regulars Basel and Young Boys last season. The tie quite literally went to par, relative to the resources of each club. Just because they have had a poor start to their domestic season doesn't mean the reigning Swiss Champions won't play better in Europe. The average top flight Swiss club are considerably wealthier than the average Scottish Premiership club. They were beatable, but it didn't happen and there is no shame or embarrassment over how the tie panned out. We can take the lessons from it into our Conference League group and hopefully have a different outcome in the Europa League play-off next season, which I expect us to qualify for again. I'm annoyed we couldn't make the most of all our pressure in the first half at Tynecastle and get that elusive goal, if that helps?
  2. Their third 0-0 in a row, I see. Can't quite see them being able to live with Hertz attacking prowess, tbqh.
  3. A repeat of the glorious 1962 final that I'm sure we all remember Hertz winning 1-0 during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  4. The Museum is a decent wee day out. You should try Camera Obscura anaw. Might be a wee bit pricey for you fermers, mind.
  5. Now you're no. Unlucky. He was rightly punished for selling the jerseys on Thursday night. Might be @jamamafegan asking why there's not more atmosphere or why we didn't beat Zurich?
  6. Delicious. Also delicious. Aberdeen should know shan penalty awards inside out, tbf.
  7. Another Hearts win, Hibs lose weekend. You love to see it happen.
  8. 'I don't think zero covid was ever seen as strategy in Scotland beyond the summer of 2020 when it seemed possible'. It never seemed possible at any point after December 2019/January 2020. I knew this as early as when Sturgeon first wanted to be like Jacinda. Why did some of our 'leaders' and 'experts' not? Gross incompetence? Pure politics? Would the impact on British hospitals have been any worse without the blanket shutdown of society, or would it simply have also peaked and fell regardless? The evidence from Sweden certainly shows their health system never collapsed at any point. Another L for Simper in Chief!
  9. We lost a late goal in the home leg when desperately trying to keep the tie alive with ten men. Not at all surprising. In no way are we financially 'fairly similar' to Zurich. As noted, their most recently published wage bill is £13.1m. Our most recent (Premiership) equivalent figure is £8.7m. That is a quite substantial difference. Liverpool were kicking about the bottom of the Premier League with two points after three matches before today. So what? Early season league form is not a reflection of a teams capabilities in Europe. It never has been. They were the best team in Switzerland last season by a distance ahead of Basel and Young Boys - Champions League regulars over the years. Basel are also only a point above Zurich in the league so far this season, but I wouldn't be expecting to be beating them either (again amirite).
  10. To be fair, Scotland and the UK, along with the Nordics and most of Europe, was far better at keeping schools open than the shit shows in North America, some of which are still ongoing. Reflection and acknowledgement from the Scottish Government and their pet cheerleader Sridhar wouldn't go amiss. Schools never should have shut, regardless of how much impact they had on community spread, because chasing zero transmission of the virus was always a fantasy. Throwing bairns under the bus to try and save 85-year-old Selma for another few months should also not have been a reasonable trade-off. Other areas of society never should have seen a blanket shutdown either which later led to 'what should reopen first' arguments. Both have contributed to the consequences that are now emerging in kids' development and the inflation nightmare, respectively.
  11. Are Norway still the number one blueprint for an independent Scotland? Would the Scottish Government ever have the integrity to be this transparent?
  12. They have Kilmarnock to cheer on Wednesday night in that tourney they were pumped out of by the seaside teams in July. Then they have three different sides to cheer on against the Hertz in Europe until November (twice)! This ain't the flex you think it is, lad. Just think, if Hibs could qualify for Europe you would also lose to the Swiss Champions and at Celtic Park back-to-back-to-back!
  13. It doesn't matter if the difference in TV money is negligible or we average a few thousand more fans than them, the fact is they are still a richer club for rather obvious reasons, and spend about two thirds more on wages than we do. Over the two legs the tie quite literally went exactly on par for the capabilities and resources of each club. If they were a bit more slack and/or we could have found the breakthrough in the first half at Tynecastle, we could have done it, but it's neither a surprise nor is it 'risible' that we didn't.
  14. Maximum points from the opening three games IMO. Then a wee win against the Latvians at Tynecastle Park on matchday five to see us cruising through.
  15. You don't seem interested in posting our trip to Florence on 13 October either.
  16. No matter how many clowns try to reinvent reality, Hearts narrowly losing to the Swiss Champions, who spend (considerably) more money than we do is not and never will be 'risible'. BuT tHeY'vE sTaRtEd PoOrLy In ThE lEaGuE It was a better opportunity than if we'd drawn some of the more difficult sides available, but not as easy as one or two of the others. Nothing more. Such a strange guy.
  17. That didn't take long...
  18. Assuming we pap the Latvian mob home and away, that should net us another cool ~£1m as a minimum. Can pump the Turks and Eyeties anaw.
  19. The Hibs and Aberdeen bois are bealing here.
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