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  1. It's all very interesting and entertaining IMO.
  2. You were quite literally suggesting he was a lesser player than this Campbell diddy, and inventing some Scottish Haaland mythology.
  3. Auld Betty leaving one final gift for the Establishment Club, imho.
  4. Rolling about the lower leagues? That season when nobody attended games anywhere anyway and we pished it at a canter regardless? It must be a dull yin that since folk have finally been back at the fitba the Hertz have been miles ahead of 'the rest'. Thinking this is patter, btw. It was brought up because some Aberdeen boi was going on about Simms. Hibs and Aberdeen fans have a weird obsession with Shankland. Can't think why...
  5. We downed tools and chopped and changed things when third place and the cup final were already in the bag. Would have picked up more points if they were required.
  6. So that very good player that err... plays for us. What if Boyle never failed in Saudi Arabia and came back with his tail between his legs? The gap was so big last season that it wouldn't have mattered who was in nets. Zander Clark would also be more than good enough this season. Motherwell had fewer shots on target than us anyway. Wonder what myths will help the Hibs bois sleep better when they see the quality of those two goals.
  7. It's hilarious how this turned into an absolute nothing burger and simply disappeared from the media. The Crazies will be gutted. Not to worry, the number of people getting a cold will soon be on the rise again! Shame for them we won't be altering normal human behaviours this time, though.
  8. October will be our most difficult month of the season. We arrested our dip in form at just the right time. In hindsight, due to Livi's home record, arguably the only shocker we had was Killie at home in the League Cup, but it was always going to be our fourth and lowest priority anyway. Another run in the Scottish Cup would be nice, but by far the most important thing we can do this season is to wrap up third place again. I can't see anyone outside of the Old Firm winning either of the cups, though again we'd be the most likely.
  9. Nobody is triggered, bud. Shankland is another reason why we will finish third comfortably again. Josh Campbell is another reason why Hibs won't. The Hibs bois are never on Hertz threads.
  10. Our second and third goals, btw. That's why we'll finish third again.
  11. Well, Istanbul are up at the top of the Turkish league, are full of quality at least a level or two above our standard, and are seasoned in Europe in recent years. So yes. We were miles ahead of Aberdeen and Hibs last year at every point. Simms signed at the end of January, when you were also nowhere near us. Shankland already has a better scoring ratio than him. Aberdeen and Hibs have only been picking up points against nine and ten men so far this season, and are below St Mirren and Livi. Not really, we've just been a bigger deal than the two other clubs in this thread throughout my lifetime, bud. Hearts will be a pretty comfortable third again. It's not really an outlandish thing to say.
  12. Sportscene giving the game a full five minutes. Great stuff.
  13. Hearts are shite if we're compared to the English Premier League sides we all watch on the box every weekend. As it is, though, we're the third best side in Scotland by a fair distance and will finish as such fairly comfortably again, despite our schedule in the first half of the season.
  14. If we're still third come the break for the World Cup, we'll be 10+ points clear again by the end of the season.
  15. Win away in Europe, win away in the league. Shankland and Forrest knocking the goals in. Still in third, with the Buns at Tynecastle next up after the international break. I think it's what you call very pleasing.
  16. Do these two clubs only win when the opposition have had players sent off? Third is going to be another stroll this season for the Hertz after the World Cup break.
  17. Just a third rate competition apparently, which they were nowhere near qualifying for. Made hard work of an away group stage win as well. It's all just so poor. Don't quite know if we should even bother with Florence, tbh.
  18. Aberdeen fans on Twitter doubly salty for some reason. Absolutely beautiful stuff.
  19. Ironically, had he not already scored more this season than all of last season?
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