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  1. Moreover, and tragically, due to the Commie's in China prioritising such measures and their lack of effective vaccines, coupled with their decision to shun the use of western developed ones, it is going to lead to an horrendous situation - not dissimilar to what was seen previously in Hong Kong. A massive, colossal L for the Gurdasani's of this world.

  2. Fantastic to see people in China finally making a stand against authoritarianism under the guise of 'public health'. Indeed, some of these measures were supported by certain high-profile proponents of The Science™. Naturally, my cutting-edge analysis was predicting this collapse long ago.

  3. 11 minutes ago, MP_MFC said:

    Was just about to post something similar as I see he is still adamant that it was not anything to do with Ukraine, when even the US first response is not to look to blame Russia you know it's a fair cop. Stop digging the hole and beginning to get the court of public opinion starting to question a lot of your other claims that are made when you are, by and large, accepted to be the victim here. 

    Indeed. He needs to take the L here and move on. I just can't comprehend how he, and many other Ukrainians, are unable to see where NATO going to war with Russia could ultimately lead, regardless of how desperate they may feel.

  4. 2 hours ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Thank goodness we didn't listen to Zelensky.


    1 hour ago, Todd_is_God said:

    He's got a bit of a habit of getting ahead of himself in calling for NATO to get directly involved.

    There must be one or two leaders in NATO slightly nervous about whether or not he can be trusted not to order his troops to continue in to Russia should Ukranian forces reach the border.


  5. 4 hours ago, MP_MFC said:

    Hopefully it will lead to some of Zelenskyy’s rhetoric being dialled down at the very least. Understandably he’s trying to paint Russia in as bad a light as possible but in the immediate aftermath of this he was calling on article 5 etc and for all other nations to attack Russia. 

    Yes this wouldn’t have happened had the Russians not launched their barrage but he needed to keep his powder dry with regards to this until the facts became known. 

    Indeed. How can many Ukrainians be unaware that NATO going to war with Russia really wouldn't be a good thing for them, when they are already giving them a chasing as is. 🥴


    4 hours ago, Newbornbairn said:

    The problem with Ukraine "compromising" is every time they recapture a town or city they find evidence of war crimes and atrocities. Russia is murdering, raping, forcibly deporting and stealing the children of Ukrainians. What Ukrainian leader could abandon his people to that?

    I agree. Sadly, there are only the least worst options to try and navigate.

  6. 5 minutes ago, oaksoft said:

    It was you who said that Sweden doesn't have a problem with increasing language support requirements as part of your argument that lockdown caused ours.

    Why would they or how could they? They didn't shut schools or other early learning related activities. The conditions that are being blamed as the cause in the UK literally didn't exist in Sweden. There is an abundance of evidence that Swedish children suffered no learning loss even when compared to other Nordic countries.

  7. 4 hours ago, Wee Bully said:

    The loony fringe will seemingly seize upon anything

    Howling at this, btw. The loony fringe were the clowns in the Scottish Government who pushed 'Zero Covid', and who were still going on in March about masks and Covid-passes being essential long-term, even as it was becoming abundantly clear that sensible nations around Europe were already rolling this back and consigning it to history.

    Equally howling at Wee Bully's new found commitment to ensuring rigorous debate, learning lessons, and making things up. We'll just forget all that simping trying to defend the Scottish Government's tombola decision making on a weekly basis!

    I was on the right side of history in March 2020 - the side that won and got normal life back. The loony fringe are the ones who wanted permanent societal change. They lost, and lost badly.

  8. ^^^ SG Lockdown Lover found

    Wee Bully:

    1. Sweden never shut schools, you wally. 🥴

    2. 'Child speech delays increase due to lockdowns'... bUt WaLeS!!111


    There have been similar rises in Scotland, with children needing communication support increasing by 20% in the last two years.

    Scotland the worst performers of the lot. Oh dear.

    I'm sure the Welsh data couldn't possibly be incomplete and/or an outlier, given trends in Europe and worldwide. 🤪

    At least China won't need to be concerned for the way its weans are being abused thanks to Mark Drakeford's pioneering!

  9. 2 hours ago, welshbairn said:

    Skyscanner only check airline schedules and prices every so often, it's just useful for directing you to what airline site to check out.

    This makes sense, but I've hilariously just realised I was searching the times in the app without flipping the airports, i.e. going to Edinburgh rather than fromwarnock.png

  10. 4 hours ago, kingjoey said:

    Didn't think you had any rivals for third.


    3 hours ago, Leith Green said:

    Obviously that was a good win for Hearts, but some of the posts on this thread make it well worthwhile of a bookmark for later in the season.😉


    2 hours ago, coprolite said:

    Good to see that filthy animal Grant getting a harsh red. Karma for escaping one for his brutal assault on Barron at Pittodrie. 

    Congrats to Hearts on getting third sewn up. 


    Pain. 4U0m6pP_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&

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