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  1. That setup is a fucking shocker. Considering most of the fanbase looked at that and wondered what was going on, it's no surprise whatsoever to see we've had our pants pulled down.
  2. Not got a scooby what system we're playing with this line-up. It's err... very attacking on paper.
  3. What chance has football in this country got when Sky doesn't show matches like Hearts v Rangers, remembering that it has also patched two recent Edinburgh derbies as well. Fucking scumbags.
  4. The Buns fucking telt last night anaw. Meanwhile, both sides of the Old Firm coming together in the replies here. An absolutely tragic 'rivalry'.
  5. We'll probably skelp you into the bottom six again when we play in April, or if you manage to slither to sixth spot we'll at least get to pummel you at Tynecastle after the split. No bad outcomes, tbh.
  6. The battle for third was alive and kicking just the other day. Guess that'll be it back off now. Only game Hibs have a hope of winning in their next five is when they play Killie at home.
  7. Start Snodgrass and Grant and get on the front foot. Whenever we get a result at home to the Old Firm it's because we've not given them time to breath and pressed them. Granted, Devlin would be useful in that regard. Clark Sibbick Rowles Kingsley Smith Snodgrass Grant Cochrane Shankland Ginnelly Humphrys
  8. It's pretty embarrassing if you can't see that the Livi pitch, and plastic pitches generally, are embarrassing. They make our league look completely tinpot. I remember my high school having a better astro than it about 15 years ago ffs.
  9. Everyone has known for weeks now that Hearts are going to absolutely cruise to third - again. What is that if not being far ahead of your competitors.
  10. Yeah, that's not what I was getting at, lad. Imagine where we would be if we weren't playing in Europe with half a team out during the first half of the season, m8.
  11. Tbf, Livi 0-0 Hertz doesn't prove anything when the Old Firm quite literally also struggle there. Not having them in the top flight last season or this wouldn’t see a terribly exciting title race either given we'll be double digits clear of the nearest team again come season's end.
  12. Hibs' next six: Ross County (a) St Mirren (a) Kilmarnock (h) Livingston (a) Rangers (h) Celtic (a) What could possibly go wrong. Aberdeen and Hibs can duke it out for the coveted seventh spot.
  13. We're clearly not, though, are we? We are by some distance the third best side in the country. Do you think every team turns up at Livi and brings out the liquid fitba? The Old Firm often toil there. I suppose if you're a total gimp who compares the Scottish Premiership to the English Premier League, then yes we're pish. Well done! Thankfully, in reality, we're a very good team at this level and are regularly very entertaining to watch. Probably why we have thousands of fans on a waiting list for season tickets. It must be bad if the Aberdeen and Hibs bois can only get excited when Hertz drop points on the road against the side who will probably finish fourth. That's ten unbeaten, btw - your clubs should try it.
  14. This has to be the most boring 'thing' ever to be introduced in fan 'debates'. 'Hahaha, you're pish as well.' Well, no, we are clearly far superior to your rabble: just deal with it better.
  15. You can tell how much it gets to the Hibs and Aberdeen bois seeing how far behind Hertz they are.
  16. Huh? The kid is 18 and looked very exciting. No composure in front of goal with his first touch just after coming on - he must be rubbish forever!
  17. Meh. Both sides will settle for that, I guess. Few big chances missed for us but ten unbeaten for the Hertz. Livi will finish fourth.
  18. Does it become night time earlier in Livingston than in the rest of Scotland?
  19. Disgusting encounter. Has an away team ever played well at the Tony Mac? Sitter from Oda.
  20. Aye, Sky being utterly tinpot as usual when the Old Firm aren't involved. What a shock.
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