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  1. Hopefully Argentina or Brazil. Been far too long.
  2. Apologies if this has already been asked/answered elsewhere, but is there anything on offer for any of the countries that finish third in the main qualifying groups, i.e. a potential play-off? Similar to the qualifying for Euro 2020.
  3. Pish penalty and performance, but to come from behind in such circumstances is rather pleasing, ngl.
  4. Unless we turn this around can we please just cancel Scotland and/or sack the Killie Mourinho at full-time? Taught a lesson twice by Stephen Kenny, a huddy that Luxembourg and Armenia took to school.
  5. A side of English Premier League players having their bumps felt by a side of English Chumpionship players, at home. Utter pish.
  6. The type of people who ever deemed these two to be NaTiOnAl TrEaSuReS are the worst c**ts imaginable, imo.
  7. However, people in Russia, China, North Korea et al sure do get the full picture!
  8. In the comments, both diehard nationalists who used to love Scotland trying to be different over Covid, and folk who aren't Covid Crazies, are uniting to tell the BBC where to go... Oh how times change.
  9. Peobably double that heading over, so there will be a lot of folk watching it in the bars of Florence. Stadium will only be half-full as well.
  10. It's what the match stats state, bud. Just wish we could win 3-0 away from home more comprehensively!
  11. China and Xi won't let Putin start lobbing nukes.
  12. So, nuclear armageddon would at least have some upsides.
  13. Putin's head: The desperate wee man has even waited until old Betty was finally planted in order to make his latest grand announcement, because he knows the global media is finally finished with that obsession and will go back to indulging his attention seeking.
  14. Was 2014/15 no the season we were about 400 points ahead of Hibs and everyone else, but they were apparently the better side just because the derbies were even games for once after years of them being pumped senseless?
  15. Something something, it's the vaxx, something something.
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