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  1. Win this tie and I'll be extremely horny, tbf. Even if papped into the Conference League, should still be mildly tumescent.
  2. Detournement likes this... ...ding, ding, ding! He'll just be ignored again like every other time throughout the pandemic. Covid is FINISH unless some places like Germany or certain blue states in the US are unfortunate enough to have health ministers or governors who have been indoctrinated by the Cult of Covid. Sooner or later, though, they will be out on their arse and these places will also move on like the rest of the world already has. It will be hilarious when masks (again) make absolutely no difference to health outcomes this winter in Germany versus here, the Nordics, or elsewhere that won't require them.
  3. Tbf, is their wage bill not like two thirds more than ours? They also have a couple of very good players, and lots of internationalists. That said, given their dreadful start to their domestic campaign, at times unconvincing performances against Linfield, and their 'home' tie essentially being played at a neutral venue, it does seem somewhat 50-50. If we can get out of dodge with any sort of positive result on Thursday - at worst a single-goal defeat - then I will be pretty disappointed if we don't do them at what will be a rocking Tynecastle in the return leg.
  4. Saved me the bother. As ever, these mugs are fooling no-one.
  5. Lost all respect for them when England bodied them at the Euros last summer. This after their Russia-Ukraine response basically makes them a fully bona fide banter nation now. I'm sure folk will be relieved about this and not whether or not they'll be able to heat their homes this winter. Once PiS are hopefully turfed out in the next elections in Poland, they can become the new powerhouse in central Europe. Absolutely nae c**t gives a shite about covid there.
  6. Wee Ikea hotdog and some meatballs while chilling on your choice of bed. Could be worse I guess. Wonder if this will help the next non-Shanicron variant to evolve.
  7. Did Aberdeen's part of the 'independent review' make any reference to that time they sided with ra Sellick to maintain the voting structure status quo? That worked out well.
  8. Did this football revolution not see Partick pump you silly at home on the opening day? Lads, we literally have group stage European fitba on the horizon and are quite clearly miles ahead of every club in Scotland outside of the Old Firm. If I was over 50 I'd probably still be annoyed and bitter about '1986', but alas I wasn't even born. I was in primary school the last time you were in a cup final ffs. When did you even last have a day out and play at Hampden? It's hilarious stuff, but I actually feel quite sorry for your support - it's that bad.
  9. There literally isn't a bigger joke club in Scotland than Dundee ffs. The seventh biggest club in the country from one of Scotland's four cities with a six-figure population, yet they've not won anything for 50 years, and not even been in a final for 20 years. When did they even last have a semi? They're also soon to take over Hibs' Scottish Cup failure streak ffs. Compare it with your Motherwell, Kilmarnock, St Mirren, St Johnstone etc these past 30 years. Their fans are absolutely hilarious, like.
  10. On a scale of 1-10, how bitter are you about Hertz being in group stage European fitba? Joe is definitely buying the DVD of the 1-1 win, eh.
  11. For context, AZ would still need another four at this point to take Malmo's aggregate score record against Hibs.
  12. Sorry, four. Had a feeling this would end up like Scotland's play-off against the Dutch in 2003. Ironic that McFadden is in the studio.
  13. Just the five more goals needed for United to equal Hibs' Malmo-ing on aggregate.
  14. Pleasing. Folk in New Zealand having to find a new national identity after their covid one.
  15. Oh dear. Another one in the eye for the 'forced cashless society!!111' James Melville/Detournement types. No doubt the current cost of living crisis is some global WEF-conjured false flag, but would all these plots please just stop being mutually incompatible already!
  16. Should the punters who still try to exploit covid for whatever their weird worldview is be stuck on a watchlist?
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