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  1. If you want to see good public transport, head to Switzerland. Tbf, if you want to see good anything, head to Switzerland.
  2. Monkey Tennis aimlessly lashing out all over the shop. Sad to see.
  3. He genuinely looks like Heinrich Himmler. Extremely unfortunate looking chap.
  4. Someone isn't taking the self-destruction of the SNP well. Sad to see.
  5. It's pretty normal to ridicule covid psychos and the simps who pandered to them, tbf.
  6. The SNP are absolutely in the gutter, aren't they? Finished party. It's going to be a slow motion car crash watching certain folk on here come to terms with it.
  7. Came out of things a goal better off than Hibs, with them at Celtic Park next time out. If we avoid defeat at Pittodrie that weekend, and given our goal difference is like an extra point, that will be third in the bag. We can also have a little bit of hope that things could be different in the cup at Tynecastle on Saturday, though the end result will probably be the same.
  8. Does this mean The Bus Shelter is in with a shout of a Super Cup or Europa Conference League final?
  9. The white sheet at the bottom should be binned and filled with away fans and the remaining segregation could be halved. It's what we used to do in the Romanov era. In a genuine emergency, the football team you support is/would be immaterial. You're probably right, though. There will be some daft justification.
  10. The scary thing is, as contemptible and risible as the Conservatives were, Labour and the SNP didn't think they went far enough. It can never be allowed to happen again.
  11. The unwashed and their IRA/sky fairy songbook can make the most of a full Roseburn as it will never happen again for league matches. If anything you'll be pumped down to one section from next season - and even then with how segregation is laid out, it's not even a full section. As for the game, if Neilson hasn't learned a single thing from the recent shoeing at home to the Buns, and doesn't flood the midfield then I don't know what to tell you, tbqh. Realistically, the 3-4-3 needs binned for games against the Old Firm and in Europe. Devlin and Grant or Halliday must start with Snodgrass as a minimum. Frankly, you could even play the four of them. McKay can stay on the bench or at home for this one.
  12. A home game against the Perth Fermers - a fixture known to get supporters up and down the land well up for it. You can blame Budge for the ridiculous segregation, no argument there. You see clubs who genuinely hate each other in England only kept about a metre apart, and yet we continue to go with this monstrosity.
  13. Shocked we won't be catching Rangers, tbh. Better to be lucky than good, as we all know.
  14. Did it ever occur to you that such things might be done deliberately because it evidently winds up utter bores like yourself?
  15. How many 3-0 maulings is that we've dished out this season now? Two in particular certainly spring to mind.
  16. wE mUsT bE rEaDy FoR tHe NeXt PaNdEmIc
  17. Life is grand, chum. Thanks for asking.
  18. A bit like how countries around the world jettisoned their entire pre-pandemic playbooks to follow the example of an authoritarian regime. As we continue to see now, authoritarian regimes bring so much stability to the world... Of course, Sweden were the bad guys for sticking to their guns and not following the crowd, obviously. It really is even harder to comprehend here and now than it was at the time that such insane nonsense actually took place.
  19. Ah, yes: what we truly need is more experimental data. Let's just discount the mountain of *real-world data* that exists instead. You know, what actually happens in reality and not under experimental or laboratory conditions seeking desired or idealist outcomes. Even Yer Da types on social media have made videos of what happens upon exhalation, regardless of if a person is wearing one mask or ten. This is as equally worthless as The Science™ experiments in the lab, again because we happen to have, err... a complete wealth of what happens *in the real world*. East Asia of course being famous for respiratory viruses simply not existing or never circulating in that part of the world. Japan's death rate definitely has nothing to do with them having the lowest obesity rates in the world, or wider cultural aspects that go far beyond a piece of cloth. Obviously! Again, respiratory viruses just don't circulate in East Asia. Over the past six months: Since England's 'freedom day', branded a 'reckless, unethical experiment' that would endanger the world by scientists: One place doesn't wear masks at all. The other places continue to wear masks like it is a religion, never seeing the faces of other human beings despite it no longer even being mandated. That gold standard, real-world data sure makes it conclusive just how well masks work.
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