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  1. Not blindly lick her wrinkly arsehole, and then demand and expect a much better standard of competency in administrative matters from those running the club. If they can't do it, then it's time to step aside and let people who can.
  2. Hahaha. Have the JKB-types realised she is a senile old fucker who has presided over countless shambles in her tenure yet?
  3. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

  4. Promising stuff. Never managed to watch any of it but saw on the BBC updates that he may have still been limping a bit?
  5. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    F**k sake.
  6. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    He'll be a bit disappointed in the end, but that was a great first effort back IMO. If the fitness holds up then the future looks good. Kyrgios actually seemed a good c**t in his interview there.
  7. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    I see Federer won his 98th ATP title in Stuttgart earlier. Guess it would be fitting if he wins his 99th in Halle next week, with the 100th then coming at Wimbledon.
  8. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    A month of grass court tennis and the World Cup. Just hope Murray is 100% and nothing flares up.
  9. Wimbledon & Grass Court Season

    Hope Murray is back to 100% fitness for this. It will be fantastic to see him back on the court.
  10. That St Mirren fellae is like an old MS PowerPoint transition.
  11. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    His voice rapidly started to decline after the Standing on the Shoulder of Giants tour. It was pretty much finished for the last few years of Oasis after the Don't Believe the Truth tour.
  12. She's much nicer for it now as well.
  13. Delighted for Halep. It's been a long time coming and thoroughly deserved.
  14. That tie-break was absolutely different class.