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  1. Normality in London this week has been absolutely fucking glorious, but has highlighted just how far behind in the Covid stone age Scotland is from moving on while the mandatory theatre persists. It's genuinely very sad and rather embarrassing. As for the NHS weirdos who think our lives need to be restricted on and off like a tap to try and make theirs a bit easier can go to hell. Frankly, nothing could make me want to see it privatised more than the utter shit they are coming out with. Stay the f**k out of our lives, or give me a refund on my tax contributions to it, please.
  2. Not even deemed worthy of inclusion by Sportscene, but a nothing 'handball' penalty appeal for the Buns was...
  3. Unbeaten in the Cinch isn't for everyone. I'd start coming to terms with Hertz winning it, if I were you.
  4. No. A few public health crazies in Cambridgeshire started mewling about it, but that's it.
  5. The Danish Climate Minister must have told Sturgeon and her lapdog that grown-up countries with high vaccination rates don't bother with face masks - which are also terrible for the environment.
  6. Without the benefit of hindsight I highly doubt much would have changed at all. With the benefit of hindsight and given cases peaked prior to both 'lockdowns' being implemented, I would have mitigated more along the lines of Sweden's approach, given it was holistic and appreciated all types of trade-offs. Denmark had better outcomes but I'm sceptical their approach would work UK-wide. That said, knowing a vaccine would begin being administered in December 2020, more restrictive measures would have been more tolerable if we then lifted more/all restrictions after the vulnerable were catered for. The health service certainly wasn't going to fall over from April/May 2021 onwards - the last three months have shown what a nonsense pissing away most of the summer was, certainly in Scotland.
  7. Yup. Instead we have 'please, please, please lock me down harder'!
  8. Let's not forget that many of the clowns dining out on this report - as if it is meant to be some sort of revelation - are the same doughnuts who were telling us unlocking on 19th July was an 'unethical experiment!!111'. Nearly three months later and err, how did that one work out? Clearly, not fully opening up would have been an utterly disastrous decision, so thankfully we didn't listen to said moon howlers.
  9. Except... the WHO quite explicitly do not recommend border restrictions as a means of 'infection control', you fucking ghoul. Err, closing borders in early/mid-March 2020 would have made no difference whatsoever seeing as Covid was already seeded in the UK in JANUARY. Unless we are at the revisionist stage where we are claiming we should have shut everything down in January 2020. Absolutely ludicrous, hilarious stuff. Of course, central and eastern European countries 'shut their borders' before the UK did. They avoided any significant wave in spring 2020, only to be battered worse than the UK was in winter 2020, ending up with similar overall outcomes per capita. This, of course, is rather inconvenient for the 'lock down and shut the borders sooner!!111' mob.
  10. It's an easy money saver for a nauseating, virtue signalling bore like Khan. I wonder if the clowncil in Embra will use this excuse as well or see it as the obvious opportunity that it is. Certainly they've already taken the Underbelly coin for Christmas markets again. It's easy to get the impression that some of these utter weirdos think people should never get ill and/or die again, particularly in winter, but as previously mentioned most people are simply just lazy as f**k and can't be arsed. Covid will remain an easy cop out until we navigate this coming winter.
  11. So you wanted the borders sealed shut without having a fucking clue? Sounds like par for the course.
  12. It's not the plague, and err, the World Health Organisation quite literally do not endorse border closures as a means of infection control. The fact that myself, a life-long SNP voter is causing a zealot like yourself to lose your mind because I'm not being a lickspittle over their failings is rather sad, tbh. Meanwhile, the reality of February and March 2020, back when people generally still had their marbles: 'iF oNlY wE lOcKeD dOwN sOoNeR!!!11'
  13. 'Controlling our borders' - Nigel Farage likes this. Ah wait, I forgot, demonising people coming into our country is only an issue when it's for the 'right reasons', not when you're portraying them as disease-carrying foreigners or people with family elsewhere who need to be kept out. Half-arsed measures would still have seen the virus 'imported', yes. It was already widely seeded before anyone was calling for 'lockdown' in any case. Indeed, it was probably insufferable, virtue signalling clowns like yourself (no doubt a Guardian reader) who were outraged at this point by the mere suggestion of closing borders. It's amazing how the perceived morality of this was turned on its head and forgotten about by the 'progressives'. More revisionist pish into the bin where it belongs.
  14. Good to see you taking the utter shoeing of your baseless nonsense well. What lives were these, exactly? The Delta variant is everywhere worldwide, regardless of what any nation has done. The most vulnerable were also vaccinated by this point. Are you simply catastrophising death from natural causes? Is nobody allowed to die anymore?
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