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  1. Was it democratic when we were lied to that voting no was the only way to safeguard Scotland's place in Europe? Or are you just another sycophantic British nationalist who will bend it any way to deny this.
  2. Of course, whether or not Scotland remained or was removed from the EU was never our choice to make.
  3. I find it disappointing that despite everything that has happened in the past three and a half years, at best things now seem to be on a knife edge, rather than decisively in favour of independence. Also there's the fact that if we lose the next referendum it's the end of Sturgeon and the matter would then be done for a generation. Nobody comes close to having the gravitas or political nous that she does. It has to be her to lead this, even if it means waiting.
  4. It can be dressed up however you want, but if little changes up here from 2017 then the SNP will know fine well that these numbers are not good regarding another referendum. Support for independence may have increased, but it is not enough to be confident of victory, and rushing into another vote could be an utter disaster. If this Brexit shit show won't make people want it, what will? The fallout and massive Tory majority? Waiting 10-20 years and hoping that once the boomers die out there is a fundamental shift? Or will people simply continue to get comfortable? Maybe battered wife syndrome and rabid British nationalism simply supersedes most people's desire for a relationship with other European countries. The SNP are going to win again, but for me the numbers just aren't good enough, especially when you consider what has happened in the last three and a half years and the platform they are standing on. Any pro-independence/EU Labour, Liberal or Green voters need to wake up to the choice we face in Scotland as the rest of the UK is a total lost cause that is way too far gone.
  5. ITV now at it. They reported from North East Fife as it's the UK's most marginal seat... so they speak to a couple of cretinous fisherman and half a dozen old duffers at a golf club, all of whom said they wouldn't vote for independence. Zero shame. Oh, they did chuck in a token mother with her new born saying she supports the SNP, though. Genuinely cannot wait until the baby boomers are worm food.
  6. It seems likely to me. Was it not thought to be an issue in the 2016 Holyrood election? I want to see Swinson and my local clown turfed out almost as much as I want independence, tbh. I think 'loathing' is the appropriate term.
  7. The Greens are going to absolutely f**k it in marginal seats like mine in Edinburgh West and let Jo Swinson slither back in too. A complete clown collective who can fucking do one.
  8. I hope so much he can continue pushing on and before long be right back at the top of the game. You just know he will be desperate to make up for lost time. Selfishly, I hope we will all still get to continue enjoying him for years to come now.
  9. Things you love to see: Intravenous that directly into my circulation.
  10. Shame this will keep Levein in a job, but at least that cretin Craigan will be raging.
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