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  1. Probably Z-listers coming back from Dubai and journalists returning from Washington, tbf.
  2. So it looks like the poster girl for 'Zero Covid' is coming to terms with reality when tourism is the biggest sector of your entire economy: https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/124012148/jacinda-ardern-declares-2021-the-year-of-the-vaccine It's good to see this pragmatism borne out, and once it comes to fruition they truly will be able to say that they aced the management of this pandemic, granted given their unique advantageous circumstances. I wonder if this has made its way to the inboxes of Sridhar et al. yet.
  3. Just as Sky News are airing broadcasts shaming one of the terminals at Heathrow for being busy, it turns out their crusty fat b*****d of a presenter is part of the 'problem'. I wonder if it was like that when Kay Burley fucked off to Africa over Christmas and New Year as well, or for any of their other hypocritical presenters still getting to travel the globe.
  4. Don't worry, she's not. Given the vaccination supply issues now surfacing in the EU with both AZ and Pfizer, the UK will be vaccinated long before the majority of Europe. Spain's PM already publicly saying they will not be welcoming overseas tourists before September based on 70% coverage. Those comments have been rolled back on and flip flopped to late spring by their tourism minister. Not that I'll be going to Spain this year, but I just hope to f**k the EU also get a handle on this as soon as possible.
  5. Bill Gates trolling the anti-vaxxers into oblivion.
  6. As previously mentioned, this would be a dangerous precedent. I wonder if I or anyone on this forum has ever passed on influenza which has led to the death of some old biddy? That isn't the way a rational individual should ever, or has ever, operated. And nor should a pragmatic society. I do often wonder what would have happened if the initial outbreak occurred in a western democracy. I imagine we likely would have followed typical epidemic mitigation measures and been more akin to Sweden. I remember how unthinkable it seemed at the time when they shut up shop in Wuhan, believing how such a measure would never happen here... Indeed, the media also ran with this. Yet here we are.
  7. We should move to a model similar to what Sweden were doing last summer, i.e. typical epidemic mitigation measures, once the vaccine starts rolling out to the wider population, with draconian legislation being fired into the sun and responsibility shifting to the individual. The mewling about the impact of vaccines on transmission should also be in the bin by the time this happens - and this transition can then lead back to mass gatherings going ahead once the rollout has had time to be offered and taken up by the remaining population.
  8. Hyperbolic or not, just how much of our lives will we waste living like this? Especially now that the goalposts seem to be shifting constantly despite the vaccines.
  9. With the vaccines looking as efficacious as they are, and such high proportions of the entire population - at least in the UK - saying they will get one, then is there not a fairly good chance that deaths from the 'rona could end up being fewer in number than from influenza in a situation where we are 'back to normal', given that the flu jab uptake is relatively low in people under the age of 60, and not as effective?
  10. As I posted the other day, that fucking worm has tried to pivot his entire position and acts as if this never took place. Vallance is the same. Edit: and I think it is because they are shitting it at the prospect of a future enquiry and are scrambling to cover their tracks.
  11. bUt We StIlL dOn'T kNoW hOw It AfFeCtS tRaNsMiSsIoN Oh
  12. Is it not a bit of a shite virus if it is mutating to kill even more of its hosts rather than less?
  13. Something I've been considering lately is that while younger people may get vaccinated this year, they'll probably not bother doing it routinely if it does become a yearly thing alongside flu jabs. Unless of course it remains a necessity for travelling etc longer term.
  14. If we're not back to normal by this time next year then I hope there's a revolution.
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