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  1. I wonder what date it will be when the auld dinosaur finally stops being mentioned in the news.
  2. Was this posted yesterday? I was too busy mourning the death of Prince Philip. Hopefully things really start racing across Europe now. France have been doing well lately also.
  3. Sean Batty wearing a waistcoat and black tie to do the weather.
  4. So one of the big scary variants gets smoked by one of the Chinese vaccines? Considerably higher efficacy level than those for influenza.
  5. Yeah, her and the fake psycho SAGE weirdos seem to be getting pushed more onto the sidelines.
  6. The polling and how it is led on makes it utterly pointless. As has been said, people don't mind the restrictions, err, if it doesn't really apply to them, of course.
  7. Modelling I can get behind. Yet we're still expected to put up with restrictions on our liberties and lives for an unspecified amount of time.
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