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  1. Hearts v Dundee

    Have to be winning this regardless of Naisy being suspended, and ideally with a bit to spare. Do that and we're up to four wins on the bounce with more winnable fixtures still to come while our rivals play each other. By the time Celtic visit Tynie at the end of next month we could still be right up there in the league and will be in a Scottish Cup quarter-final. Hopefully a very interesting finish to the season beckons.
  2. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Probably be over 15,000 at the game, tbh. Auchinleck will fill the Roseburn and scoop up a decent bit of maroon pound into the bargain.
  3. A highly pleasing bye through to the quarter-finals on our inevitable road to Scottish Cup number nine.
  4. Hibernian versus Elgin City, 19/01/19

    How many Scotland caps has Gauld had?
  5. Hibernian versus Elgin City, 19/01/19

    'Again'? Big Jumbo Soldier Dikamona will snap Gauld's leg in the first five minutes and that will be that. Pumped again, only not at your own midden this time.
  6. Hibernian versus Elgin City, 19/01/19

    Is Gauld the new Messi/McGinn yet?
  7. Game of Thrones

    That's one of the reasons for the name 'A Song of Ice and Fire', tbf. While the below aren't exactly spoilers, I feel I'd better stick it in tags just in case some folk would rather not know about speculation or 'likely' outcomes.
  8. Game of Thrones

    The ending will be pretty much how Martin plans/planned to end it. I've watched this multiple times and read the books in the past year. Mental to think I'd never seen it before then. It's now one of my favourite things ever. Talking Thrones is a great YouTube channel. His theories, analysis and predictions etc are fantastic.
  9. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    What a match. Fitting.
  10. Australian Open Tennis 2019

  11. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    It's just occurred to me that Bautista Agut looks like a slightly less mutated version of John McGinn.
  12. I like Stan but that will always seem extremely unfair to me, despite the fact he obviously deserved his wins as much as Murray did. Unlike football where players come and go from your club, this is different. Unless you're Rangers, the club always remains. It's genuinely sad to think we won't get any more of those roller coasters we've had with him over the years.
  13. Gutted for him. He's achieved so much, yet probably deserved even more. Although he's barely played for 18 months now, it's genuinely sad to think we won't see him in action much longer, if at all. Hero.
  14. Ryan Edwards. Up there with our most baffling signings ever.