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  1. Torn between being disappointed that Scottish independence is now never going to happen for at least a generation, but also being delighted at everything falling in on so many snakes and lickspittles. Moving abroad has never looked so appealing, imo.
  2. Right, we are fucking brilliant and I am an absolute cretin (never in doubt, etc etc). See you all in Germany next summer.
  3. We are regressing as our main men and the dour one's favourites don't get as much game time at their clubs in the EPL. It will be third place and the play-offs again for us. Haaland would have bagged about eight against these chumps in the first half, probably all assisted by Odegaard.
  4. If you want to see good public transport, head to Switzerland. Tbf, if you want to see good anything, head to Switzerland.
  5. Monkey Tennis aimlessly lashing out all over the shop. Sad to see.
  6. He genuinely looks like Heinrich Himmler. Extremely unfortunate looking chap.
  7. Someone isn't taking the self-destruction of the SNP well. Sad to see.
  8. It's pretty normal to ridicule covid psychos and the simps who pandered to them, tbf.
  9. The SNP are absolutely in the gutter, aren't they? Finished party. It's going to be a slow motion car crash watching certain folk on here come to terms with it.
  10. Came out of things a goal better off than Hibs, with them at Celtic Park next time out. If we avoid defeat at Pittodrie that weekend, and given our goal difference is like an extra point, that will be third in the bag. We can also have a little bit of hope that things could be different in the cup at Tynecastle on Saturday, though the end result will probably be the same.
  11. Does this mean The Bus Shelter is in with a shout of a Super Cup or Europa Conference League final?
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