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  1. Hopefully we can get a goal in the first 20 minutes. Should be a pretty comfortable game if so.
  2. Big Mark Z bankrolling the Hertz.
  3. Spending beyond our means again. Whose pensions are we robbing this time?
  4. They should have saved themselves some hassle and just given him September's award today as well.
  5. The Hibernian Thread

    Your new left back looks a bit of a player.
  6. Hibs paying homage to ra Sellick.
  7. Demitri Mitchell or Nhiall MhcGinn. A real tough one. What is there to learn other than we have a superior head-to-head record against Aberdeen, particularly at Tynecastle, and we look better in every department this season?
  8. I'm telling you right now that your rabble will be nowhere near Heart of Midlothian this season and that another absolute pummeling is coming Aberdeen's way at Tynecastle next month.
  9. Corporal Hamish still absolutely beeling about a decade later. Still, hopefully Aberdeen can come to enjoy the bottom six this season.
  10. That first ball to Smith in the second half was like Paul Scholes in his pomp, man. You ken it's a fucker of a pass when there's a collective sucking in of air through teeth in the crowd followed by at least one person going 'what a fucking ball'.
  11. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Heads gone from United with that statement. What has happened to your club in recent years? You c**ts need to get your act together and get back in the top flight where you belong instead of utter shite like Livingston and Hamilton.
  12. Says he won't be back for Halloween but has a date in mind before Christmas. Sounds like Sunday, 2nd December for the League Cup Final and part one of our GLORIOUS treble. We're on our way, we're on our way...
  13. We still had large squads under both managers when that was going on/being planned for, tbf. The problem was how much dross was being recruited. Just thinking of having shite like Perry Kitchen captaining us and attempting to anchor our midfield is enough to make me break out in a cold sweat. Then you look at a European, headband wearing dreamboat like Peter Haring breaking up play and stroking the ball about.