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  1. Finished higher than us once and swanned it in the pub league for shree year.
  2. The Royal Family continuing to pump millions into the Hertz. Glorious.
  3. Game of Thrones

    April air date confirmed for the final season.
  4. Scottish Cup TV Rights

    Premier Sports.
  5. We Welcome the Chase

    It was a no bad wee run while it lasted, but unfortunately the side who spends ten times more than the rest will now go on from here and win it for the eighth time in succession. I'm sure we can all agree it will be thrilling stuff.
  6. Smash and grab. We'll finish 2nd-4th and get Europe depending on Naismith and Berra getting back to fitness next month. But please can we keep a fully fit squad for the Scottish Cup. We'll have a great chance if so.
  7. Also can't see past a draw in this one, it seems a stick-on. If we can sneak a win though it keeps us top going into the next international break and it gives us another few weeks to get Berra and Naismith closer to a return with only St Mirren to play before December comes.
  8. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Hibs. Bottom six shite.
  9. McGinlay, Leslie, Zemmama, Bartley...
  10. Garuccio at left back and Mitchell left wing please, ffs. Zlamal Smith Dikamona Dunne Garuccio Haring Lee Morrison Djoum Mitchell MacLean Bozanic or Cochrane could obviously play in midfield as well, but get this centre midfielder out wide nonsense to f**k. It may have worked well when we had Naismith's creativity and intelligence in the middle, but without that in the last three matches it has badly exposed a lack of width. We should be able to give sides lots of problems with Morrison and Mitchell wide and hopefully keep them pinned further up the pitch, especially at Tynecastle. Edit: I've also yet to see anything of note from Clare. Hopefully just a case of him needing more game time.
  11. Is there an accompanying gif of him going down in stages, clutching his face, a few moments after that when he gets hit in the chest by a coin?
  12. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    A Friday night in Aberdeen. Will wee Lenny be okay?
  13. Big game for both clubs, but if we can win this then we only have St Mirren to play after the international break until we face Rangers at Tynecastle at the start of December in what is the start of a hectic Christmas period for every club. Hopefully by then Berra and Naismith will be close to re-entering the fray.
  14. I thought our bubble burst a month ago when we lost at Ibrox? Yet here we are, still top in November. We won't finish below third this season and have a great chance of second if we can navigate our next half-dozen games well enough until Berra and Naismith return. Maybe Hibs will battle it out with Killie and the Fermers for fourth spot. They really do believe the football purist shite, don't they?
  15. Imagine saying 'nearly 3/4 of a decade'. Absolute minter. You were in the pub league for half that time. Before then you were getting Malmoed. Has Sauzee been back to Easter Road since he got that Argos decanter?