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  1. It really is all coming out now. Remember how you were looked down upon if you questioned any of this in 2020?
  2. The lockdown lovers/Covid psychos really aren't taking the news of China beginning to call it a day and emerging evidence like this well at all: On one end of the horseshoe you have this lot, and on the other you have the Detournement clan. Both believe everything that has happened or is happening is because of different conspiracies. It's unhinged hilarity.
  3. Devil Sridhar on Sky News' debate about the NHS tonight. If she had any shame she'd never appear in the media again.
  4. Remember what the Simps were pushing up here? It can never be forgotten.
  5. Moreover, and tragically, due to the Commie's in China prioritising such measures and their lack of effective vaccines, coupled with their decision to shun the use of western developed ones, it is going to lead to an horrendous situation - not dissimilar to what was seen previously in Hong Kong. A massive, colossal L for the Gurdasani's of this world.
  6. Fantastic to see people in China finally making a stand against authoritarianism under the guise of 'public health'. Indeed, some of these measures were supported by certain high-profile proponents of The Science™. Naturally, my cutting-edge analysis was predicting this collapse long ago.
  7. Indeed. He needs to take the L here and move on. I just can't comprehend how he, and many other Ukrainians, are unable to see where NATO going to war with Russia could ultimately lead, regardless of how desperate they may feel.
  8. Indeed. How can many Ukrainians be unaware that NATO going to war with Russia really wouldn't be a good thing for them, when they are already giving them a chasing as is. I agree. Sadly, there are only the least worst options to try and navigate.
  9. In time at least, might this actually be a catalyst for putting pressure on Zelensky and Ukraine to try and compromise? Or will it be the green light for more advanced equipment being sent?
  10. The CEO of Edinburgh Airport is a Hertz man, so you could be on to something.
  11. Zero Covid about to go in the bin in China. Cheers, Deepti's crying.
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