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  1. Fairly sure if you're fully vaxxed or test negative, you're fine. Similar to the US or heading that way at least. Not that it's even valid considering vaccination rates in Palestine.
  2. Something really strange must have happened in Israel for this to have occurred with a fully open society! Any theories?!
  3. As has been the case throughout this entire shit show, I could care less what people's political views are if they maintain a grip on reality. Tory c**t Liam Fox absolutely spot on with this article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9704319/Former-Minister-DR-LIAM-FOX-says-Britain-nation-Covid-neurotics-forever.html
  4. David King will be deed soon anyway, the auld sociopath.
  5. If that's what you want to call it... But good to see you finally hitting it off nonetheless.
  6. I'm sure we'll 'follow the data and evidence'! Pretty sure nearly all of Europe and the US only test symptomatic people. The UK has become utterly obsessed ever since Psycho Hancock had his shan wee '100,000 tests a day' target at the beginning of all this.
  7. I just can't take 'LoNg CoViD' seriously, I'm afraid. Disability/occupational disease for being a wee bit tired ffs.
  8. The Old Normal is returning. Shame we'll be dragging our feet in last place due to our utter Helen Lovejoy Government.
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