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  1. Would Hertz have really been relegated this season? Guess we'll never know. Too good to go down in the end, imo. Meanwhile, all the nothing clubs will toil financially as the FoH millions continue to roll in. Absolutely delicious chain of events.
  2. The straw clutching in this post is not a good look for anybody. Hibs were 'lucky' to escape with a 3-1 defeat on Tuesday.
  3. We'd probably be as good as relegated now if we never absolutely ragdolled Hibs last night. Another bed shat in a relegation derby. Sare yin.
  4. Some of the comments from the Hibs boys.
  5. Would a Levein team get ragdolled in a derby like that?
  6. What an assist fae wee Scotty Allan for the opener by the way.
  7. Barca Hibs getting one back because we were so desperate for a fourth. Absolute liberties.
  8. Haaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  9. Good to see Falkirk fans haven't changed much from when were absolutely bodying them in the Championship about five year ago.
  10. I've not really watched much football this season, but do Hibs fans think they're decent?
  11. Could Falkirk give us some tips if we do go down? They seem decent at it.
  12. To keep the MSP salary, obviously. He needs booted from the SNP full stop, then like the beast Mark McDonald he'll be out on his arse next May.
  13. What a fucking disgusting beast. This will further harm the SNP's reputation with all the Salmond shit still to come as well. He should be punted from the party immediately. Edit: some of the clowns on Twitter trying to justify this by saying it's some sort of conspiracy or that '16 is legal'. Yeah, not a good look, guys.
  14. Comfortable home win: Clown Claire Halkett Souttar Hickey Sibbick Smith Irving Naismith Boyce Washington
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