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  1. So UK terrestrial broadcasters that Scottish people essentially invest in by default are willing to fork out for England games, but not the other 'home nations'? Terrific stuff.
  2. There are vaccines and anti-virals: https://www.who.int/emergencies/disease-outbreak-news/item/2022-DON381
  3. Rangers checked directly into Heartbreak Hotel. Now they'll need to kid on winning this matters to them even if they do beat us.
  4. Half the players that started that game would walk into any non-Old Firm side in Scotland, including their entire midfield. Rangers having hungry youth players out to prove a point against a side going through the motions for weeks waiting on their cup final. Will it have any bearing on Saturday? Who knows.
  5. Losing to Rangers, a side currently playing in a European final, would not be 'bed shitting', m8. They should be beating us comfortably nine times out of ten, regardless of anything else. Including if they play a weakened side. Win or lose, the European tour is in the bag as well as being positioned to pull clear of 'the rest' for years to come. Pleasing.
  6. Can we place bets on when the next community case is uncovered and folk end up like this for the umpteenth time: 'Social dynamic zero-Covid'.
  7. I mean, considering the WHO at least never advocated for utter nonsense like border closures, any talk of this 'pandemic treaty' will obviously ensure that never happens again... Right?
  8. Clearly, we are the real victims in all of this.
  9. Moley moley moley.
  10. Ukraine being absolutely patched by the European public. At least we won't be hated when we pump them in a couple of weeks. Geeing us max points an aw.
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