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  1. Livingston 1-2 Rangers hearts 2-0 Ross county st johnstone 1-1 hibs st mirren 1-0 motherwell celtic 2-0 aberdeen
  2. If only Finn Russell could kick
  3. The lions have played more rugby with Finn on the field for 6 minutes than in the rest of the test combined.
  4. How the f*** is that not a red?!
  5. 15 I think. Tom Smith was the last to start in 2001 I’m sure. Shame for Wyn Jones but delighted for Sutherland after his journey over the past 5 years.
  6. Watson is very unlucky to have missed out - as an impact sub though he could be immense. This is where I’m at. I think Watson is unlucky not to start, but I think that it’ll be incredibly physical for the first 50 minutes at the very least. Curry or Watson from the start? Don’t think there’s all that much difference with how physical it’ll be, both are among the top 7s in world rugby, however I think Watson off the bench will make far more of an impact than Curry.
  7. That’s unbelievable from Kolbe.
  8. Murray and Farrell have both been absolutely terrible. Other than 1 scrum penalty the pack are being mullered. Don’t like to see it but this could be good for the Scots not playing.
  9. That’s not far off their strongest side given the players they’ve got isolating. Real opportunity for Harris to show his quality and stake a claim for a test jersey.
  10. So many poor performances it’s unreal. I don’t even think I’ve got blue tinted glasses on saying Sutherland, VDM, Harris and Watson have been arguably our 4 best players. Davies has been absolutely brutal.
  11. What were they doing?! Fair play to the Aussies putting them under pressure but that’s even worse than against Scotland.
  12. Adam Beard and Josh Navidi called up for the Lions. I had Navidi in the original squad but Beard over Gray and Ryan seems bizarre at best.
  13. Sorry, had a few lagers. But aye, every Irish pundit seems to come across as a bit of a w**k for some reason.
  14. If he doesn’t then the inside runner will punish us, caught between a rock and a hard place really.
  15. He’s been excellent. He’s defending narrow but he has to, and he made a great tackle on the outside, as well as scoring a try. Not much more he can do tbh.
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