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  1. Pretty sure Danderhall have Lothian Thistle U20s, be interesting to see how they get on against a decent, young side.
  2. Rigged football cards and money flying about lolol, dinny half hear some shite. Some folk really don’t like the idea of new sides doing well eh.
  3. Just a shame that happens 1 in 365, if that
  4. Very good ya dick hahaha
  5. I'm not saying it's not a shambles, it is. But from who was left I'd have him over Hartley or Pressley 100%.
  6. Genuinely don't see what's all that funny about the Levein appointment? It's not as if we were spoiled for choice and every decent candidate over the course of the 4 weeks that we wanted pulled out of the running. Experienced manager who just drops down and takes a more hands on approach with the club rather than the DOF role he was apparently doing before.
  7. It'll be good night Vienna tonight I can assure you of that. Anyway, £20?
  8. More than happy to place a charity wager with a Hibs fan that Hearts finish above Hibs this season. I win and charity of my choice gets money, I lose and I get to bump another charity out of money. Win, win. King Dom?
  9. I'd be surprised if Murray is the starting striker for you. Lafferty's scored goals in this league (albeit with Rangers) before. Aye bro, you ken.
  10. Fancy Lafferty to hit 20+ goals this season, cult hero in the making.
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