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  1. Is anyone else just sick and fed up of Sportsound? Or is it just me? The 'pundits' are woeful, the post-match 'interviews' with managers are completely pointless, merely Chick Young and co chumming up to the managers and zero tactical insight is ever offered or even attempted to be gained. Billy Dodds- Really is a pointless pundit... never says anything of worth and merely parrots what is already being said in the papers on a current issue. Chick Young- If he is a 'journalist' he never does any research and also offers zero insight. Richard Gordon- I know this view may not be universal but he really gets on my wick. I acknowledge he is far more competent than the rest as a broadcaster and constantly has to stop the others shouting over each other on live radio like a school teacher but I find him an odious p***k tbh. Willie Miller- Just find him a pedantic tosser. Summed up at the weekend in that he had no clue about teams in the lower leagues (other than the Big 3). And the taxpayer subsidises this man to be a pundit on national radio? Allan Preston- The biggest numpty of them all. How can a man who has only ever had one manager job (At Livingston where he got sacked after 14 games , only winning 1/2 losing the vast majority of the rest including a 7 game losing streak which got him sacked.) be a 'pundit' who broadcasts his supposed wisdom to the nation every week. It is not like he is even close to talking sense anytime soon Fail. Also his constant "chance" every 15 seconds on open all mics is quite a grate. After the weekend, first games of a new season I lasted about ten mins on Saturday before becoming completely pissed off at being reminded as to how shite a programme it really is. Hence this post. Apologies for the rant. Or do others agree that it is complete horseshi*t? This is the national taxpayer funded radio programme after all. When you listen to five live it is night and day. Although I appreciate there are plenty of idiots on there too and they probs have far bigger a budget due to English football/premiership etc but as an overall show it trumps Sportsound... surely we can produce better in Scotland?
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