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  1. But… but.. but.. Steve Broon said. I think we had our pockets dipped and tardy club statements won’t change that. It’s just disappointing.
  2. Having done a good job historically doesn’t excuse the decision made about McCann. It’s a bag of shit and anyone can see it, if you choose not too that’s on you. The statement was two days too late and made after the anger of supporters was obvious. It should have been done a lot earlier.
  3. I bought 8 cans and rolled a couple of doobs earlier thinking I’d have a giggle tonight. I should have gone for 3 bottles of buckfast and a gram of mandy. What a fucking scunner.
  4. This is more misery than I expected. It’s disgusting if the fees are correct, absolutely fucking disgusting. f**k off wee brown you snivelling c**t.
  5. I hope you’re at it about Shaughnessy Tam he’s a fucking fanny.
  6. This is what supporting saints is all about. It’s not even disappointing it’s standard misery we will still stay up which makes it even better at the end of the season.
  7. I’m sure Shields is from Lanarkshire so that’s maybe something to do with it rather than a mega bucks offer.
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