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  1. I think if you change to black socks your fortunes will improve.
  2. Dumbarton sock update please. Any improvement on the Raith game?
  3. Looked to be a lot of fouls going by the stats on Sportscene. Niggly game or fussy ref? Noticed Simmons and Spence both got booked too.
  4. Stewart has earned his place in the team with his performance last Saturday. We've never played well on the plastic pitch through there so I'm going with 1-1 and the usual moaners on Fantalk (yes, you Tam) to predict that Murray should be sacked, the end is nigh etc, etc.
  5. Good to hear. I wish we could afford to fix up the home section of the railway stand but as we can't even fill the home end there's no chance of that happening. I hope the club don't neglect the railway stand again once Hearts/Hibs/Rangers get promoted as they inevitably will eventually.
  6. How was the view from the railway stand? I'm tempted to sit in the away end one game just to see what it's like.
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