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  1. You might be ok if you actually get a proper manager next season.
  2. Were you the Roary that got sent off for shouting at a linesman?
  3. All the best in the play offs. Momentum seems to be with rangers now but I'd rather see Hibs promoted than that lot.
  4. It's awright mate. You're allowed two favourites. Bet you love the raith really. 1-0 to the shitey wee team.
  5. Hibs away support pretty poor. Hearts clearly Edinburgh's "big team".
  6. Much as it pains me to say it I think the youth team is a waste of time and money. Who has come through in the last 10 years? Callaghan and Vaughan aren't really established and I can't think of anyone else.
  7. I'll get the "Murray Out" thread warmed up for everyone.
  8. Freddo's are up to 25p now. Do you think we're made of money?
  9. Are the pars full time? If so and you don't go up will you more than likely go part time next season?
  10. To be fair the Newcastle first team are playing just now. The reserves aren't as important.
  11. Pars need to go up this season or they're in trouble financially again. Perry would be an improvement on their current defenders.
  12. First rule of gambling; Never bet for or against your own team. They always confound logic and get the opposite result from what you were expecting.
  13. I've not seen it mentioned but Jason Thomson is not captain material. I can't imagine him getting the team fired up. I don't think we have any leaders in the team at the moment. Get ian Davidson back on loan in the transfer window.
  14. Dad: What do you want for Christmas? Son: A unicorn. Dad: Seriously though what do you want? Son: I want the Rovers Board to realise that Grant Murray is a poor manager and replace him with someone who knows what he's doing and for the Rovers to win a match playing good football in both halfs. Dad: What colour unicorn do you want?
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