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  1. Following on from the pictures of Raith legends in the concourse can we get some pics of Pars players and maybe Jamie Hamill for the urinals in the bogs?
  2. The bongo was awesome. Sounded really loud with a very deep bass sound. Like a boy racer had parked his Ford Escort in the back of the Pars stand.
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1187773/Residents-Butt-Hole-Road-club-change-streets-unfortunate-name.html
  4. Lorne, Square, Flat or Sliced. What's the correct name? Any regional variations?
  5. You're stupid and a little baby........ya stupid little baby
  6. Just looked her up. She looks alright. A bit like Charlie Dimmock who is also alright.
  7. Jodie Marsh. Not totally ugly but she's got a weird nose. Actually, I'd probably do her up the snout.
  8. Anything on Syfy. Sharknado, Sharktopus, Zombeavers, Piranhaconda, Wolf Cop
  9. The Boy from Space. I'm sure this was a programme you got shown at school (1980's). Absolutely terrifying.
  10. What was the programme called on STV where a kid had to wear a helmet and his team mates guided him about? I thought it was called dungeon master but I can seem to find it
  11. Anyone notice during the robbery scenes at the beginning and end of Pulp Fiction one of the actors says slightly different lines?
  12. Games Master on Channel 4 was good for its time. I'm sure the host was a Celtic fan.
  13. BBC had better shows than STV in my opinion. Apart from that Dungeon Master show, Rolfs Cartoon Club and Palace Hill I can't think of anything else that was good on that STV.
  14. A lot of folk don't like him but the Russell Brand radio show podcasts are good. His co host Matt Morgan is pretty funny. The first few are with Karl pilkington but give them a miss as the quality is poor. http://www.russellbrandpodcastarchive.com
  15. The Doug Stanhope podcast is pretty good.
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