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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  2. Nah. Rovers fan. I did originally types Rovers Bank but changed it as I thought it sounded like an actual bank. Imagine that.
  3. Raith's Bank had to write off about £750k back in the Kelly era (which they could have loaned to small businesses or for mortgages.). Let's not kid ourselves that Raith have a great history with respect to finances. We have improved a lot though.
  4. There's only two big clubs in Scotland. The Old Firm. Not many folk out with Scotland care about any of the others.
  5. Dick Campbell, Bert Paton, Stephen Kenny, Jimmy Calderwood and Jim Leishman. Oh, and Stuart Baxter probably.
  6. I used to have Bottom on video but somebody wiped it.
  7. Why is everyone getting radged up about this? We wont even fill one stand if we put all of our fans together.
  8. If you won would you give any cash to the club you support?
  9. It was that You Tube guy (don't know his name.). I know you're having a bad season but it'll be a while until you're as bad as Ayr.
  10. Elton John released "Sandals in the Bin" as a tribute but it didn't do as well as the other one.
  11. Kept going on about Killie soon to be in Ayr Utd's shadow.
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