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  1. Thats correct but come on yesterday was unbeleivable never seen a team miss so many chances should have easily been double figutes burntisland looked rotten at the back!
  2. Long way to go i wouldnt make any assumptions yet but burntisland would need a miracle to get promoted
  3. Tynie at it again everyones poor apart from him..dingle havin played against the guy frankie this year a can say he looks a very decent player and btw explains how kelso shipped 8 on saturday with tynie in goals!
  4. I predict wilton dean has never kicked a ball in his life!
  5. I would love to sign for ormiston they looking very strong i score 5 goals for barca milton and also a bycicle kick in training
  6. Just been released from barca milton i am a striker scored 5 goals so far this seasson looking to join an ambitious e.o.s club ashig rodriguez 12.5.95
  7. No point in entertaining the wee dafty anymore his replys say it all
  8. Tynie..word on the grapvine is this..ur a pathetic excuse of a goalkeeper and a pathetic excuse of a man also ur banters pathetic..hopefully come across u on the park one day and we will see whos loling then...sayin that youl be signed by an spl outfit soon..tadger!
  9. Tynie1874 ur a pure roaster mate!! And possibly the worst av seen!
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