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  1. I'm suggesting he's probably got regrets that is how he chose to set us up on both occassions. But he did set us up to play that way both times
  2. Aye, cool mate. I'd imagine he's 100% happy we did that against Croatia and Ukraine given its success, so what do I know. You really are a fud
  3. The problem with them both together has been when Dykes has had balls shelled at him rather than us actually playing football. That's clarke getting the tactics wrong when it's happened.
  4. How long is it since he got pumped 3 nil off St Johnstone? Both call ups seem odd given the players they're replacing
  5. Delighted that my belief that the back 3 needed fired into the sun was proven spectacularly on the cash. All round team performance without a single poor display, tremendous night
  6. They hit the woodwork 3 times when we were in front, 2 in the same incident. Gordon is obviously top class and helps but we scored 3 and missed at least 2 other great chances. They had a spell when they were well on top but it was when the game was well in our grip mostly.
  7. The Vatican is an elective Monarchy unfortunately. Like Andorra.
  8. The Pope didn't father any of those priests. Probably.
  9. Hopefully Halkett is back after the break cause most of Motherwell's chances were from poor defending of cross balls. We definitely tired badly second half but the strength of the bench, even missing a few big players, was great and bodes well for the tough run we've got coming up
  10. I am just about sobering up. From hazy memory i thought we made a lot of chances but our finishing was god awful. Great trip
  11. 9 for Tuesday, fell at the first. That's me of to Riga now so might well forget or lack the brain power to submit further scores, will try and remember at some point
  12. My 6yo said 'Daddy, do you think that the passing of the Queen will lead to an irretrievable schism between the public and the very concept of monarchy, or can King Charles defy public perception and prove that the roots of the nation's servilty go beyond that of a single respected figurehead'?
  13. I'm not defending them, i think they're a bunch of p***ks. Unfortunately they're still Hearts fans
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