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  1. I would hope Grant Hanley is also never seen again as first choice after the last 3 games
  2. It's actually ridiculous that Israel have a 'better' record than us for seeding purposes having not had to play a pot 1 side. Hey ho
  3. Time to pat Kenny McLean on the flank, give him a sugar lump and steer him into the paddock.
  4. Great result and some outstanding performances at the back. Porteous and Hendry were superb, but Hickey played like he's got 100 caps, majestic
  5. Tbf to McLean he doesn't play wide normally. He has been absolutely gash though. Playing ok but i think they can be got at defensively so would get amore forward thinking player on for McLean
  6. Not the same unless Martindale is ever touted to be Scotland manager in which case I'll be on exactly the same side of the argument
  7. Lol what. Representing Scotland isn't some basic human right. I'm not saying he should be banned from playing. We should 100% not have picked him after his conviction, especially since he showed absolutely zero remorse about it.
  8. He could be the best player in the world and he still shouldn't have been capped
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