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  1. Fine, if nothing more for an hour. Then Boyce tired and from the minute Halliday came on we offered zero even on the break. Injuries caught up with us unfortunately, too many players not fully fit and we looked shot even before the goal. Rangers were able to strengthen with their subs, we weren't. We'll miss Souttar, he was outstanding
  2. You've got to question why Campbell didn't go all out attack as soon as ICT lost Sutherland. That was the chance to kill it. Extra time they get the chance to reorganise and they're already hard enough to break down. Wouldn't say Inverness deserved it over the two legs but fair fucks to them for digging in. Hard to see them winning the final though. I thought Collum got most things right
  3. I'd be hopeful we might see Souttar or Smith, maybe both, involved to get them somewhere approaching match fitness - but I don't think we will. I'd just have a swing at it, the score is unimportant to us so see if we can get a few goals and make it uncomfortable for Celtic
  4. I saw Ross County arrive in two buses, and fair play for parking both of them. Hey ho, another week closer to the cup final.
  5. Be good to see a nice open game, no reason for us to do anything other than have a go at it. County might be a bit cagier but we should be relaxed. Obviously no injuries is more important than winning
  6. The basis he's no a very good manager but would undoubtedly think it'd be a doddle then get angry when it's no a cake walk
  7. I'm sure Roy would mirror his success as a player in Scotland
  8. Terrific win really considering the players missing. Hope we take that approach with all the games, was excellent to watch. What a finish by big Ellis for the winner
  9. Killie definitely deserved the win, but were extremely lucky not to concede a penalty in injury time. Arbroath have had an unbelievable season and it's a real shame to lose it in that way for them
  10. Obviously you need to be a good tactician and coach as well, but if you're a wet blanket the players and fans won't get behind you've got no chance.
  11. I've genuinely had to Google who we're playing about 6 times this week cause it's leaving no imprint on me as we plan for the cup final. Suspect we'll change a few things so might be a few goals. 3-3 draw
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