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  1. Since we last won there in the league St Johnstone have six 1 nil wins, a 2-1 and a 2-0. There have been 2 0-0s, 2 2-2s and 2 3-3s. All to say your feelings might not have been statistically on the money but pass the estimation test very well.
  2. Obviously our record in Perth is an abject disgrace and there's every chance we'll carry that on, but given the current condition of both teams it'll be very disappointing if we don't win.
  3. There's no danger he'll ever be fit for top flight football again. You'll have to watch McDonald against someone else.
  4. The refusal to play the 8 at the back, gap-free Catenaccio formation the auld timers were playing is what probably stymied my Subbuteo days. I'm not picking Johan Cruyff as a third sweeper
  5. And miss the opportunity to show Liverpool's u20s away in the LC?
  6. Even if that's true (unconvinced it is on Fred and McTominay), Man U fans aren't going to be happy with being 4th best no matter the reality of their situation. McTominay is a good player, he's not world class though and that's what Man U fans expect in the centre of their midfield. He's far less of a problem than some of their players, and much less than the manager, but you're not winning the title with him in central midfield as first choice.
  7. He went off on Saturday and I'd be surprised if he was fit but not confirmed as out
  8. Wasn't criticising the defence as such, just the defending at the goal. Overall we played OK but you've got to be better in the final third
  9. Boyce would absolutely leather Adam, let's no kid on cause Adam runs around slyly kicking folk
  10. Too indecisive in the box, got in great positions repeatedly and to only score one goal was very poor. As for the defending at the equaliser, you'd be embarrassed losing that at u10s
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