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  1. The template to beat Hearts is just keep your players in the vague vicinity of our back 4 and wait for them to make a catastrophic mistake. There can't be another team in the country who've gifted so many goals from so few attacks.
  2. It's one of the main reasons this team is better obviously- although we are still conceding a ridiculous amount of goals from the first shot teams have on goal. Not Gordon's fault in any way but teams don't have to work hard to score against us
  3. Imagine watching that game Hearts 19/20 vs Hearts 20/21 Both horrible defensively but this team at least look like scoring, and certainly would against Pereira.
  4. First half was alright, should have scored a couple and moved the ball quite quickly, just the final touch let us down. After halftime we were largely dreadful. We genuinely look like conceding to any attack, no matter how benign and the subs were bizarre. Kastaneer was far better than GMS who should really have been hooked at half time. We could have won it with some decent late chances, but would have been harsh on Morton who defended pretty well and scored an excellent goal
  5. No, but there are people saying McGlynn and Campbell are the two best managers in the division. Which, depending on what your expectations and circumstances are, maybe they are. I don't think they'd be good for Hearts though
  6. Managers lose games. My point wasn't necessarily he's a particularly good manager, but I'm pretty sure giving Dick Campbell the Hearts job wouldn't have resulted in 16 straight wins.
  7. I find it hard to compare managers in a league where they're being judged on wildly different standards. Objectively someone like McGlynn or Campbell is doing a good job for their club, but would they be double figures in front with Hearts? Neilson gets slaughtered mainly because he's been in positions where he's got a massive advantage financially, but then that doesn't mean he's a bad manager and he did a decent job in the top flight. 10. McPake.
  8. I've just seen that Fitzwater red card, which is an absolute joke decision tbh. No way that stands up to an appeal
  9. On that last point, Popescu comprehensively outpaced Mebude in the first half when he tried to outrun him down the line
  10. Well we're debating it right enough, but you're apparently the only one who thinks it's anything other than a yellow.
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