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  1. You could definitely argue excessive force is anything where you've done something that isn't necessary. Like, if you grab or bump a ref some will book you but you've seen red cards for it. Beaton would definitely be the kind of ref that sent you off for that. Like i say, i thought he was a bit lucky. If someone did that in the OF/ThereesnoawnyOF game they'd be very much at risk of getting sent off i reckon.
  2. That's no aimed at folk hoying things into the crowd. I saw it at the time and thought he was lucky. I'll no lose any sleep over it but it's stupid to do it
  3. Probably because he's never played in central midfield in his life and never will again. He was poor but that's 100% on Robbie tonight
  4. Rangers will never have an easier game. Who knew a midfield was an important component of a football team
  5. In fairness it was only slightly mocking. January isn't much of a time for a rebuild though,so i guess i can see the point of not bringing more in.
  6. You're mistaking folk saying the game is made worse by it being on a duff pitch for folk blaming it for the tactics or way we approached the game. I just don't enjoy watching games on that surface, cause the ball clanks around at knee height half the game.
  7. We're in good form, especially at home and Rangers have been grinding out wins. 4 nil Rangers it is
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