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  1. If the Czechs win 1 nil and we win by 2 we'd be 2nd also.
  2. I take the point, but you could have said the same for Turkey who had been in great form coming in but have been a shambles. I can see Switzerland winning by 2 certainly, but it's not based on what they've done here
  3. Seems exactly right to me. Our chance of getting the win and not qualifying is tiny really, reflected in those odds
  4. There are things here that are more likely than others, but if Scotland win then it's much more unlikely we don't qualify than do. And that's assuming a vanilla 1 nil - anything more and it would be extremely hard not to qualify. I mean it is Scotland, so experience keeps you on the ground but you're looking at very decent odds not to qualify with a win. Which of course is the only thing we can control ourselves, and I'm not overly confident we'll manage it
  5. I've been generally really impressed. Especially the very low number of petty bookings, games have flowed well and most be a record low number of cards at this stage of a modern tournament
  6. Pretty sure a Poland win guarantees Sweden are third unless it's a 3-2 or higher single goal defeat. Given they've looked excellent defensively and there's a massive incentive not to take the chance of getting a group winner in last 16, or potentially missing out altigether, I think they'll be fully switched on.
  7. No if you've watched Switzerland play tbh
  8. A misinterpretation of the rules which they've had repeatedly explained to them
  9. Leighton was terrible at both the first two goals, off the back of an awful season at club level. The match was tight till the second with us having quite a few good chances, Burley in particularly missing a great chance to equalise. That said, Goram had been pish that season at club level as well.
  10. I went to my childrens' nursery graduations. They were shit
  11. Is it not a football tournament?
  12. You didn't buy it for 80 euro would be the guy's point I expect
  13. I'm going to bring a whole roast turkey wrapped in clingfilm
  14. Aye, you're spot on, i realised that later and couldn't be arsed editing it. The 2nd round stage was so unbalanced in terms of team strength it kind of ruined it. Of course it did give us possibly the greatest WC game of all
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