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  1. Auchinleck fans cheering when Smith got injured was a nice touch from them. Good first half, dull as 2nd
  2. Anything less than a KOMPREEHENSIF victory for Hearts should see the P45 machine in overdrive.
  3. The BBC highlights of the Killie game were 2 minutes long, which would be vast overkill for this one. I might have seen a worse game in my life but I wouldn't put money on that.
  4. Another very tight game I'd imagine. Stevie Naismith of Midlothian are a very hard team to beat.
  5. Surprisingly one-sided in a game I thought we'd struggle in. Djoum had a stormer.
  6. Dundee were easily the better team by being merely dreadful in comparison to our preternatural awfulness. Worst performance of the season.
  7. I didn't think any the penalty shouts were penalties tbh. The offside goal might have been unlucky but not an outrageous mistake.
  8. Loads of the ball, little inspiration. Killie were well organised, took one of their very few chances and rarely looked troubled after it. We need to try something different creatively now, Naismith being out has left us toothless
  9. I for one am glued to my chair reading this riveting page-turner about Hibs' Living Wage status.
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