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  1. Will be very disappointed if we lose spittal to motherwell , you’d like to think we could offer a similar package to what they can.
  2. Will be absolutely gutted to see spittal and RCC go assuming rumours are true , not fussed if Paton and iacovitti leave , the latter has been at fault for many a blunder in his time with us
  3. We have been poor in the last couple of games after some really positive results , need to get ourselves up for this one as if we lose we are dragged right back in, I’d line up as laidlaw randall Baldwin watson vokins tillson charles-cook callachan spittal hungbo white
  4. Unreal how much we haven’t missed Harry Clarke , when he left I was absolutely gutted but he hasn’t actually been missed at all
  5. Micic was not bad sadly I remember terry dunfield as I was there for his red card vs Dundee Remember seeing fenlon up in wick in pre season I’m certain we actually lost that game konopka and Meite I’d completely forgot , on paper meite looked a belter of a signing but clearly not
  6. Forgot about Simon power , he’s high on the list of players everyone forgot played for us with Oscar gobern , Ewan Henderson , Alex Robertson and Joe Hilton
  7. OTB is not the same place it once was , a crying shame really as it used to just be all genuine county fans discussing the team they loved , it’s pretty bitter and petty now with some members looking for chances to point score
  8. It’s him “cooking” as far as I know and he does it after every goal
  9. We are due something vs Dundee united , both games this season have been close just hope our injured players are back, assuming so I’d go for this AMB Randall Drysdale Baldwin Vokins H.Paton Spittal Charles-cook Hungbo Callachan D.Samuel harsh leaving out white but Samuel has been very impressive as of late , Ramsay may push for a start and possibly cancola or tillson in for paton 2-1 county
  10. How did Ramsay , Drysdale , A.Samuel , B.Paton and Burroughs perform yesterday? I never got to see the game due to work
  11. Was an absolute sitter A.Samuel missed, looks like we at least gave it a decent go in the 2nd half
  12. Get the subs on , fancied a cup run malky clearly has other ideas
  13. I’m not a fan of fielding a weakened side in cup games , it’s still a good side but definitely not our strongest looking forward to seeing A.Samuel , Ramsay, B.Paton and Burroughs and how they get on
  14. Scott Boyd at right mid and Brian McLean at left back is the stuff of nightmares , thankfully we never had to actually see that
  15. The quality of loan is better than we’d ever have got before imo , the only issue is as others have said the rather large turnover needed each year , the only way this could be rectified is if we either went for 18/24 month loans or loans with the option to buy, I know we don’t often “buy” players but if it was a pre arranged fee you could end up with a healthy profit in the end , for example I bet Clarke and hungbo’s values have increased significantly due to their time at county
  16. I really hope it doesn’t end in tears with Charles-Cook as with players like this we need to get a few from or tie him down on a long lucrative deal , if he leaves a free agent at the end of the season it’ll be really poor management from the club. I also feel he’s genuinely enjoying his football so hopefully that has an effect in discussions
  17. Poor first half from us but what grit and determination after going down to 10 , fair play to Beaton he got the penalty and red card decisions bang on the money. Drysdale looked assured on his debut, I was also very impressed with Samuel. Running out of words to describe cook! He was excellent once again and got his rewards some strike by Roberts too, van veen was the only motherwell player I thought looked decent enough
  18. Mackay in the paper saying grivosti may be loaned to a higher level , quite surprised by this due to the fact that 5 subs is back and he can cover a couple of positions
  19. Are you steering clear of the caley forum due to missing out on dan mackay to a league rival
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