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  1. I’d keep the managers in place they’ve done fine the only gripe I have is not signing a winger in the window although Stewart and gardyne returning could ease that situation , they are rotating the squad well when players are performing poorly in what is a tough league where I’d imagine we have one of the smallest budgets
  2. Middleton would be a great signing , Donaldson I’m less sure of but he still may well improve our lacklustre defence
  3. Completely off topic but this post has made me realise why the top flight should definitely be expanded to 16/18 teams
  4. I tend to disagree with the likes of mullin , Erwin, spittal , Draper, Morris and vigurs not in the team today I’d like to think we have a strong squad
  5. If true that’s bizarre and amateur, where is your source?
  6. 2-0 county Morris header and a foster pinger from approx 32 yards will do nicely
  7. Fwiw I thought foster was very good for county and would welcome him back with open arms , he can also pick whichever flank he likes as he’s an upgrade on both sides
  8. I can’t see us losing , I think a draw 1-1 or 2-2
  9. Power bagging a brace is encouraging he looked decent vs Forfar imo
  10. Two points I disagree with- imo kvdw is a more than able deputy and I’m happy enough to see him start if kelly has a dip in form also josh mcpake would be a very exciting signing for us and arguably would go straight into the team , why are you against this signing?
  11. When he was with us he was a great attacking right back and one of the first names on the team sheet , but that was a long long time ago now
  12. By the look of the stats yesterday was Levien giving the 4-6-0 another crack?
  13. 1. McGregor2. Lewis3. Marciano 4. Hladky5. Clark6. Bain7. Gillespie8. Laidlaw9. Branescu10. Zlamal 11. Fon Williams 12. Stewart
  14. He’s been a great addition for us and imo has improved since he arrived through the door , having him mckay, graham and Erwin is good options imo
  15. Laidlaw Watson grivosti Fontaine vdw Mullin draper vigurs spittal Mckay stewart 4-0 to the staggies
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