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  1. Killie linked with Jason Naismith , what a piss take…
  2. After the dust has settled from all the releases , I’m actually feeling pretty enthusiastic to see how our rebuild goes , the squad was going stale and a turn over was needed although I’d of at least kept Naismith
  3. Reckon cove will just be part time so maybe he wouldn’t have to uproot regardless
  4. Chow , Gardyne and McKay would be good signings for you I’d steer clear of Morris and Draper not due to ability just fitness , if Morris wasn’t injury prone he’d still be with us and our best centre back at that too
  5. Relatively good signings for caley especially McKay , seeing gardyne in a caley strip will be sickening but to be fair when we robbed tokely and Munro it must’ve felt the same for them
  6. The young lads Munro , Mackinnon , Williamson and Wright have all signed on for another year
  7. Keith watson has signed a new one year deal , happy with that for experience and continuity provided he’s mainly seen as back up
  8. Happy with the signing of callachan , 1 good signing won’t make this summer a success though we need many players of good quality to avoid last seasons slog again , the club have stated that season ticket renewals open on Monday it will be interesting to see if they announce another signing to whet the appetite for season tickets
  9. This would be a good signing , just can’t see him coming north when I’d imagine st mirren , Dundee and other teams closer to the central belt will be interested
  10. Can’t see Jason Naismith going to the championship, imo he was our best most consistent player barring laidlaw for the 2nd half of the season
  11. Happy with the switch to Joma , didn’t rate macron at all the sizes were way out I had to go two sizes up to get one that fitted properly and also the collar always seemed like it hadn’t been done properly
  12. Wow just wow , no deal for Naismith what a shambles , also hope polworth is still on our radar
  13. I completely get where you are coming from but as has been brought up with martindale everyone deserves the chance to reform and I think if mackay fronts up and apologises whilst showing remorse for his actions he should be allowed a chance but for me currently I’m against his appointment until such a time he offers his apologies and remorse for all the fans and in general society itself.
  14. Oban this year , kingussie next year and bught park the year after
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