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  1. Happy enough with the point but I feel if anyone deserved to win it was us , united should be very grateful for the back core of siegrist , mulgrew and Edwards , outside the old firm it’s probably the best in the league and had it not been for those 3 being on form we’d definitely have grabbed the 3 points today, for us cancola had a very good game , paton and Baldwin were decent, Randall doesn’t suit left back and Clarke didn’t deserve the sending off, in the long run I hope the back line reverts to Randall Clarke Baldwin Vokins , as iacovitti was once again poor
  2. Tonight’s dilemma, do I want Ross county to lose, NO do I want rid of malky mackay, YES no doubt it’ll end a draw where we played well again but couldn’t finish a fish supper
  3. Sad thing is we could probably use him for left back at the moment
  4. Sean Kelly scoring the winner to sum up our season so far
  5. Ross Stewart not a goal scorer? but aye McKay isn’t good enough for the spl , caley fans like getting excited these days , must be boring down the championship suppose we are likely to see for ourselves soon enough!
  6. Tbh it’s more the celebration he did last time he was in dingwall mixed in with this one , I just know if I was in his position having won the league cup , championship and challenge cup with us as well as being captain I wouldn't celebrate.
  7. Take a look at Liam boyce’s celebration , or lack of against county a few weeks ago pure class act and a mark of respect to a club that treated him well and gave a platform for a bigger move
  8. Anyone else find it pretty ironic if we sacked McKay, other than mcinnes that Yogi Hughes is probably the best option out there for us
  9. Disappointed (again) to see ex county captain and player of 6 years including 3 trophies , Marcus Fraser celebrating like he’d won the World Cup
  10. I’d go a step further and say the most disconnected ever. Every season has had some level of enthusiasm except this one really , take me back to 2012!
  11. Jackson Irvine to boss the midfield Liam Boyce to score the goals Paul Quinn or Andrew Davies to shore up our leaky defence at this rate I could easily mention 11 former players to include over the current bunch of pretenders as well as the manager , bring back yogi Hughes ….. or Adams….. or McIntyre……
  12. Jack Hamilton , Andrew Davies and Craig Curran (both in there Dundee perma crock form) back to Dundee to leave them faltering , nothing against Dundee but they look like the only ones we could catch
  13. Surely about time we get a win…. laidlaw Clarke Baldwin iacovitti B.paton hungbo h.paton spittal Charles-cook callachan white something close to that , maybe D.Samuel , Burroughs, cancola, Randall and Maynard-brewer would be close to getting in but I’d go with the above
  14. The funny thing is we are actually doing ok performance wise and have punched above our weight in some fixtures (aberdeen,hearts, rangers to an extent) but due to malky’s baggage he is getting far more criticism. we really ought to win soon though and even then we could do with winning 2 of our next 3 against the “lesser” teams
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