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  1. A point on our travels will do as well as a clean sheet , would’ve liked to have scored but definitely would’ve taken a point before the game
  2. And confirmed both Baldwin and Callachan have been suspended for the games vs Rangers and Celtic
  3. I don’t see the big issue considering it’s a cup game , would’ve been poor craic if they were chucking folk out there season ticket seats for a league game , but to be quite honest there was far too many empty seats in the east stand on Saturday for such a big game, by doing it this way they ensure county fans are all together (rather than being in amongst Celtic supporters in the home end) and that all Celtic fans are together , what’s the big issue?
  4. I have a feeling about this game , 2-1 county
  5. A top notch display and united should be proud, what a result! Buzzing for yous This result makes the motherwell one look even worse glad united restored some pride in Scottish football
  6. All gone quiet on the transfer front but I believe we are still short of a centre back , I don’t think we can go into the season with just watson , Baldwin and iacovitti , unless there is a youth prospect I am unaware of then we definitely need another. other than that the squad feels pretty complete, wouldn’t mind offloading Alex Samuel if possible
  7. Seen much of akio or loturi? Are they top players in that division or just average?
  8. Good to see hiwula bag 2 in 2 , as for the county not being impressive comments I’m fairly relaxed with it as we have made lots of changes each game we have played
  9. Should be a good signing for clach , let’s hope he’s decent for us too!
  10. Really excited by this signing , a fast and powerful forward with a decent goal return albeit im not sure how the standard of the Canadian premier league compares to the Scottish premier league
  11. Laidlaw randall watson iacovitti purrington edwards callachan paton dhanda sims hiwula that’s how we line up , interested to see how it goes but that’s a solid enough line up , I’m sure Dunfermline will be up for this one.
  12. Saddened to see that over the bridge is being shut down , if there is any upside to it hopefully it means this thread will be busier
  13. New strips released , both belters! Especially the white away one
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