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  1. Some absolutely ridiculous posts on here in the last few days. Thistle were bottom of the league when the season was voted to be ended prematurely, after (more than) a season of getting beat most weeks. Clubs voted in their best interests and anyone who suggests that we wouldn’t have done the same is completely off the mark. The incompetence of the SPFL has (again) resulted in Thistle being fucked over, but the truth is that we should never have been anywhere near the bottom of the Championship come the end of March. The serial moaners about how Morton and Ayr fans are “obsessed” and laughing at us are precisely those who would be straight on their threads if the shoe was on the other foot. The only thing more embarrassing than our final league position is the virtue-signalling statements from the chairman who has overseen some of the worst results in the club’s history (given that we had finished 6th in the top division when she took over). The appointment of, and subsequent duration of employment given to Gary Caldwell was an abomination, and while at the time appointing Ian McCall seemed to be a good move, we managed to balls it up in true Thistle style by shoehorning Archie, already having more than played his part in recent failures, into the management team (two assistant managers?) made little to no sense. McCall has unquestionably been a failure, especially since January when he brought in “his” players and persisting with under-performing players. Not winning a game for three months is relegation form whichever way you look at it. Jacqui Low and Gerry Britton have been the two constants over this period and have completely ruined the club with their constant incompetence and cluelessness over the running of a professional football club. Those two are the primary reason that Partick Thistle will be playing League 1 football next season, as things stand anyway. Ridiculous Tory statements aside, if in fact the club being given “free” money to pursue legal action then it would be stupid not to. At this point it is essentially a no-lose situation (for Thistle anyway). What I am interested to find out now is what the end goal is - are we looking to be compensated? League position reinstated? Reconstruction pushed through to an umpteenth vote?
  2. Amy - 9/10 Asif Kapadia doc on Amy Winehouse. As with all of his films, it’s excellently done. I was never a fan of her music, but this shows just how much of a talent she was, along with just how much she was ruined primarily by external sources. Her husband was a proper p***k, with her own father not much better. The way it all ended, with slight signs she was getting better, just made the whole story even more tragic.
  3. I remember seeing them around the time their first single came out and they were excellent. They were the first band signed to King Tuts’ brief in-house label if I remember rightly and it was great. Whenever they were picked up by a major label, they put an added gleam on their sound and the singer Americanised his voice a lot more, which sort of put me off. They were always acting like p***ks in the press as well, like “look how wacky we are!!!!”. Still had a couple of very good tunes though - Waiting For Go being one of them.
  4. I think Doolan would be good to have as a backup striker/coach. Him and Erskine also seem to get the best out of each other.
  5. Just listened to the actor Caleb Landry Jones' debut record and it's a total trip. Fucking brilliant though. Definite contender for my AOTY.
  6. I would take Ross Forbes back in a heartbeat. Get Lyons or Zanatta or whatever dross we have next season to do his running for him while he pings passes/set-pieces around like a bammy Pirlo.
  7. I quite like a lot of the Bella Union roster just now, but agreed that this is great. Looking forward to the record. Daniel Romano has been releasing new albums on Bandcamp every Wednesday (including a front to back cover of Bob Dylan’s Infidels) and I’ve loved most of them. The guy is crazy talented, and criminally overlooked.
  8. I liked his last two, but his sanctimoniousness has seeped into his songwriting to the point where it's overwhelming and is horrific on this. Agreed the production isn't great though, doesn't suit the songs at all.
  9. The new Perfume Genius record is excellent. Contender for album of the year. The less said about the new Jason Isbell, the better.
  10. jagsfan57’s drivel doesn’t represent the majority. Of course we would’ve voted in the best interests of ourselves (which we did in the initial vote), and anything to suggest we’d have done otherwise is nonsense.
  11. I'm a shite fan. I took mine, f**k Jacqui Low. Might post that on Twitter and watch fuds like stuthe(ex)jag and the over-40 Low fan club lose their shit.
  12. This. While he wasn’t perfect by any means, his organisation of the back four/five was invaluable to us staying up.
  13. Looks like Monorail might be opening back up for mail order again tomorrow. Bought an absolute shit-tonne of vinyl in the last couple of weeks, particularly when Bandcamp, and in some cases labels, have waived their fees. Record shop-wise, Banquet, Vinilo, Reflex and Juno have all been excellent and reasonably-priced on the whole.
  14. Would’ve maybe preferred a different record since the majority of that is on the live one, but half the band weren’t around for anything pre-Nobody Wants To Be Here, and Devine has left since then, so that might be why.
  15. I renewed at the same time on the basis that Caldwell and Low had gone, which is why I never renewed in the summer. Due to Low being back, I was planning on asking for the refunded amount out of principle, but will consider it this week.
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