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  1. "will not be the policy for any upcoming league games between the two clubs, as and when we are once again playing in the same tier" Posted while we're 9th in the Championship. Christ f**k.
  2. Really good interview, thanks for posting it. I still fucking love Erskine, and would have him back in a heartbeat (since he was our best player pre-Caldwell).
  3. Call me skeptical, but I don't think Jacqui Low will disappear entirely come 30th March...
  4. Galvanizers is the best room in SWG3. The sound is very good, even though the aesthetic of the venue is pretty unappealing. The TV Studio is one of the worst venues I've ever been in and actively avoid it.
  5. Don't think there is anything else to be released this year which might threaten my top 10, so I'll stick with this: 1. The Twilight Sad - It Won/t Be Like This All The Time 2. Craig Finn - I Need A New War 3. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Fishing For Fishies 4. W. H. Lung - Incidental Music 5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen 6. Justin Townes Earle - The Saint Of Lost Causes 7. Hiss Golden Messenger - Terms Of Surrender 8. Djo - Twenty Twenty 9. The Yawpers - Human Question 10. Methyl Ethel - Triage It's been a really good year, and there are a few which could've easily made my top 10 (The Hold Steady, Laura Stevenson, Ezra Furman etc). The top two might be well be up there for the best of the decade.
  6. That Elbow shout is laughable. Never a "big" festival headliner in a million years, and I'm a fan. Looking at TITP 2010, the headliners were Muse, Eminem and Kasabian - three of the biggest artists around (in the UK anyway, for Kasabian) at the time/now. Lewis Capaldi is probably the biggest artist in the UK just now, so I can sort of see it (despite him having played the festival almost every year), Liam Gallagher and The Courteeners would most likely have been subs on that 2010 lineup (Faithless, Stereophonics and Jay-Z were that year). There's no question that the calibre of acts on the TRNSMT lineup(s) have been nowhere near TITP pre-Strathallan, but as long as Ellis keeps the $$$'s flowing (which he most likely will this year) then he's not giving a flying f**k.
  7. Frozen 2 Loved the first one but absolutely hated this. Felt like the film was hastily cobbled together around some bang average songs, (at least) one of which Disney hopes will be the new Let It Go, including a cheesy 80s video homage which is strange. Storyline is paper thin, and Olaf is a lot less charming and funny this time around.
  8. Too many reasons to mention, but primarily because her blatantly incompetent mismanagement of the club is one of the main reasons why we’re in the mess we’re in now. We’re also all misogynists.
  9. The Twilight Sad were insanely good last night, even by their own high standards. The best gig I’ve ever been to without question. Penelope Isles tomorrow at the Hug & Pint, then We Are Scientists and We Were Promised Jetpacks on Thursday and Saturday respectively playing their #classic debuts.
  10. 100% this. It was embarrassing, and I’m surprised that it made it into the film. The rest of it was great though. As others have said, Pesci is excellent.
  11. Jacqui Low at the Doolan film screening this evening. Brass neck.
  12. Wonder if McCall not making any subs was some sort of statement as to how bad the squad is. Otherwise, I can’t understand him not wanting to bring on such footballing luminaries as Tommy Robson and Lewis Mansell. We are fucking horrific.
  13. Mine would be: Thorsten Stuckmann Milan Nitriansky, Danny Devine, Sean McGinty, Jake Carroll Mark Kerr, Hugh Murray, Adam Barton (second season) Miles Storey, Matias Pogba, John Baird Subs: David Crawford, Dan Jeffries, Jai Quitongo, David Wilson, Gabriel Piccolo, Jason Banton, Ally Roy
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