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  1. Unlike others on here, I listened to more new music in 2020 than any other year, and was impressed at how many albums I loved were released. The only pisser was that I couldn't get to see many/any of them live. Whittling to a top 10 was difficult, but ended up with: 1. Courtney Marie Andrews - Old Flowers 2. Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You 3. Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 4. Pottery - Welcome To Bobby's Motel 5. Bob Dylan - Rough & Rowdy Ways 6. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia 7. Daniel Romano - How Ill Thy World Is Ordered 8. Cut Worms - Nobody Lives Here Anymore 9. Fleet Foxes - Shore 10. Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately Special shout out to Daniel Romano who released umpteen albums last year, the majority of which were excellent. Disappointment of the year was the Tame Impala record, which I couldn't get into at all.
  2. Wasn’t bothered about her until I listened to Future Nostalgia, which is easily one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Banger central. Hallucinate in particular is unreal.
  3. Adored Cut Worms since I first saw him supporting Marlon Williams at Tuts a few years back. His vocal is a dead ringer for George Harrison to my ears.
  4. First listen of Letter To You the full way through, and it’s fantastic. If I Was The Priest is a classic.
  5. Not really sure where people are getting that we’ve looked good going forward in pre-season/the league cup. Created a bunch of chances against St Mirren but didn’t take them, created very little against Queens Park, and didn’t take the few chances we made against QOTS. Scored 3 goals in 3 games from open play, but the way some people on here are going on about it is like we’ve been scoring goals for fun.
  6. Can COVID cancel football again please? That was fucking woeful. Shea Gordon needs to get himself so far to f**k. McCall has done an absolutely terrible job since the turn of the year, when he effectively turned the squad from Caldwell’s duds to his own. I daresay if this was a Caldwell team today (certainly played like one), the majority of us would be calling for his head.
  7. Didn’t see all of the game, and missed both the sending off and Docherty incident, but it’s pleasing to hear that we’ve got some players who aren’t the soft shitebags that we’ve been riddled with for the last few years. Obviously Graham’s red tonight sounds daft and needs to cut that out, but he’s definitely a handful for defenders and will score for fun in the league. I very much like the look of Docherty based on the league cup games I’ve seen him in and he’ll be massively important this season.
  8. Can’t recall any penalty shouts from him, but his total hard-on for Ciaran McKenna after one competitive game is cringeworthy.
  9. Terrible game so far. New season, same old complaints about Shea Gordon - completely anonymous, again.
  10. Able to click that link and watch it no bother without paying. Don’t know if that was the point in posting it, right enough...
  11. About halfway through Ben Folds’ book A Dream About Lightning Bugs and it’s excellent so far.
  12. Surprised that this is considered newsworthy, as this must happen every day at Celtic's training ground in Lennoxtown.
  13. Thought we were very good tonight. 4-1 probably flattered Saints, but it doesn’t help when our defence and keeper implode completely. By and large though, I thought we played some good stuff and caused a fair few problems to a team two leagues higher and with more competitive games under their belts. Rhys Breen won’t be up against many better players than Obika in the league, but he’ll need to get up to speed quickly as he couldn’t deal with him. Brownlie had a decent first half, but wasn’t up to much in the second. Thought Shea Gordon was atrocious though. Lost the ball countless times in the middle of the park with simple passes and it was his man for the first St Mirren goal. Very impressed with Docherty and Murray looks like he’ll be very dangerous against lesser opposition. Brian Graham was excellent and will score goals for fun in League 1. Play like that every week (with an improved defence) and we’ll win the league at an absolute canter.
  14. As long as Spittal doesn’t do his disappearing act of old (we’ve already got Shea Gordon for that) and shite out of any game which we’re not on top of, which shouldn’t be a problem given that we’re the favourites so should be dominating most games, he should be excellent in this league. Another very good signing.
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