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  1. Echoing everyone else by saying Springsteen was unreal last night. Not quite as good as the Barca gig a few weeks ago, but I’d had more pints, and he played Human Touch from nowhere at that one. He didn’t play Johnny 99 or Darkness there though, so they weren’t far off each other. I think most people could’ve done without that long Kitty’s Back, but the setlist is structured to give the band of 73 year olds a bit of a breather while the E Street horns take centre stage. He’s literally just put out Only The Strong Survive so you can forgive him one song from it (I like Nighshift for what it’s worth). That back catalogue is so strong though that he could play for 6 hours and still not play everyone’s favourite song. Really hope they’ve got another tour or three left in them, but it still astounds me how not even one of them are pulling out of these long tours. There’s something in that E Street water. Really wanted to go to Alvvays tonight but couldn’t get a ticket, hope those who went loved it. Michael Timmons next for me on Friday, then Screaming Females in Brussels next week.
  2. OSees tomorrow night, who are always great. Caroline Polachek next week, then Springsteen at Murrayfield the week after. His gig in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago was the best I've ever been to, so can't wait to do it all again.
  3. Caitlin Rose at Stereo on Wednesday, then Springsteen in Barcelona on Friday. Send it.
  4. Martin Woods - As previously mentioned - he’s shite at football, but thinks he’s Beckham. Absolutely summed up our Premiership relegation year. Ryan Stevenson - Total bellend. Dario Zanatta - Another total bellend and very shite at football. One look at him and you think “total w**k”. Sean McGinty - One of the worst players I’ve ever seen at Firhill. Genuinely baffles me how he’s a professional footballer. Danny Devine - See Sean McGinty. Not quite as bad, but his head and right foot are shaped like 50p pieces.
  5. The criticism from me for Brownlie is because he’s noticeably unfit, when he’s been available for selection for months. Wasn’t directly at fault for the goals yesterday, but he was piss poor and has been all season.
  6. What was Graham’s goal called off for? He looked onside but heard some folk around me say there was a foul, and there didn’t seem to be many complaints from the players. Had enough chances to win two games there, how Fitzpatrick didn’t even put away one of those two great chances absolutely baffles me. First 25 minutes was all Thistle, then we just stopped (again). Brownlie has had his injuries, but it’s inexcusable for how unfit he is at this stage of the season. Within the first few minutes, Holt was having to clear up because he couldn’t chase down a ball with a head start. Lawless was excellent today, and deserved his goal. Probably should’ve had two assists as well. McMillan was also very good - turning into our most consistent player. Thought Mitchell was lucky to stay on the park when he had a kick out towards the end, and it was only him charging into someone that the ref caught. Draw was a fair result, since Accies took their two opportunities and capitalised on our inability to defend set pieces.
  7. Turner is similar to Spittal in that they are both excellent when the team is on top with plenty of the ball, but total passengers when on the back foot. He’d be found out for that very reason in a bottom 6 Premiership team. Happy enough if he stays and we’re in the Championship next season, not arsed if he leaves though. Docherty being average at best Championship midfielder is an interesting shout. One of the best in the league for me, and I don’t think we’d be able to get an upgrade on him if he left, but this is absolutely his level. Would be very surprised if Tiffoney is at Firhill next season.
  8. Ist Ist at Tuts on Thursday then Lee Bains at Broadcast on Friday for me.
  9. First half was horrendously boring but Thistle were comfortable enough. First goal absolutely killed QP and we strolled it from then on. No chance are QP winning the league now, absolutely chucked it. Don’t think we’re going up this year, but there’s always a chance going into the playoffs in the form we’re in. f**k Owen Coyle. Thank you.
  10. Enough good stuff for a top 10 of the year so far now: 1. Boygenius - The Record 2. The Hold Steady - The Price Of Progress 3. Gaz Coombes - Turn The Car Around 4. Algiers - Shook 5. King Tuff - Smalltown Stardust 6. Dutch Uncles - True Entertainment 7. Hamish Hawk - Angel Numbers 8. Gorillaz - Cracker Island 9. Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You 10. Lichen Slow - Rest Lurks
  11. His reputation had hardly been tarnished. Archie did give youth a chance in the first team as often as he could. Had a particular fondness for randomly playing David Wilson every time we played Celtic. I’d imagine a role like that one at Motherwell would be perfect for him.
  12. Was also at this tonight. He was outstanding. Death Cab For Cutie at the Barras next.
  13. Thought Thistle played some good stuff for the first 15-20 minutes without ever really threatening, Dundee were absolutely atrocious in the first half. Thought Jakubiak made a difference when he came on, and caused some issues. Second half was awful. We really miss Harry Milne - Hodson was fine but his final ball is crap. Mullen miss at the end was absolutely baffling.
  14. Realised that Yo La Tengo are playing in Barcelona while I'm there, but the gig is sold out. Anyone know if there's a Spanish/European Twickets equivalent that I can keep an eye on?
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