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  1. Week 1 Fixtures

    Creetown 2-2 Heston Crichton 2-5 Edusport YMCA 2-3 Nithsdale Fleet 1-4 Wigtown Mids 1-3 Vale Newton 3-2 Uppers Saints 6-2 Lochar
  2. This weekend

    I'm a big Newton fan but the league is Wigtown's to lose now, I can't see them dropping points against any of the teams they have left to face. Their squad too strong and big to throw it away now.
  3. Saints-v-Wigtown

    They'll need to sign a whole new defence if they go into lowland.
  4. Fixtures 4/4/15

    Will this weekend's results determine the outcome of the league winners?
  5. Saints-v-Wigtown

    Where will the final be played at?
  6. Saints-v-Wigtown

    Any chance of Saints v Wigtown being postponed due to a Hurricane?
  7. Saints-v-Wigtown

    Saints 2-4 Wigtown. It will be scrappy as it's to be a wild night.
  8. Newton v uppers tomorrow?

    Uppers are only taking 13 players..

    Even if your team had 17, it's highly likely that you would of got an ass whooping.

    Well said.
  11. What's everyone's thoughts on who will win the league?

    Another big game tomorrow evening at Kirkcudbright in the race for the title as Saints host Newton Stewart. Keeping on topic though, the two top goal scorers in the league will be on display⚽

    Player of the year from what I have seen so far this season would be Micky Wilson (NS). For the places in team of the year, the goalkeeper will either be Harry Fidler or Chunky. The rest of the team is hard to tell with so many games left.
  14. new fixture list

  15. new fixture list

    Any news on the Wigtown score?