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  1. 5 years ago we put Jim Chumpman in charge....what a fucking disaster that was
  2. Naw, someone who doesn't want to see their club needlessly hit the self destruct button again
  3. If i was to guess it would be one of the clubs that are full time in our league which would be slightly disappointing
  4. I'd rather play on a local astro pitch than that utter shite house cowden call a stadium. It's been coming for Cowden the last few years now and if I'm not wrong it that now 4 out of the last 5 play offs going in favour of the non league teams now?
  5. It's no happening It shouldn't happen Move on Why put our club through the fall out AGAIN!
  6. Michael Stewart rounding off and awful game with even worse commentary. Hard to watch through his tears on the camera
  7. Kurtis Roberts signed up on a 1 year deal
  8. Cannot place the guy but looks good so hopefully he is. Can't be worse than Ballatoni anyway
  9. Ross Cunningham and Joshua Bradley-Hurst have signed extensions for Clyde and Connor Druthie has signed from Dumbarton
  10. Hooe you lot have thst pitch sorted ! It was a fucking tattie field when we played you in the cup few seasons ago! Hope you come up though seriously, I enjoyed that away day in the cup and met a good few Bonnyrigg fans. By far a better day out than that dump central park where the down is as good as the shite hole of a ground.
  11. Like a fine wine. Glad he's back, the kind of player we have been crying out for since he left. Like said above he won't win matches on his own but its a great start to the window. Also wouldn't read to much into Darren Young letting him go seeing as Darren Young is a grade A walloper
  12. Agreed, Elsdon was just slightly less shite than the rest. Cannot explain how happy I am to see that fucking useless streak of pish Jones leave
  13. What an embarrassing player nicol is. Hope him and Jones have their bags packed already
  14. Jones better be first out the door and listed as possibly the laziest and worst player I've ever watched closely followed by Kevin Liability Nicoll
  15. Oh thank f**k this is the last game. That squad is so far off the pace for Lowland league nevermind league 1
  16. This is both the question and the fear every Clyde fan has right now.
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