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  1. Theres something rotten at the core of this club as well as on the pitch. What the f**k has happened since we went up.
  2. Cunningham has been a spectator and the whole defence is just simply unable to do the basics. Midfield is standing still and DGW is isolated. Tactics or lack of are laughable. No idea what Lennon has set up here but it's simply embarrassing. Cant remember a worse 45 minutes in all my time watching Clyde
  3. Today was depressingly bad. No midfield and a shaley defence. Splaine, kennedy, jones, rumbsy...the list goes on of players just simply not good enough for this level or even a drop down. Recruitment has left us in the shit again this season and I cant see us staying up should we finish 9th and I only say 9th because based on last week we look slightly less shite than East fife Sent from my SM-G955F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  4. That's was dire. Too many players not even good enough for league 2. But dont worry lads. Lennon will say the shape was good Sent from my SM-G955F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  5. As Twitter insists on making videos look grainy here is the Facebook link to the goals https://www.facebook.com/146745638814643/posts/2065992133556641/
  6. You wouldn't have thought there was a home crowd apart from a few claps today. Library
  7. Wasnt much between the teams at half time. EF carved out a few half chances but looked toothless in the final 3rd. Thought the second half was a better game but it turned once Tade and Gamis came on. Tade makes a huge difference once that streak of pish Jones is off. Great finish by Cunningham for the 1st who i was saying just before the goal had been anonymous till then. Right place right time like a striker should be fir the second. Splain frustrated me once again. The man cant pass the length of himself. We should have someone next to him to take the ball any time he wins it. Good travelling support today and 3 points. Happy all round. EF looked worryingly poor, do some nice running but that's it. Lack any real conviction. For ourselves we need to build on today and keep it going. [emoji1267][emoji1267]
  8. What's the parking like? Been a good few years since my last visit
  9. Kind of game we should be looking to win so knowing us we will hand EF 3 points
  10. Can we agree that Tade looked better in 5 minutes than that useless streak of pish Jones has all season
  11. Tades 5 minute appearance showing more than Jones has all season. Typically Clyde to go 1 up, conceded 2 then miss a penalty but thank f**k for the last goal. Points probably fair over the 90 minutes. Rumbsy has to be dropped! How many penalties will he give away before he is dropped f**k me
  12. Honestly see us either getting steam rolled or shithousing another 2-1 somehow
  13. Can we just send Splaine so far to f**k please! Never seem someone so bad at passing
  14. Anyone know how to get the red start clipping shite off the screen!? Really annoying 1631368542779
  15. Maybe he was hungover from celebrating not having to work with that fud Ferguson?
  16. That was nerve wracking and enjoyable as well today! Had to watch it from the Laptop today due to self isolating but was still jumping about! Night and day from last week. Yes we weren't amazing but the shape was much better and we played some decent stuff in amongst the literally throwing bodies in the way to defend.
  17. Are we even going to have a back 4 now for next week
  18. What an unbelievably shite line up equalled with a shite bench. Cant believe I just paid 13 quid for the stream [emoji23] maybe self isolation has saved the effort of driving up today
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