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  1. Like the previous 2 games I didnt think there was much between the teams but a much welcome 3 points. Definitely cheered my night shift up [emoji1267]
  2. I'm still wondering what was given [emoji23] I swear the officials make it up as they go [emoji1267]
  3. You love to see it [emoji7][emoji1267] The methil tribal drums went quiet in the second half
  4. That was a particular favourite of mine, forgot they were there apart from their 9 'penalty' shouts
  5. [emoji445] Love will tear you apart again[emoji445][emoji1267]
  6. Clearly the Bonnyrigg player thought that when he done a ruby tackle that would be illegal in ruby nevermind football in the first half
  7. That pitch was utter shite. One side of the pitch 2 feet higher than the other [emoji23] seen better and more level public parks.
  8. Starter off a little shaky but the while defence was rotten at the start of the season. Hes been immense the last few months.
  9. Might not be a bad thing for us injury wise [emoji23]
  10. Away back to your own teams thread you seething mess [emoji23]
  11. That's what's wrong with Scottish football. Should be encouraging young kids to support their local team and make noise. Yes sometimes its cringy as f**k but they are kids and potential life long fans but like you said they get chased and end up 'supporting' the old firm or English premier league teams
  12. Always good to see, being brought up proper [emoji106] better than being made to go watch the old firm and listen to sectarian singing for 90 minutes
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