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  1. I actually cannot grasp what Ross Lyons is ment to bring to the team other than being a shitebag who can't cross a ball. Cemron is a lightweight McCleans legs are gone, I've seen fucking milk turn quicker than him. On the plus side, Cunningham is away. An utter shitebag of a player who thinks he is levels above his actual ability. Will give out a few goals and maybe a few good performances then get injured, come back and be completely anonymous
  2. https://www.clydefc.co.uk/news/2023/05/rico-undergoes-surgery/ I completely missed why it kicked off at the dugouts however I had no ill feeling to Gibson about Rico as he right away signaled for the medical staff more urgently that those fucking arseholes employed by the SFA did. For anyone interested, Rico has successfully had his operation which is far better to be discussed over who said what. Some things are more important. I have to agree with Bullyweestonehouse. Was right infront of me as well and I can only describe the noise as a gunshot as his bone snap. Was truly horrific.
  3. Empty this tinpot club top to bottom. If Duffy is still there next season not only am I not buying a season ticket I won't be coming back. Not spending my time and money to have my eyes bleed watching an absolute relic of the game have his team play hoofball. f**k the board f**k Duffy f**k that squad of amateurs Would rather go watch junior teams, least they are run like a football club
  4. Oh the irony. Don't even know where to start....well maybe handing you a tissue yo dry your eyes first because you know, an Annan player would never ever EVER dive, cheat or cause and opponent to be sent off because of said dive/cheating. Glad to see you're bit bitter though. We are utter shite, been shite since we went up (except when we play lolkirk) and it wouldn't take a good team to relegate us. Just a competent one
  5. I'm glad other fans have confidence because having watch this amateur squad all season we would need to score about 6 to force extra time given our defence
  6. We're away. Can we just forfeit the 2nd leg? Bin this club top to bottom. An utter joke of a club. Sunday league pub teams are better run
  7. Can't wait to battle for the club 42 play off to drop into the uni and B team league
  8. We are east Stirlingshire in waiting now. Homeless and tiny crowds
  9. If it goes through its rhe end of Scottish football. Its hard enough trying to get anyone to take our leagues seriously but this would be the nail in the coffin
  10. What I think we will find is the reason no one will want to step in or contribute is the members of the current board who clearly chase and piss anyone off who tries to enter their club. Anyone who ever seems to be active or willing to make change or try new ideas always seems to leave pretty quick...Common denominator there is the board members. Isn't current board member the reason the owners of shawfield told them to leave when they were open to a negotiation. The same board members who pissed off the Glen's about a proposal to share grounds and the same board who Clyde Gateway said they wouldn't work woth us as long as a certain Mr Alexander was on board?
  11. Attendances have been beyond poor this year with nothing worth watching on the park either. I'm loving this argument from others peddling the "we couldn't make money at Broadwood" was the whole reason we are fucked. Selling a few pints and curries won't mount a competent league 1 side. If Hamilton was such a marvellous revelation then how come attendances have been lower than what we would get in league 2 when we were near the bottom and the budget keeps sinking like a stone. At this rate we will be shopping in the Ayrshire Amateur league for players
  12. That's because if there is a shite way to run a club our board will do it and parade it as a success we got kicked out Broadwood. And into the barging they continue to hide like cowards and run the club like a secrete society
  13. Listen even the most optimistic Clyde fan won't think we will get anything here. Clyde to get pumped. Peterhead to loose Us to finish 9th and either get relegated by a team with 2 players that got us promoted or be relegated by the team we beat in the playoff final to come up
  14. With this board...never pie in the sky stuff from them
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