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  1. Its already hard enough for teams like Clyde playing Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for 3 weeks running as it is without this shite being thrown in
  2. Good to know an elbow is a yellow now. It's either a drop ball or a red. Where these refs come from is beyond me. Officious wee p***k Napier
  3. Great result for ourselves last night. Thought Forfar looked really poor. Done a lot of running but with nothing after that. 3 well worked goals from us and I say it all the time but where would we be without Goodwillie! Otoo was excellent for the 2nd goal to set it up and howie with a great strike for the 3rd. Could've been better if East fife beat Dumbarton but as long as we keep winning we will be fine. Think we can swing season long loan got Otoo next year aswell?
  4. I was saying at half time he was having a shocker tonight after a good few games as well then scores [emoji23]
  5. Beautiful from Otoo! Right on a plate for a Goody!
  6. Yes, said a wee while ago it was unlikely he would be back this season now.
  7. Great result. Ayr didnt seem to get going or offer much. Nicol was great again today and think we could've and should've got 1 more goal
  8. Anyone else stream kinda jumpy?
  9. Well that was fucking dreadful. Bain needs hooked. 2 passes then hoof
  10. Total inability to defend corners will relegate us honestly it's so bad I cant even get angry
  11. If we stay up we can wear any socks for all I care
  12. Get in!! Macinally meltdown inbound
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