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  1. Taken from Twitter but about time the OKI was removed
  2. Really? May I present these horrific kits just to show a few.
  3. Bryson has left Derby. Is he coming home? [emoji23]
  4. If we keep him I'll be delighted but I wouldn't grudge the guy for going full time. As long as he doesn't come back to haunt us [emoji23]
  5. When Stewart is fit he is a fantastic player, just keeping him off the injury table is hard. Is he stays fit hes an excellent signing for you guys. Would've kept him but I think Lennon didn't prefer him that much and his niggling back problem kept him out most of the season
  6. Oh raymond grant you are the love of my life!!! Oh raymond grant I'd let you shag my wife!
  7. Delighted to keep love, hes been a fantastic impact player from the bench
  8. Lyon must be Lennon's illegitimate child. Only reason hes being kept on.
  9. 3 adult season tickets bought in my house once again this season! Mon the Bullywee!
  10. Think Lang and grant will be away full time and possibly Mcstay as well and we'll really struggle to replace them but if anyone has a shot at it, Lennon does.
  11. No lang or grant yet. Really fear we are going to loose them
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