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  1. Eagles propose the 4 and 15 instead of onside kick option again. It was rejected last year.
  2. Jordan Reed retires. By god a what could have been player. Hoping his decision to play two or so more years than he should have doesn't come back to haunt him...
  3. Washington let theirs go, and I was literally upset at the news. 😥
  4. Football is a simple game. The team that scores the most goals win. We were shite but as we scored more we deserved to win.
  5. Motherwell, Hibs, Aberdeen and Championship Hearts have better no.1 keepers than Celtic.
  6. Celtic when full strength don't have the 11 best players on the park playing a few teams - but certainly not Hibs.
  7. Sean Taylor would be 38 today...
  8. It is literally been our midfield that has failed us in our last 3 trips to Israel - our best unit under Clarke has been what people class as our worst. It has had to be as it has nothing in front of it to protect them. Against both Israel and Austria there were times where it was 6 or 7 on 4/5 with our midfield a further 10-15 yards back. Against the better nations they are chasing shadows constantly.
  9. Agree with the jist, but Belgium actually have a very good midfield. We have something, but it isn't a good midfield
  10. Would rather have Tierney on the ball than any single one of our midfielders.
  11. Got to agree. Unless your name is Darrell Green Cornerback is no place for old men.
  12. Guessed it would, as Washington face of against the Bills.
  13. The International Series is being re-done. UK reduced to two matches - both now hosted at Spurs. Germany added in Europe and Mexico.
  14. What. We got into the position to put a decent ball into the box a fair few times on the left. He just thought our strikers were 15ft tall (again) or we were playing in blue.
  15. Comparing Gilmour with Jack? If it is a straight one or other, our midfield is worse without Jack in it.
  16. I repeat. Our midfield is so bad. People actually think our defence is the problem. 😂
  17. Just like every game. Our defence has never been the problem - this has.
  18. One of those crosses he failed at was the one Christie was fouled in the box but nothing was given. Of course that was his fault it wasn't completed 😂
  19. 49ers just mortgaged their short term future. What a haul for the Dolphins to move back 8 spots
  20. Which was actually foul? And probably doesn't happen if we get our penalty?
  21. It's how most of our goals against happen. Because despite what people think our midfield is not actually as good as they think. People will continue to blame our centre backs or right back because of club snobbery but it's amazing the fact that we don't seem to concede many despite a lot of time at least one if not 2 of our defenders are being asked by our midfield to track two players at once. It's why teams with top quality midfielders manage to hit 3 or 4 without breaking a sweat against us.
  22. Robertson's crossing is miles better? O'Donnell in the second half alone had to collect Robbo's crosses as he thought our strikers were all 15ft tall... same in previous games. Meanwhile O'Donnell is getting assists or almost assists game by game from his crossing. As for not good enough at international level - biggest load of tripe ever written about a footballer playing in our top flight as they'd all do the business against a few team at this level while also fail badly against others - just like our "superstars" - especially the midfield do.
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