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  1. Wentz picked. I'm done for today
  2. Going for it on 4th and 15... do not make it. We started this drive on Dallas' 34...
  3. Was about to say surely you just run, run, run...
  4. Dallas punt from EndZone. Gets to their own 30. Kick the FG now Ron...
  5. TD Dallas. WJ3 is an awful corner. 22-10 Dallas
  6. FG Washington (our first of the season). Dallas lead 15-10
  7. Wentz picked. HT. Dallas lead 12-7
  8. TD Dallas. XP blocked. Dallas lead 12-7
  9. TD Washington. Wentz to Dotson. Washington lead 7-6 A first half score...
  10. FG Dallas. They lead 6-0
  11. f**k me, I think I could get through our OL. Dallas rush 3 and get to Wentz
  12. They better throw the book at whoever. And when they finished throwing it, pick it up and throw it again.
  13. That's more likely than the O doing it
  14. We're on the scoreboard. Safety on the RB. 24-2
  15. Go for it on 4th and goal. No good... ... hello Scott Hanson you sexy b*****d.
  16. Wash FG cancelled due to personal foul leading to automatic 1st down. End of 3rd. 24-0 still
  17. Why do I do this every fucking year... Eagles lead 24-0 at HT.
  18. The D will be back out in 4 plays
  19. TD Eagles. And the worst attempt at a tackle I have ever seen... this week. 10-0
  20. Wentz strip sacked deep in Washington Territory. Eagles recover. That's 3agles 5th sack. We're in the first minute of the the 2nd Q
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