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  1. Free agency 2019

    Redskins not taking him. We're on the hook for $40m over next two years for an already broken QB. We won't be able to sign another.
  2. Motherwell v Livingston

    Barring further injuries, I think the only question we have is who will be our two wingers from the three of Hastie, Frear and Ariyibi. Better game that the one in December please.
  3. Dundee v Motherwell

    We had more than that. But apart from that, yeah.
  4. NFL General Discussion

    *Washington Redskins says: hold my beer...
  5. Dundee v Motherwell

    Second best for about 98.9% of the game but a stonewall penalty. Turnbull
  6. NFL General Discussion

    Really should think about injury settlement. Cough up the $40m (less insurance) and take the full hit in 2019 and tank...
  7. According to the official this summer
  8. Ryan Gauld

    Poor man's David Turnbull tbh.
  9. Championship Sunday

    How come Tony Romo knows exactly what is going to happen, but the guys paid to know do not?
  10. Star Trek Discovery

    It's an ok Sci-fi show. Not Star Trek though.
  11. Star Trek Discovery

    Can't wait...
  12. General Politics Thread

  13. Divisional Round

    One of the Rams or Saints are gonna shit the bed. Better not be both...
  14. Wildcard Weekend

    Don't they know that the NFC East is a dumpster. So, why are we still needing to put up with two more teams for another week in the playoffs.
  15. NFL General Discussion

    Rueben Foster officially removed from the Commissioners Exception List although still under investigation by the NFL. Just another 9 months to keep himself out of trouble...