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  1. He volleyed a Spanish boys foot. Shocked he lasted as long as he did after it. He is quality, and I still don't understand why people moan that we play a back 3 with WBs when he's available. What he done to Carvajal should be a crime...
  2. Our defence was never the problem. When everyone was waxing lyrical on how good our midfield was, it was always our defence that bailed them out - and when they couldn't our defence got the blame. Now our midfield has learned the art of defending our defenders are reaping just as much of the benefit.
  3. The full 90+ minutes goes to VAR. And Porro was down long enough VAR didn't even have to stop play for it.
  4. It did go to VAR. VAR decided nothing untoward.
  5. Every player in the Premiership is good enough for International Level. It's a level that goes from Brazil (where maybe one or two available to us is squeezes into Squad Level) to San Marino
  6. A list of new rules have been published for the owners to discuss. Most of them seem fair enough but I don't like the: 2nd Touchback Proposal where the receiving team from a punt gets it at the 25 if the PR calls a fair catch anywhere inside said 25. And No Launching - what chances does the D have at the goal line. No word that the O cannot launch as technically they're not aiming at an opponent.
  7. Guy probably orders from the "European Section" when he goes for an Indian.
  8. All booth reviews are technically factual in the NFL, For example. Touchdown, was any bodypart that declares a player down down before or after. A catch* that sees a player go out of bounds. Were two feet down and control maintained throughout, yes or no? NFL's VAR does not look for players committing a foul either during a play that leads to a TD/Turnover/major play even if that foul is the only reason the scenario it is looking at happened.
  9. Yes, but their VAR officials never make a decision even if it is a yes/no answerable question. They have rules where automatic reviews take place. These are usually game stopping plays anyway (Touchdowns/Turnovers) so the waiting around is just normal turn of play. They're also not looking for any fouls before/during play to negate the score/turnover either just a simple yes or no on the rules was it a score or not, or was it a turnover or not. The Review Booth don't tend to get involved independently until the last 2 minutes of each half, and even then it's a quick "referee stop play, take a look" as usually the O side are in hurry up. All reviews/decisions that require confirmed/different decision on what is originally called on field are decided by on the field official not the booth. Hence, why only an idiot would compare Football VAR and NFL Booth Review as the same thing
  10. One massive difference, the automatic review in a match taking place in Miami is being reviewed by the same people that will be automatically reviewing a match taking place in Chicago
  11. Yeah but introduction of VAR hasn't stopped that.
  12. I am almost certain KVV would already be on 20 goals if Efford hadn't got injured. They seemed to have getting a decent partnership going before he went down.
  13. Aberdeen did the exact same thing earlier in the game. Anderson just not as much of a goal threat as Craig Reid
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