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  1. Nope. Guaranteed $s seem to be his thing.
  2. Washington expected to part ways with Alex Smith in next few days with a post 1 June designation. Team will make roughly $19m in cap space. What a story, but it had to be done. 😥
  3. Yes, I'm quoting myself. Do I give a f**k... nope.
  4. Whisper it... Lamie is turning into a decent centre back...
  5. Surely he can't continue though. Football is so far behind care of players...
  6. Cowboys and Bears are understandable. Unsure about Saints, but I guess Raiders are a tax thing...
  7. Not sure tag and trade is worth it tbh. Will teams bite on it for a WR? Just wait 1 more year. Plus the cap hit...
  8. He also took two touches to take 3 St Mirren midfielders out of the chance of possession. 🙄
  9. Don't worry about that mate, enjoy your top six, we've got you covered on this front 🙄
  10. Yeah, most clubs binned their youth/reserve sides. Others didn't. If you think that squad list is First Team only then you're mental. It's all players that have been given a squad number no matter what level at the club they are in. Be it First Team, Reserves or Youth.
  11. Where the hell are all your 18's-19's. Did you sack them all? Or are you not comparing like for like?
  12. Bezos been linked with the Washington Football Team again. Can't see it happening though, as egos rule the NFL, and well Bezos is worth more than all other owners combined. But the Washington Primes, playing at the Amazon Field at the RFK yes please...
  13. Packers have released LB Kirksey and OT Wagner, saving $10.5m in cap. Possibly to make a run at Watt.
  14. Panthers are clearing cap space. Expected to make a powerful run at Watson.
  15. Wentz was also a cancer in the lockeroom. Couldn't handle criticism, and by god the Philly "faithful" and media love to criticise. Indy not so much...
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