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  1. St Johnstone - Motherwell

    Last season Dunne was sent off for looking at one of your players... so maybe you have a point.
  2. Week 15

    Redskins take a knee, call time out with 0:04 on the clock... LS was signed yesterday... it's good. Redskins win 16-13
  3. Week 15

    Us driving and Jags not calling Time Out. They have now after we already ate 45 seconds beyond the warning...
  4. Week 15

    3rd and long for Jags called back for OPI. Next play picked. We might actually win this... not sure how I feel
  5. Week 15

    Johnson started. He's been our best player over the last 6 games and has only played 5.5 quarters
  6. Week 15

    TD Johnson to Sprinkle. We have a tie game. 13-13.
  7. Week 15

    What a catch by Crowder on 3rd and long.
  8. Week 15

    Stop fucking running on first down. It's every play, every D knows it's fucking coming... and it's always for a loss <----- heads gone
  9. Week 15

    FG Jags. Jags lead 13-6. Game over
  10. Week 15

    End of the third. Jags lead 10-6
  11. Week 15

    I love Ryan Kerrigan. So underrated. Not missed a game since coming into the league, and has 82.5 sacks in his career.
  12. Week 15

    Skins FG. Jags lead 10-6
  13. Week 15

    Redskins @ Jags... Offense combined 154 yards Less Sack Yards combined 38 yards Less penalties combined 62 yards Total Combined Net Offense yards 54 yards
  14. Week 15

    TD Jags. Punt return. f**k off Gruden. Jags lead 10-3.
  15. Week 15

    2 minute warning and both teams have combined yards of 133 yards on offense... 133 yards... combined.