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  1. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Have you got 10 on your books?
  2. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    I really believe there is not a single player better with both feet in the whole SPFL than our Tait. 5 up going on more! We're not taking these games easy anyway.
  3. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Carson is not in squad as his Mrs is due to give birth any minute now.
  4. He isn't. He is a footballer at Premiership level. Not since modernisation. Burrows goes into further that we had to request (not for the first time) bespoke numbering going back to the days of the SPL but this is the first time it has been accepted.
  5. NFL General Discussion

    Seems to be a maybe he did, maybe he didn't from his ex now.
  6. Fantasy Football 2016

    I believe that is me in
  7. You haven't watched a lot of football in your life then.
  8. Their two best players were away on a stag do! Good work out for the lads and Bowman going up against a 15 year old boy for the last 10 minutes. Excellent listening to the management team talking the guys through the game. Lasley telling Scott to jump when going for a ball as well. One thing that stuck out though was the size difference between their teens and ours (Scott)
  9. Ryan Gauld

    Absolute bull shit.
  10. Belgium v Brazil - Quarter final

    What goal. As it stands guaranteed at least my money back in the work sweep
  11. Kieran Tierney

    Anyone who says Robertson can't defend is a fucking idiot. He has done it against some of the best in the business. He is also by far the best left back from any of the home nations. Tierney is a very good left back but still think he is better suited for a more central position.
  12. Kieran Tierney

    He'll be playing Centre Back for a team by October if he chooses (forced?) to leave Celtic
  13. England v Colombia

  14. Belgium v Japan

  15. Spain v Russia

    Just imagine how bad it would be if they were winning.