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  1. Could be also having confidence in Hammell and Kerr. Players won't be to keen to sign for a team with no manager.
  2. If we could find a 12-15 goals a season non-penalty taking striker we would be in not too bad shape for a middle of the road Premiership Club. Now anyone got a few hundred thousand pound lying around to go get one...
  3. The Croat league since it's founding has had 4 winners. 23 titles out of 31 won by Dinamo - including 16 of the last 17. In Serbia, 29 of the last 30 have been won by either Red Star or Partizan. With whichever one that didn't win/one of them being the other being second 27 of those 30... (they also won 30 of the 32 before that)
  4. Thing is. This is not a Scottish only issue. It's a European wide football issue. But somehow, if you listened to those who should be promoting our game it is only here that has the dominance by 2 teams (some leagues have 1 true title challenger).
  5. It is interesting seeing the chat on twitter about we need to find a KvV backup when I look back and think, who the hell was Moult's, Sutton's, Higdon's or McDonald's. Of course, the chat is mostly from the same people moaning about not giving youngsters a chance
  6. Give me Latvia / North Macedonia trip for better chance of next round than a "decent trip". It is a football competition after all
  7. A lot of them are the same people who have been moaning that some clubs have brought in half a dozen or more new players while we've done nearly nothing too...
  8. Been hoping for that since Hammell left the first time. We finally did that when he returned...
  9. I really hope some Motherwell fans realise our first 3 games should, if we do what we're supposed to will change.
  10. Would have been easier to just swap the fixtures. Some Motherwell fans are gonna go mental if the game gets swapped or moved to the Tuesday
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