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  1. Mahomes signed with the Chiefs through to the 2031 season...
  2. Seems this is a major favourite because not only is it "patriotic" (and you know America) but also the whole HTTR, song, and sign of. Easy to change Redskins to Redtails in the lyrics etc...
  3. My bet will be Braves, the original name of the Franchise. About time but I can see Snyder holding onto the name as a copyright though to stop the casino that started the campaign being named Redskins Bad news for everyone who hates seeing the NFC East on the telly every week, as this will see the NFL's most prestigious division dominate Prime Time again.
  4. Not likely but If he wins that it means a Motherwell player has won it back to back. Has anyone outside Celtic had that?
  5. Aarons against Celtic made Ajer look like a lower league defender. Tait has left the club...
  6. Yeah. If you add that with the personal phone call, it's easy to see how they could do it so quickly.
  7. The players get the call before the pick is announced.
  8. We have a problem if the Scottish league did that. If the "big 4" in this country did that, we would be in trouble as that includes Rangers and Hearts - both supposedly basket cases...
  9. Ok - that doesn't seem right. If true though just added to the Covid-19 c***s list then.
  10. Tomb Raider completely free forever if you "buy" before 24 March
  11. Any player in the Premiership is pretty much international class so this is bollocks. There are over 200 nations in International football. He'd get a game, if eligible for about 70% of them.
  12. See the club are advertising the player of the year awards. Who's everyone taking? Personally not sure about POTY (between Gillespie and Gallagher) but YPoTY, I cannot see past Allan Campbell.
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