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  1. 2 hours ago, Casey Jones said:

    Think the reason was purely down to travel/time issues. Am sure Charlie stays in/near Perth and maybe could not commit any longer to travelling to Edinburgh three times a week. So, when the Scone position became available - much closer to home. 

    aye I assumed there was a Perth connection somewhere - I know he was with St Johnstone when he was younger but didn't know if that was a maintained connection. He and his brother have Edinburgh links and his brother ex Mussey yeah?

  2. 4 hours ago, PossilYM said:

    The reason why i looked so far ahead was based on the present day rules of one promotion place and playoffs into the LL from above and below.

    Hypothetically had the pyramid began say in 1980 then by now we'd have clearly seen the outcome.

    The rules of course could change in time to automatic promotion/relegation to the LL and above.

    Why i mention public transport is because of the Darvel affect.

    You can really forget a midweek game without access to a car.

    Not exactly great when the bulk of Central Belt population is almost but not quite within reach.

    How long can it be time wise to Darvel, from say the top end of Hamilton in a car?

    I'll admit I'm suspicious of football grounds that are nowhere near a train station.

    The Station Parks at Forfar and Dalmellington must be triggers then 😂 bloody beeching. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Hawf time pie said:

    I`m certainly no fan of Talbot, would love to see them go out the all the cups... legitimately though!

    However, if Talbot have documented evidence (email or text) showing they asked the cup manager if the player was eligible, and were told yes he is... then it is not their fault and should be reinstated.

    What higher authority can they possibly go to, to check these details other than the competition organiser/manager?

    If they do not have that evidence in print and it was only verbally confirmed, then they are goosed and out the cup. If someone tells you anything verbally, you should always ask for a follow up in writing... "The ACE email" (Arse Covering Exercise).

    If they haven`t asked the questions, or checked the facts - then they should rightfully be kicked out. 

    And, if they have knowingly appealed without the correct evidence/documentation in place, they should be fined (loads, hunners and plenty) 😝


    Do you expect the 'cup manager' to have the wherewithal to collate and then share that information?

  4. 1 hour ago, HorseyGhirl said:

    As you are probably aware there are a few clubs down here with a great wee setup. The work they are doing at Creetown for example. That's why we need to get them properly into the pyramid not 'hiding'. (awaits flak from usual suspects).

    All the teams that arrive at Meadow Park are massively impressed and greater exposure can only improve the game down here. Re Threave, yes I know they have half the Dalbeattie team from last year and not all clubs can afford to do that.

    Aye I have been to Creetown a few times, likewise Wigtown and single visits to St Cuthbert and Threave (although that one was way before the improvements). Love the SoS, down here at least a few times a year and always hope it coincides with a game somewhere!

  5. 13 hours ago, Life on Marrs? said:

    He always wore sort of padded, leggings. I used to try and emulate his look, by tucking my tracksuit bottoms into my tangerine socks when I kicked about in the garden with my mates. I even painted my Dundee Utd subbeteo team's goalie's legs black, so it would look more like him!

    Never a United fan but one of my favourite keepers from my childhood. And the padded trousers I had so much envy for 😆

  6. Pollok were never anti-pyramid either as the years rolled by. We had officials on the printed record being in favour. We always voted positively on any pyramid survey that came in the door from Hampden. We were one of the 24 clubs (?) that voted for the pyramid back in the 00s. Obviously some were far more outspoken against (Talbot for one) but the doomsday merchants were given absolute backing to do so by the powers that be.

  7. The year Kelty departed the SFJA top table sneered at them at the SJFA AGM for doing so. Heard that from multiple sources.

    CLubs were told that should they leave for the LL but choose to come back, they'd start at the bottom, i.e. a 4 division demotion for the likes of Pollok. We were interested but fear and tradition was used to stop dissention.

    TLDR: Tom Johnston is the answer to all your questions.

    It will take another 20 years to undo this 5 years of messing about as the waves lapped Tom Canute's feet.

  8. 1 minute ago, Leith Green said:

    No idea what level this is, would it be a bigger minter than the Brora Rangers defeat of Hearts?

    half the squad have played Championship level or above, the other half L1. Very few without Scottish League experience. Also almost untouchable in the West set-up. They're really an L1 side on their make up.

  9. 7 hours ago, Iain said:

    Good chance to beat the club's record 11-1 victory here. Should be going for it.

    Not sure you understand the standard.

    Would you expect to beat a League 2 side by that margin? All bar two of our team from the Annan game played in the 'big leagues' and some dare I say it higher than Ayr. Aye you might win but think anything like that assumes our lads took up the sport for fun last week.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Lowland team said:

    look am not looking to fall out with anyone about this.i attended a eos meeting which Clydebank fc attended they were the only team to do so from the west.they produced a letter from the sjfa which threatened them with expulsion from the ground share they had at the time.Kelty received a similar letter stating they would be fined for not fulfilling fixtures if they joined the eos.no other teams from the west or east region made inquiries about joining at that time even those that were licensed.the east teams moved once bonnyrigg left.dont really think movement will happen anytime soon this will just drag on.i also suspect the sfa will tighten up entry level licencesing to make it harder for clubs.

    Joining EoS as a West side was a lunatic proposal.

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