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  1. Not sure you understand the standard. Would you expect to beat a League 2 side by that margin? All bar two of our team from the Annan game played in the 'big leagues' and some dare I say it higher than Ayr. Aye you might win but think anything like that assumes our lads took up the sport for fun last week.
  2. Joining EoS as a West side was a lunatic proposal.
  3. I am up and down to Newton a lot from various directions so know the roads well. It is a large area that is covered but you can be in Ayr from Newton in not much over an hour and in Lanrkshire within 2. Considering the SoS sides are more than likely to end up in the same lower division were there a merger, you'd be talking about a handful of trips into greater Glasgow area with the status quo every other week. Threave have already taken the plunge; if Saints for example follow, who would be next? It already seems to resemble the East Juniors -> EoS trickle led by Kelty.
  4. Jeez - this is an SJFA trojan horse and little more.
  5. thanks for that - saw a blog from the weekend's game that didn't mention them when describing ground so assumed there'd been a delay as I was aware it was planned.
  6. Exit money (£): Prelim: 2200 R1: 5000 R2: 6500 R3: 9500 R4: 19500 R5: 47250 R6: 102000 SF: 177000 F (W): 352000 F(L): 292000
  7. Or "I know and not at liberty to say - but can you stop going on about exits?"
  8. They took a year out after being runners up in 16-17 and have never been the same as all the players went elsewhere (Stranraer SoS and St Cuthbert W mainly though at least 9 of them were at CReetown last season).
  9. Threave Development AFC existed last season and was full of adults so is this something different?
  10. The elephant in the room really is that NMW will make Scottish semi pro football as it currently is largely amateur. Who wins in that scenario? Everyone gets what nobody wants. Would there be a reduction in player numbers due to lack of (even minor) incentive?
  11. You are misunderstanding me I think. When I said "Minimum £1 a week for a full professional contract - players of professional status but effectively signing on amateur terms sign as 'non contract' professionals" it was two separate things separated by the hyphen. NCPs don't get a penny other than expenses. The £1 a week thing was very much the thing before NMW when contracted players got £1 a week wage plus an up front signing on fee. Pollok did not give someone a weekly wage until 2005. I have no involvement at committee level with any club so no idea how things work nowadays but I am pretty sure there are players happily signing for a grand a season at lower levels and would prefer that to the zero they'd get otherwise.
  12. I guess it comes down to whether a contract becomes invalid in those circumstances.
  13. I think players will accept £20 a week + expenses from club A in the WOSFL than demand minimum wage, the result of which would be playing as an amateur outwith all bar a handful of clubs. It's not like these guys are doing it for anything other than beer money.
  14. Minimunm £1 a week for a full professional contract - players of professional status but effectively signing on amateur terms sign as 'non contract' professionals.
  15. Rossvale senior team have no purpose now. Who do they exist for? No connection to the youth set up or Bishopbriggs.
  16. I remember when your club was watched by 20 people you utter clown. At least we're time-served.
  17. Direction of travel is quite clearly B teams in the SPFL for 23-24... wonder how this particular turd will be sculpted into a tasty-looking burger for the L1/2 sides? They must have some scheme that will push it through.
  18. Is this the Bonnyton cover in the background here (in front of the industrial shed, as opposed to being ther industrial shed)? I haven'ty been to get my bearings of what's what. (from BT facebook, saying it's Townholm)
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