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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Tynecastle are basically ran on an amateur basis, as are a number of sides at the base of the pyramid (even some in LL). Until more actual semi pro sides come in from the Juniors, that will remain the case. Shortlees have a fair number of players with experience from a higher level as well as a few with the ability to do it that have not yet. They play on a public park so it's not as if they're outwith the pyramid (or Juniors for that matter) unfairly. Such is Scottish football that decent players would rather play on a public park than in either the Senior or Junior structure.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Bottom line is that (as it stands) Whitburn will NEVER face Lithgae or Bo'ness again in a league game unless they do join the pyramid.
  3. Shortlees Ams Scottish Cup

    Bonnyrigg are no longer a Junior side.
  4. The Albion Rovers Thread

    It's not the number, it's the quality. Junior football in the West is 4 tiers. As with the SPFL, usually the best players play at the top, the worst at the bottom. Of the 9 players signed direct from Junior clubs (as opposed to 3 who had loans last season), only one came direct from the top division, Bryan Wharton. A few others have played, recently or otherwise, at that level. But in the main this is a lower league Junior select with players from Cambuslang (top division now, granted), Wishaw, Larkhall, Perthshire etc... The players that would allow Rovers to compete to a greater degree are signed up with the likes of Beith, Talbot, Pollok etc... That's generally why the bigger teams beat the smaller ones in cup ties. Queen's Park play the Junior market well. The players are there but it's also a possibility the good ones have played at a higher level and have dropped down for whatever of a number of reasons (i.e. Wharton - fell out with QP, signed for Lok, back Senior witin 6 months). It's rare to find a totally undiscovered gem. Josh Mullin mentioned up the thread - signed by Rovers from Kilbirnie but he'd been senior before .
  5. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    Sadly yes, the couch loyal etc!
  6. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    They never have home games on same weekend though... If you added up the averages of the top 5 in terms of support, you'd get more than 130,000 (the sum of the averages from last season in SPFL levels 1-4 is around 230,000 but that will include travelling support). There must be around 200,000-250,000 or so unique people attending across the country from top to bottom but HJ is correct to half this figure as the bigger one will be those going every 2nd week. A small percentage will go home and away (at national level, I'd imagine travelling support tends to be younger unmarried men or married men with adult children). At regional levels, I reckon you get a wider age range because there are fewer travel implications.
  7. Fort William tomorrow

    Well boo hoo. I have been to a match there, unlike yourself I would suggest. Virtually no one watching from the home side - total head count of 30 including a small bus of away fans that made up the majority. They're not 'trapped' in the league - they're choosing to be there. The area does not 'need' a team at that level - history since coming into the HFL would suggest there is no want or need. They have consistently struggled to get locals to commit and that is not going to change (that is not to detract from those that do but theres not enough of them). They could continue to exist at a level more suited rather than to simply exist, zombielike, for the perverted pleasure of some 'central belt-based' fans. They could go to the North Caley (which they were considering), they could drop into the Saturday amateurs - South Lochaber Thistle, their nearest club, do this in Glasgow. They could go into a summer league. There are options to continue. BTW I am not a 'central belt based' fan, nor am I telling them to pull their socks up. I just fail to see the worth in being patronising to them as they flounder again in a semi professional league, patting them on the head and saying 'ach plucky wee Fort, keep at it chums!'
  8. Fort William tomorrow

    They formed a few years back when the Lochaber ammies folded. And Gordon S - rather than red dotting, put up a contrary point of view. I have been there & watched them this year and this is not a club about to turn the corner. AND looks like I was correct about Buckie. Did they ease off? Nope.
  9. Fort William tomorrow

    It's sport at a level whewre players are paid to play. Fort William are a side who seem unable to get many locals to either play or watch them. They're kidding themselves on trying to survive at this level unless there's a serious shift in attitude in both player engagement and support. They'll lose 10 or more again this season to teams in their own league. Bear in mind Rothes have already put 11 away. Buckie today? They'll be smarting after two losses on the bounce, including to an Aberdeen XI (3-0... though due to more important things in Burnley, the Dons ran with a side made up of last year's U20s and most of the new 1st year professionals.) https://staging.wesoccer.co.uk/fixture/733/line-ups I've watched football at Fort William and I do wish them well but they just seem to be farting against thunder somewhat.
  10. Selkirk FC thread

    If they sit out this season they'll go in at the bottom of the pile (IMO).
  11. Outer Hebrides fixtures

    A few of the clubs seem to have maintained twitters so you could keep an eye... @Southend1960 @barrafc @BenbeculaFC @IochdarSaints
  12. The Terrible Journalism Thread

    cheers - yet the late 80s clip was well before he went stateside.
  13. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    cheers HJ - hope they can sort it out! Gretna line-up still gobbledegook though!
  14. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    Good luck with Selkirk - it's unrelated but the company doing the match lineups only listed 10 players for Selkirk (a possibility!) but also got the Gretna team completely wrong! https://staging.wesoccer.co.uk/fixture/687/line-ups (Gretna lineup from their social media)
  15. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    got them cheers! good work!