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  1. It is entirely true that some miracle might occur and covid vanishes within the next ferw months to a level that allows some fans to come back. If that happens, superb! The clubs that are sitting out can awaken from hibernation and resume playing friendlies. I like the way the North Juniors are doing it - giving clubs the option to opt out of a league cup until new year, then starting regional league football in January. That is absolute common sense. The WoS gave clubs the option to delay the start of the season. Most of those sitting out now wished to do just that - Pollok's statement for one said if a delay was back on the table we'd be listening. The 30+ who wished for it were denied that option by a relatively small margin - as we know with recent political votes, the closer it is, the tougher it is for the losing side to take. Anyway, the die has been cast and on we go. I wish all those kicking off today a safe season.
  2. And T&T phone the named person up and make a decision based on that info. It got into my workplace and despite a list of names being provided, only a very select few were advised to do the 14 days after that call. Unless your own experience is different? What seems to be happening in sports teams is that all team mates are initially advised to self-isolate for 14 days until T&T can establish who needs to actually do it. That was what happened to Forfar - they had to forfeit the Dundee game because there wasn't time for T&T to get it done.
  3. agreed, it was excellent, now pretty dire.
  4. I have heard it is not a ref's job to do that - it is down to the club's covid compliance officer. Someone filming games with permission of the home team I don't see as an issue - the top flight has camera men at games and journalists attend all SPFL closed door matches.
  5. I am not 'weegie based'. The point I was making is that Glasgow has been under 'no visitors' restrictions for weeks, Lanarkshire got that a few weeks later and it is only today that Lanarkshire overtakes Glasgow for new cases. That would imply to me some impact of the restrictions, and the blunting that Jason 'grinch' Leitch mentioned this week.
  6. But Glasgow has been under restrictions for longer and today was overtaken by Lanarkshire (which had tougher restrictions imposed later).
  7. FAO our Trumpian poster - the 2nd wave is being suppressed by current restrictions.
  8. Good evening Jason Leitch. Ah, wait, no.
  9. No, just not deluded about what we're living through - the worst health pandemic for 100 years according to Scotland's national clinical director earlier today. I don't hope for clubs to do anything - it's for them to decide.
  10. Also got to bear in mind that as soon as the current restrictions are eased, cases will climb again. All that the mini lockdowns are really equivalent to is holding someone under water - as soon as you let go, they come up again. Cases will rise again. This has never been denied and it's openly the strategy - keep the impact on NHS at as realistic a minimum as possible.That we're artificially plateauing at 1000+ cases a day doesn't bode well for the weeks ahead.
  11. While yesterday's figure was artificially highest it was easily on a par with days prior to the ballsed up weekend data.
  12. I would absolutely love it to work - but I am not convinced now is the time.
  13. And here in Scotland we allowed all leagues outwith the Scottish Amateur FA's jurisdiction to continue in the central belt after the banning of all 'non Professional contact sports' - the SFA had to argue with the Scottish Government for that but they succeeded. So guys playing for expenses alone (as a fair proportion are) were green lighted to play. The SG's own definition of 'Professional' was people who earned their main income from playing sport (or words to that effect).
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