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  1. Back on AJC, makes sense if West sides want to qualify for the big Scottish from it that it takes place on AJC/big Scottish/Alba Cup dates (thse basically match up just now).
  2. Mids don't cause much of a conflict in geographical integrity and are pretty close to all the Lanarkshire teams. Ultimately a merger between SoS and WoS could be a viable destination- provided there was regionalisation at the lowest tier.
  3. No it is not the poster I was referring to, I was referring to Hoss from Newton Stewart. I have a vague recollection of him saying something similar but I lose track!
  4. Hoss from Newton made a suggestion about some South sides. On other matters, the Scottish Junior Cup and Alex Jack Cup provide direct/indirect access to the big cup. Could it be that the Junior Cup direct place is lost or clubs have to choose between these two competitions (assuming Alba Cup remains exclusively SoS)?
  5. I think what this month is increasingly teaching me is that life is too short for some things. Thanks Marten for replying there! If 'social distancing' is going to continue into the autumn, it will be a blessed relief when the football restarts!
  6. So how is it different to the football played in the EoS or SoS over the decades? It's not. Football is football. The survivalists of West Lothian will wake up one day.
  7. Would I would say is that there are over 200 clubs in the non-league scene and this band of clubs in West Lothian seem to be the only ones who don't want to play with the rest. Very odd.
  8. Apparently if you didn't give an email address at AGM (like me as I wasn't there!) it's snailmail. Anyway, per above!
  9. The Lok statement: https://pollokfc.com/2020/03/28/west-of-scotland-league-update/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=west-of-scotland-league-update
  10. I will play a game of 'does this picture sum up the tweet?' rather than click the link.
  11. Not being funny Archie - we're on lockdown until after the closing date, so that is not going to happen unless it is via email and if it is via email they may wish to get a move on! And there's also the massive issue that almost half the league have declared they're off and any club out of step with that will be left utterly screwed. Committee bites bullet and goes with the flow. Every WR club is joining (look at the spread so far) and it is time some people stopped fannying about! I refer to clubs plural in that btw!
  12. Saints usually play home games at Glencruitten which is a public park. It could be upgraded though. The shinty stadium (Mossfield) is next door and is a horrible venue to watch football at because of the pitch size (a wee bit Fort Williamy). The stand is a bit rustic as well! But bring it on - my nearest non-amateur team is 90 mins away! I very occasionally watch Saints. Reliable kick off time and a proper half time would be a nice change! Mossfield Glencruitten
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