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  1. Fort William tomorrow

    Certainly on my visit in the spring for the Huntly game it was about half that in both respects - about 30 watching and maybe 10+ Fw fans within that plus a few home committee here and there.
  2. Pyramid

    I have checked and I had noted a rise to £3000 last season when this was asked about before. So much misinformation floating about but there definitely appears to be money.
  3. Pyramid

    Is it not £2000 for playing in prelims?
  4. Third Lanark

    At least this season the name has made it into a decent set-up of amateur footie.
  5. Junior football, what is the future?

    And it all could be transplanted into a new structure. With the East departures, the SJFA (as a national relevance) is dying, it perhaps just doesn't know it yet.
  6. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    McDowall & McNeely, assisted by Greig, Courts Jr and Dalziel.
  7. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Of all the gigs on the table that's the most realistic step up (considering Berwick and Stirling are scrapping to stay in SPFL L2), it would be Airdrie? Commutable from Fife, biggish name etc...
  8. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Conversely, he could have waited 7/8 months and tried to take Kelty in himself. Seems a gamble if it's for an also ran in L2.
  9. I think so much of it is about the look as much as the way it plays. So common on Open All Mics for the criticism of them to be of the black pellets.
  10. The Dutch can lose their artificial surfaces, for sure, but I assume they have a better supply of these in their communities? Quite often, the artificial surfaces we're talking about in Scotland are a valuable community amenity. Our weather is also different to that in the Netherlands, being colder and wetter. We therefore have a greater need to use them. In terms of numbers, 50% of L1 use them. 30% of L2, 8/20 in L1/2. Another 30% in Championship - 11/30 sides (if my counting is accurate!)
  11. Average Attendancewatch

    Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." In this case, a simple error I would assume as opposed to some sort of deep-seated, ingrained hatred of your club!
  12. Continued Lack of Officials

    Home club requesting them?
  13. Oldest Junior Football Team?

    Well, pre 1886 as the fledgling Scottish Junior Cup was for members of the existing associations. Stewart Davidson's #3 in the Scottish Football Miscellany series gives some dates - a few known cups began pre-1886 and all known leagues thereafter with most starting in the late Victorian / Edwardian period. The 100 Years... (McGlone/McLure, 1986) book gives these dates for local associations: Glasgow: 1884 Cambuslang: 1883 Ayr: 1880 Dundee: 1885 Lanarkshire: 1885 Kirkcaldy: 1886 Greenock: 1882 Dumbarton: 1886 Edinburgh: 1885 Arbroath: 1883 Forfar: 1885 Perth: 1886 The quoted preface of the 1886-87 Junior Football annual makes it sound like a different sport to Association Football ("no branch of outdoor sport has progressed so much of late as Junior Football") that was "limited almost entirely to our public parks" and was confined to "comparatively few clubs". "Look around our public parks today and you find them fairly swarming with clubs while the majority of the leading Juniors can boast of private ground". A later quoted annual (1888) states that some clubs attribute their downfall to the "allurements and seductive influences of senior organisation" where the player's "desire to excel and the vanity of appearing in public... proves irresistable".
  14. Oldest Junior Football Team?

    Just on topic of what sort of games might have been played, here's Celtic's card for the 1889-90 season (from Bob Crampsey's SFL history), on the eve of the SFL's formation. Dates are set aside for Scottish and Glasgow Cup ties but that apart it's friendlies all the way.
  15. Oldest Junior Football Team?

    I'm far from a historian so hopefully someone with greater knowledge than me can step in but... It is my understanding that in the early days, clubs played cup ties. League football came much later. The senior Scottish Cup was first held in 1872-73. Now the birth of the SJFA as a national organisation came after the various regional efforts and I assume any organisation that took place among them was cup competition. In 1885-86, I make it that 117 sides entered the Senior Scottish, but there were hundreds of clubs in existence that were Senior and did not enter or were classed as Junior. I've never really quite got what it was that separated these 'also rans' of the time and why Junior football developed. I know once it did take hold, there was a time when both competed against each other but eventually Senior non-league shrank and shrank until it was only found in the rural north and south, and Edinburgh/ Borders. The Juniors accepting professionalism seems to have brought about the SAFA's formation quite promptly. Would it be right to say that the early days of the Juniors was what the Amateurs currently is?