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  1. Not convinced the Lowland League will be serving up a higher standard.
  2. OF colts was a terrible idea. This ballsack tickling by the Lowland League has just given them a semi. Now the SPFL are in their sights for a ramming. Good work LL! 🤡
  3. Have Broughty got cover now at the ground?
  4. I actually misread the post I originally was responding to - as if it was a formality for HFL side rather than a challenger, well aware of BOD's strength onfield and have been to Spain Park recently.
  5. Do Banks o' Dee have much to go to meet HFL standard? Would think they'd maul the Fort onfield.
  6. Last season's was the biggest senior non league cup entry in about 150 years (well since the 1890s or something) - give it time ffs.
  7. The junior clubs were told they'd have to start at bottom of juniors if they ever returned (potentially a 4 league demotion!) so there was too much to iron out at the time.
  8. Living halfway along the A83 as I do, I can add that it's just over 3 hrs from Glasgow city centre to Campbeltown without stops - 2hrs to Lochgilphead and another 1h10m to Campbeltown.
  9. There was a wee bit of confusion about these clubs playing at Petershill Park but Finnart have this on their Twitter:
  10. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/glenvale-aiming-paisley-proud-club-24139198 Not sure this has been posted - will play out of Ferguslie Sports Centre.
  11. They should get in touch with Caley Braves for some name ideas, there were some crackers.
  12. The drunken ghost of John Sessions, soon to haunt every LL ground in the land.
  13. We are called Pollock so often, wonder how often Campbeltown Pupils will get the FP treatment?
  14. On their home tv stations watched by a few staunch / plastic types in boozers stateside.
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