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  1. Some of the people running ERSJFA sides would be happier in the amateurs by the sounds of it.
  2. look like training lights? I have watched Lok play a midweek winter friendly under ours and no one would say we have floodlights!
  3. Folk are bored and just wanting to talk about these things instead of thinking about covid , if league 2 can start what's the big difference in our league starting They have to test their players at £1000 a week! We cannot. It is not rocket science.
  4. And toilets are also an issue anyway at non-league grounds, let alone in a health pandemic! What seems to be missed time and again as well about SPFL restarting is that they are testing all players twice weekly in top flight and the 3 lower tiers have been given £50k to do their testing this seaon - we cannot do that and until that is no longer a requirement we are not kicking any balls competitively.
  5. Just seems a bit odd to advertise. The SPFL clubs are having to be tested to play on those dates - twice weekly in top flight right now - and claimed £50k each towards costs. We don't have that.
  6. Saw a tweet earlier suggested Muirkik v Lochar Thistle (I think!) playing early Sept. Are clubs going to be cleared for friendlies that far out?
  7. it was that long ago who knows how the squads worked. Seem to recall Abercorn might have likewise.
  8. Yep, that's another question that I've asked which nobody has been able to answer so far. The SJFA has a squad limit of 25 players, but the WoSFL has no limit on squad numbers and u20s Development Team players are all also part of the first team squad. Genuine junior teams in the Scottish Junior Cup are at a disadvantage to the senior teams in that respect. Back in the day, some Senior clubs had Junior sides - Morton and St Mirren I can recall anyway. Almost coming full circle! They could get around the scheduling headache by allowing WoSFL sides to name 25 players for the Junior Cup, two weeks ahead of tie, and have them play on same day at the 1st team?
  9. Great competition for our 17-18 yr olds to play against men in! All registered to PFC, what's to stop us?
  10. 53 is the number I heard from two different sources.
  11. Red Star players pay approx £400 a season into a travel pot. That was the figure mid 2010s anyway.
  12. Anecdotally, complaints start to arise the more the game on a saturday afternoon takes over the whole day. "I want a round of golf on a saturday morning and if we're playing away at (X) I cannot do that". And for the record up thread, 53 ex West Region clubs retaining SJFA membership for the coming season.
  13. What was Formartine's issue over relgation in'08?
  14. well it's quite close to the English border!
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