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  1. You're right but the average has been higher, considerably, in recent seasons. We're particularly dependent on a significant floating support. Any midweek game can plummet below the 400 mark, very occasionally below 200.
  2. Pollok's hard core numbers around 400. Little turnout from away team and a dreadful weather would affect the core. Not convinced OF fans at a loose end two shopping saturdays before xmas in monsoon weather would think "Aha! Lok v Rossvale! Must get to that one!"
  3. The Junior Cup is an emaciated skeleton. A kindness would be a bolt to the head.
  4. But if they are playing 33 league games + cups where is the 'void'?
  5. Oh. Shit. Here. It. Comes!
  6. Killie v rangers on the TV... on that note, Kennie's predecessor used to love scheduling the now lost Lok-Lie derby up against Scotland v Whoever in early September. Multiple times from memory. We weren't even allowed to budge kickoff to avoid a clash.
  7. Midweek games common in North region and they had happened in East too. Just us West folk stuck in 1985.
  8. Ultimately ONCE we are in the pyramid, if the Junior Cup still exists then it will dovetail with the league season and wrap in early / mid may. Last season... Highland wrapped on 27/4 but Cove won title on 13/4. No cup ties beyond league date. Lowland wrapped 20/4 with EK champs on 26/3. Various Lowland cup ties went on until 26/5. EoS wrapped 27/4 with cups going on until 1/6. Penicuik won A 10/4, Bonnyrigg B 29/3 (though GD more realistically meant 23/3), Broxburn C 20/4. SoS wrapped 10/5 with Stranraer SoS champs on 10/4. Cups until 29/5. The Junior season needs to start earlier in order to finish earlier. The Seniors are playing friendlies the week after we wrap!
  9. Things have changed now but in the old days (pre 2013!) an amateur couldn't be retained so in some ways he was only playing the system at its own game. Were it not for retention, he could have signed professional terms and got the same money.
  10. I heard a tale of an amateur registered player who once played Junior and claimed expenses for a 2 hr round trip - but lived a wind assisted goal kick away.
  11. Never knew him personally but always enjoyed his posts. Sad loss to the football family.
  12. Loving the last bit! 😂
  13. The overlap is slight though. It formed as a league for clubs in old Wigtownshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Dumfriesshire with the odd guesting team from Ayrshire. There was also a Junior set-up in that area too at the time. It died off and the SoS has very gradually taken teams from further and further north. They would not need to do that if the WoS existed.
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