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  1. Westerton United. The story iirc was they thought they had secured a ground share but then circumstances changed. Zero idea who the proposed share was with. Glasgow Uni I think?
  2. As seen by... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/19566353.residents-win-battle-stop-st-cadocs-crookfur-park-plans/
  3. Hi good effort! is it just LL you're doing? cheers!
  4. The style of the site is not suited for its purpose. Results need to be easily seen , not spread out as they are. PFC use same style but we are one club, not a league with 70+ members. The EOSFL is the best out there IMO in pyramid, followed by North Caley (for content of results). https://www.eosfl.com/ http://www.northcaleyfa.co.uk/results.php
  5. https://broomhillfc.com/board-statement-managerial-position-at-broomhill-fc?fbclid=IwAR2ZrgbgzU6CWI3jdSw-Ic6BbVbZRTT4KIu3mcGXgwyag_GLUZsruccX5Eg
  6. the email group was on the go late 90s.
  7. not as originally written. It's like saying The Best is anti catholic.
  8. 21s has always been like that though and is effectively 21 and under. A leftover from when it was Juvenile? There was an U25 Juvenile (secondary juvenile or something? Sure one ran til quite recent times in central belt)
  9. Was thinking Match of the Day to be honest - gotta widen the audience. Gary Lineker has always dreamed of headlining Rangers B vs. Spartans.
  10. My understanding of it all is as Marten says - the SJFA limps on, within the pyramid, running its own leagues within it via these two regions.
  11. Playinf devil's advocate, if these 400 or so 2001s played in a 2002/03 league, then does that not likely reduce involvement of the 2003s? Do they stay at U19 level another year rather than signing with an U20 side? If so, what of the 04 and 05s and so on... Every action has an equal and opposite reaction etc...
  12. Maybe Sky have already got the A list ones.
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