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  1. Pollok were never anti-pyramid either as the years rolled by. We had officials on the printed record being in favour. We always voted positively on any pyramid survey that came in the door from Hampden. We were one of the 24 clubs (?) that voted for the pyramid back in the 00s. Obviously some were far more outspoken against (Talbot for one) but the doomsday merchants were given absolute backing to do so by the powers that be.
  2. The fish rots from the head down, as the saying goes. Not every delegate and club had that point of view as it was scorned on this very forum before nightfall.
  3. The year Kelty departed the SFJA top table sneered at them at the SJFA AGM for doing so. Heard that from multiple sources. CLubs were told that should they leave for the LL but choose to come back, they'd start at the bottom, i.e. a 4 division demotion for the likes of Pollok. We were interested but fear and tradition was used to stop dissention. TLDR: Tom Johnston is the answer to all your questions. It will take another 20 years to undo this 5 years of messing about as the waves lapped Tom Canute's feet.
  4. Aye on a technicality due to the West pyramid only starting last season!
  5. half the squad have played Championship level or above, the other half L1. Very few without Scottish League experience. Also almost untouchable in the West set-up. They're really an L1 side on their make up.
  6. Not sure you understand the standard. Would you expect to beat a League 2 side by that margin? All bar two of our team from the Annan game played in the 'big leagues' and some dare I say it higher than Ayr. Aye you might win but think anything like that assumes our lads took up the sport for fun last week.
  7. Joining EoS as a West side was a lunatic proposal.
  8. I am up and down to Newton a lot from various directions so know the roads well. It is a large area that is covered but you can be in Ayr from Newton in not much over an hour and in Lanrkshire within 2. Considering the SoS sides are more than likely to end up in the same lower division were there a merger, you'd be talking about a handful of trips into greater Glasgow area with the status quo every other week. Threave have already taken the plunge; if Saints for example follow, who would be next? It already seems to resemble the East Juniors -> EoS trickle led by Kelty.
  9. Jeez - this is an SJFA trojan horse and little more.
  10. thanks for that - saw a blog from the weekend's game that didn't mention them when describing ground so assumed there'd been a delay as I was aware it was planned.
  11. Exit money (£): Prelim: 2200 R1: 5000 R2: 6500 R3: 9500 R4: 19500 R5: 47250 R6: 102000 SF: 177000 F (W): 352000 F(L): 292000
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