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  1. really low population out here and kids that play need competitive games beyond just playing each other.
  2. The Lochgilphead boys each pay about £400 a season into a travel fund as far as I know.
  3. Pricy covid tests for amateur kickabouts? Really?
  4. Are the SJFA planning to run this league? The statement is all very present and future tense.
  5. Campbeltown Pupils have the ground for sure (Kintyre Park), it used to be a Junior park in fact. But yes in need of updating.
  6. For anyone not following every thread on the subject(s), FWE have applied to EoS (assuming IA's post therefore is a gag) while all the Tayside clubs have been in discussion with Highland League.
  7. Would be nice to have a senior club within an hours drive of here in Lochgilphead!
  8. Yes, there's room but just my preference for watching games is at Glencruitten! 😄
  9. Was thinking more the ends rather than sides. Even Fort is fine from one touchline.
  10. Oban Saints would be the obvious one, though facilities are limited unless they want to use Mossfield Stadium, which is as bad as the Fort for watching football on (or even worse, the 4g cage at the high school). If they could redevleop Glencruitten Park somehow it'd be a great facility. Then again, Cambeltown has a history of Junior football too... South Lochaber Thistle are in Highland territory I think, despite their current amateur forays.
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