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  1. Anyone know when BT and Sky are due to announce the first trance of live TV games for the forthcoming season need to be planning time off from work soon.
  2. Is there relegation from Lowland League this season, My local paper seems to be indicating that St Cuthberts Wanderers are hoping to be promoted to Lowland League for next season.
  3. Quite fancy coming up from the south west and put in the 4 games on Saturday. stay overnight then travel through to the league cup final on Sunday. Will there be any transport laid on to get me from ground to ground or do I have to rely on public transport
  4. Blue 1870 Thanks for your advice, Phoned the Fitba Bar and they were more than happy to help out I will buy you a beer if i see you on the day of the match Dont think they would have been so helpful if i didnt have a DG postcode
  5. I am hoping to get over for this match on 10/1/16 Anyone know how i can get my hands on a couple of tickets I live over in castle Douglas (usually get over to 3/4 games a season) so can just nip over to buy tickets Cant make game v Ayr as already planned to go to Kilmarnock v Hearts that day (ticket pre-ordered and train fare paid) If i have to i will jump the 500 bus sun/mon and grab a few pints of the usually excellent real ale in the Grapes (but as this is a 4 hour round trip its a last resort) be grateful for any ideas
  6. Hi Interesting question,suprised not more answers offered. However here's my offerings. Prem--- Hearts (fav), Ross Co (least fav) Champs---QOS and Sevco League one---Ayr Utd and Airdrie League Two---- East Stirlingshire and Annan Lowland--Threave rovs and Dalbeattie Star A lot of my choices reflect my location (Castle Douglas) Would be intersting to see how that would pan out over a larger sample
  7. I'm hoping to get up for the game on Saturday This may sound like a stupid question but will i get in ok (thought given small capacity the game might have been al ticket) Second question-where near the ground can i get a decent pint of real ale
  8. Annan are due a big promotion push soon But my money would be on Queens Park
  9. Alloa Terry Christie Dumbarton Hugh Frazer Falkirk Mo Johnston Hibernian Jackie McNamara Snr Livingston David Bingham Morton Jim Duffy Qos Jimmy Robertson Raith Rovers Gordon Dalziel Rangers John Greig St Mirren Tony Ftzpatrick
  10. Looking forward to seeing St Mirren back at Palmerston Also the Rangers/Hibs games at home are still a bit of a novelty Enjoy a run to Stranraer to watch the likes of Ayr/Dunfermline/Airdrie Enjoy Annan Ath for a few pints in the shed and if Annan are playing Clyde the train back to Dumfries is normally bouncing with Clyde fans who are Great Craic (i once got the train back from watching Carlisle Utd when Clyde were at Annan and within five minutes of leaving Annan i had been offered by Clyde fans one can of cider, one can of lager, one pork pie and a cheese sandwich). Would like to put in a Morton/St Mirren derby this year Most of all looking forward to Queens v Rangers in the quarter final of the play offs again or another non old firm cup final
  11. Like the OP i grew up supporting Celtic again through religious/pier pressure For the last few years since moving back to south west scotland after 10 years in England i have been going to Queen of the South and i have never enjoyed my football more.(QOS were my local team growing up but have never been watched regularly until now) However if i moved to Motherwell,Edinburgh or Dundee i would quite happily watch the closest senior team to where i lived. I would even watch Celtic if living closest to Celtic Park Draw the line at watching Rangers though (even if living on Edmiston Drive)
  12. Just read something on twitter that suggests that a guy and his two boys (aged 13 and 10) were asked to leave Celtic Park tonight by stewards as the boys singing was annoying other people in the main stand. Now i appreciate that i only have ons side of this story but cant help thinking that if there is any truth in this Celtic would really have some explaining to do Is anyone else aware of this incident ot know any more info
  13. Just tried to watch the Motherwell v Dundee Utd match on BT Sport using their on line app on my laptop The stream was practically unwatchable--picture froze every few seconds and when returned to normal was hazy until it settled for a few seconds then froze again. The picture freezing on BT Sport when watching the football has been getting worse all this season (tonights being the worst yet) never was a problem last season Is anyone else having the same problem and do you have any tips to fix this p.s i live in next street from BT exchange and receive an excellent signal strengh (according to BT)
  14. I would love the thought for you to go all season unbeaten However i can see a dodgy ref on the horizon who could spoil your idea (around the time of the first Rangers game at Tynie i fancy)
  15. Queen of the South have today announced that for their forthcoming away game at Ibrox on 30/8/14 the number of ticket available for the away support will be less than 1000 (police advice) This will be the case for all Rangers home fixtures for the rest of the season given that there was 40000 empty seats at the same stadium on monday night v clyde cant help feeling somethings wrong here
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