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    Great result for Wishaw juniors, making history today against a very good Rob Roy side. The romance of the Scottish cup continues, all the best to Whishaw in the next round. Well done Dan and Vinnie [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji460]️[emoji322][emoji898]
  2. Wishaw Juniors F.C. - Manager

    All the best to Wishaw , well run team with some great players whoever gets the job all the best
  3. Greenock -Rossvale

    What a fud you are, negative negative what’s wrong has the vale burst your bubble. Team playing great on the pitch but all you do is moan about small crowed how many were at your game, what position are you in the league 🧐
  4. Greenock -Rossvale

    Kiss my cookie are you Saint Rochs in disguise the haters will hate but was your game on today. Rossvale top thAts the bottom line. Sore grapes
  5. Greenock -Rossvale

    Well where do you start bottom v top but let’s face it Greenock are better than league position suggests. Small team but loads of heart and good football . If today’s performance is to go by I don’t see Greenock going down . Rossvale ground had come in for some abuse but for me 4G is the way forward. GreAt game todAy and yes vales second half performance took all points. Moff is now 4 out of 4 not bad for your first job
  6. Any team that goes 2 up against Ayr Utd in the Scottish can’t be bad. Banks of Dee are probably the best footballing side Rossvale have played this year imo. Great result for the team and manager and to be honest no one gave us a chance.
  7. Rossvale 3-2 Banks of Dee in Scottish 3rd round match at hunters hill. Five goal thriller with Banks of Dee taking the lead just after 10 minutes. That ignited vales determination to try harder and a perfected place lob over the keeper saw Vale level after 25 minutes. Just before half time vale went ahead 2-1. The second half Dee started well and eventually got the equaliser 2-2. The game was end to end and eventually Vale got the winner through Jamie Hunter. There was other chances for both teams but the vale edged out deserved winners . New manager Gordon Moffat works his magic again with great tactics and subs. 2 wins in a row and looking good [emoji898][emoji322][emoji41]
  8. Today's Scores

    Rossvale 3-2 Banks of Dee
  9. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Maybe I was to harsh with thugs but you see what I see and its frightening. No one wants to see the candy suffer due to over excitement , drink and disappointment. There has been big steps forward in the last 3 years around the ground, clubhouse and league position. Its just sad one or two take it to the extreme to win at all costs. I do think slating the referee will do more harm to the candy on the Park were all human and don’t like being abused. Good luck the rest of the season [emoji517][emoji106]
  10. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    You got me wrong I highlighted how well the club house is looking and how well the candy played in spells. If you want respect for your club then behave like a junior club. dignity in defeat costs nothing but gains respect. Rossvale are a young club and maybe after 100 years they could have descent crowds
  11. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Your in denial, eventually some referee will get seriously attacked and it will be to late for the candy. Open you eyes before it’s to late
  12. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    It was a good game and the candy played some nice football. How can a referee officiate a game when you get abused constantly even when you get it right. I felt for the young referee today no win situation. Yes he was effected by the candy crowed but the abuse, no ref would have a good game. He had to run the gauntlet of thugs [emoji107] at the end of match. all for £80 no thanks. Maybe the candy get the referee performance some their support deserve. Love the Clubhouse tribute to a legend [emoji106][emoji517]
  13. Today,s Score,s

    Candy 0-1 Rossvale. Well done Gordon Moffat great result and the candy was liked [emoji516][emoji516][emoji517][emoji14]
  14. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Dry your eyes ,best team won on the day. Candy lucky to have 11 players on the park. Keeper should have been sent off at end of match for violent conduct threatening old Rossvale pensioners and support. Wanting a square go and having to be restraint by candy management. Disgraceful scenes as referee was abused and threatened by gang of thugs at the changing rooms if this was in the street they would be lifted. SJFA need to stamp out this behaviour ITS JUST NOT ON[emoji107][emoji849]
  15. Rossvale juniors new head coach

    Best of luck to Gordon Moffat for the rest of the season