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  1. It was a strange day all round. Least we didn't get BANNED that time.
  2. *the crowd scream* 'what a great guy, helping the animals' I'm no hero....Fabel once fisted a Rottweiler.
  3. And the finger thing was a misunderstanding, I thought the dog was having trouble pooing...
  4. He once banned me for 28 days for kicking his dog! 4 weeks for kicking a chihuahua...sounds fair right?!?!
  5. Hi guys, Boy its good to be back - most of you won't remember but I was kind of a big deal around here. Just wanted to ask, is that gobshite Radford still an admin? He loved a ban. Power hungry mofo. Peace.
  6. what a character!!

    good guy here

    my chihuahua likes him

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