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  1. You are right re the small numbers on the back of Airdrie strips. As I remember Airdrie were the only other team with a strip design, other than us, that prevented use of a large number. Our numbers appeared above the black and gold bands. You’re right about Celtic too, they had their numbers on their shorts. However, they were on the telly regularly so commentators had no trouble identifying the players.
  2. Heritage ? Are we going to start using black and gold again ? Our club colours, instead of that horrible yellow that permeates everything from stadium to strip, from programme to website.
  3. I nearly choked on my mince pie 36 sheets !!! https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=4216
  4. Tried these last night. Drank the lot. A wee touch of a chemical taste initially but I got over it. I suspect being Mexican it would benefit from a wee squeeze of fresh lime. Cheap and felt ok today. [emoji1303]
  5. If that was my pint the barman was pouring, he’d be getting it straight back. Can’t stand a dripping wet glass. The 2 dry glass pints of T are glorious.
  6. The boy marking him was tight against him all day. Easy when the boy you’re marking hardly moves unless walking to his team mates to argue.
  7. Not confrontational at all pal. I don’t drink wine. I don’t drink alcohol during a meal, always water but f**k I love a pint while we sort out who wants what to eat and then wait for the starter. Sometimes two.
  8. Fucking Glasgow restaurants with no Tennents. We have bottles of some other pish sir. Teach me to into places that are obviously above my station.
  9. Wee Adam F ran himself ragged looking for an angle and space but when he was looking up to the stars to see Neill’s hoof ball clearances, I felt for him. He cut in to good effect but he didn’t have his eye in yesterday. Crossan should have used less of his energy arguing with his team mates and used it to try and turn his limpet like defender more. Jesus, the comedy defending and goalkeeping though. Half time came at the wrong time for us yesterday. EF were all over the place at that stage.
  10. The stadium is now competing with Alloa and Arbroath for being the coldest place on the planet.
  11. It’s the same as usual stuff apart from being a bit smoother probably down to the fact that there’s no NO2 or whatever in it. Citizen is not a place you’d settle down for a session in and it is way overpriced in my opinion. I’ve tasted it now and I probably won’t taste it again. Back to the usual stuff later tonight but pleased I gave it a slurp.
  12. At The Citizen. This tank stuff is lovely but I parted with £7 for a pint and and a half Barman looked at me as if I had 2 heads when I asked for it to be poured in a straight glass.
  13. Think it was the ink used rather than the colour of the paper. Possibly out of necessity to get it printed very quickly after the games finished. As I remember, quite a few reports only covered up to half time in the lower leagues. Anyway, didn’t mean to hijack a Christmas thread. As you were.
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