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  1. Look at those two. Like two acclaimed pieces of architecture standing proud.
  2. None of these names for a game of closest marble to the wall mean anything to me I’m afraid. I think watching Dumbarton from the age of 5 fried my brain early.
  3. A wee keely was a wee shite, a wee ned or similar. Used to play the game referred to with marbles. Can’t remember that we called it anything other than a game of marbles.
  4. Hampden in the cup semi final. Took them to a replay and harboured thoughts of European football if we got to the final. Them were the days and yes, a proper strip with a gold band. None of this yellow pish.
  5. Still have a very clear scar on the top of my left forefinger after the knife slipped when trying to incise a golf ball.
  6. Have you got hair growing out of your ears and nose at such a rate you could easily be mistaken for a farmer ? That’s another step down that slope. Also, when as a passenger in a car you start reading out loud, the directional road signs, start looking at nursing homes. It’s a fucking matter of time. Glasgow 10 miles Erskine Bridge 3 miles ..... Fuuuuuck
  7. Are you going to the local derby at Windsor today ? It’s usually a great atmosphere, standard of football is Championship.
  8. That looks lovely and needs to be dipped in good quality extra virgin olive oil with a good quality balsamic mixed in. Coupled with an ice cold beer of your choice, it makes a great weekend lunch.
  9. Putting on my doom and gloom hat, be mindful that if you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, insurance assessors will look for any excuse to wriggle out of the claim. They may claim that the tyre configuration was not as recommended by the manufacturer and that they classify it as a modification that they hadn’t been informed of. I kid you not. Fucking highwaymen.
  10. Each to their own my friend but just watch the boy. He is all over the place like his teammates. That standard of play and panic is never evident at Liverpool but just keep eye on him for the rest of the game, his head is spinning.
  11. Robertson again showing how limited a player he is when playing in a defence of players who are on a par with him. His teammates at Liverpool help make him look an awful lot better than he is.
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