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  1. Berti Vogts hosts an annual St Andrews day party in Germany and imports bridies, Irn Bru and curly wurlys.
  2. I just watched this so I can't yet say it is life changing but I feel for many it will be. Have a watch, 10 minutes.
  3. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas-Third finger left hand
  4. Stiff Little Fingers-Johnny was
  5. Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers-Ice cream man
  6. Couple of unrelated mass shootings at American universities today with 4 students found dead in a house in Idaho and 3 Virginia college (American) football players shot dead by an ex teammate
  7. I used to own this single. Teenage Filmstars-there's a cloud over Liverpool
  8. A Flux of Pink Indians-Tube disasters
  9. I used to live in Carolina, I miss the biscuits a lot. Altitude in CO affects the baking or something they are crap here.
  10. Sylvia-Focus Rosalie-Alejandro Escovedo Sally MacLennane-Pogues Debora-T Rex Tell Laura I love her-Ray Peterson
  11. Trumpty's daughters wedding today. Father of the brides speech will no doubt mention the stolen election more than anything else.
  12. Nice timing given the date. The Men they Couldn't Hang-Green fields of France
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