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  1. Dexys Midnight Runners-There there my dear
  2. Secret Affair-I'm not free (but I'm cheap)
  3. That comment in case you missed it I jave a big heart, commentator says I think you have a big everything. Andy says I dont think my wife would agree. Effing legend
  4. Bonnie Prince Billy-Coney island
  5. Drive-By Truckers-Thoughts and prayers
  6. Interesting short film about the Pistols gig in Tulsa.
  7. I'm not a fan but the continued popularity of rap/hiphop should warrant someone from that genre.
  8. I get the sentiment but it is very very popular at US stadia so you'd be going down the orchestrated fan crap that kills sports.
  9. UK Subs-New York State Police
  10. Justin Townes Earle-Harlem River Blues
  11. Sounds like we should ban anything containing the names Ian, Fleming, James and Bond.
  12. Justin Hinds and the Dominoes-Carry go bring come
  13. The Jam-Away from the numbers
  14. My fav Dexys song Dexys Midnight Runners-Dance stance
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