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  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are another group I can't get into. I like so much of the 2000ish music that they were around but never them.
  2. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Spinning round
  3. I think TCU deserve it more than Alabama or Ohio State but I also think they would lose to both in a game. Now I am saying go Purdue for maybe the first time in my life.
  4. Number 3 TCU down at the half. Close and a long way to go. I'd love all top 4 to lose
  5. This is all over my social media currently, any one seeing them this tour?
  6. December is already proving to be a tough month as potential next years picks flirt with point giving this year. Hopefully they do the right thing and go before I submit my 2023.
  7. Currently Utah over U of Spoiled Children which makes everything a bit more interesting should it continue.
  8. Tubeway Army-Are friends electric
  9. This classic Coronation Street scene was watched by a record 17billion people when it aired live.
  10. The Pogues-A pair of brown eyes
  11. No they never did. I found it randomly on You Tube, not clear on why Jugs would be a part of my search history but there you go.
  12. A new trend here in The States of America is 'jugging'. Have any P&Bers ever jugged, been jugged, or considered jugging?
  13. The Waterboys-The return of Jimi Hendrix
  14. A lot of upsets, changes how the final 4 will look.
  15. Michigan has the lead and momentum right now, going to be quite a finish.
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