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  1. Tom Tom Club-Wordy rappinghood
  2. Like I keep telling Mrs W Anchor, size is not important.
  3. I was expecting to find out she invented some kind of blinds.
  4. Pete Seeger-Where have all the flowers gone
  5. If one were to spray an anarchy sign on a wall does the A go before the circle or after.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-gwQkJOphI
  7. here in the U S and A they love their chips/crisps. Never find Cheese and Onion though which is my all time fav.
  8. Buzzcocks-Everybodys happy nowadays
  9. This gets played a lot on the punk channel I listen to a lot on satellite radio.
  10. Jimmy Cliff-Many rivers to cross
  11. More nice timing I have paying this a lot lately Bad Religion-Punk rock song
  12. Few non Americans and even West Coast Americans fail to grasp the cultural significance of Waffle Houses. They are America, if you visit U S and A make it a point to visit at least one, way more important than Disney.
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