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  1. Jeffrey Lewis-Do they owe us a living
  2. Some hotel in Blackpool when i was 14 or 15, old barman had no idea our age so we said 18 and he served us. I'd already been drinking a bit so alcohol wasn't new just the in a bar bit.
  3. Southern Culture on the Skids-8 piece box
  4. Many new police hires are ex military where they have been patrolling all kinds of god forsaken cities where there is real danger. They bring home this fear and patrol American cities where there is already mutual mistrust. it's surprising there arent more 'mishaps'
  5. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles-Going to a go-go
  6. Senga and Betty with black eyes tomorrow for sure
  7. The Smiths-there is a light that never goes out
  8. To think we will lose by about 5 in the Cup to that mob who really arent any good.
  9. The Undertones-Family entertainment
  10. Tomorrow across America everything will stop as part of the entire world coming to a standstill to watch the Scottish League Cup final which is the most important sporting event
  11. Morecambe and Wise-A youre adorable
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