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  1. That follow up, Buddha was a fat b*****d was always going to come back to haunt him.
  2. Sounded tailor made for a monumental Scottish failure but maybe our cricketers have some balls.
  3. I worked for many years with college/university students on the spectrum. Feel free to reach out with any specific questions but it is far from the end of the world, many lead very fulfilling lives and are just quirky.
  4. Newtown Neurotics-Kick out the tories
  5. Dream Academy-Life in a Northern town
  6. Ive heard form a few people that Ryan Adams is an arse. I did talk briefly at a dive bar in North Carolina to Caitlin Cary and she was really nice so some of Whiskeytown had merit!
  7. https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/952-why-so-many-punks-grow-up-to-be-cowboys-and-cowgirls/
  8. Nancy Sinatra-Hello L.A., bye bye Birmingham
  9. Rage against the Machine-Bulls on parade
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