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  1. Superb or superbo if you're reading in Spanish
  2. The American right led by the loathsome Marjorie Green are trying their best to spin this into a, guns don't kill trans people kill.
  3. This is my fav Chicago bar, great music (if you like alt-country anyway). I'd Uber to this one. https://hideoutchicago.com/
  4. Hopefully she can drag it out until 2024 when we can all pick her.
  5. I have been listening to a lot of old sea shantys lately.
  6. I got my ugrad from San Diego State so I am really hoping they can do it. I never even considered they had a chance at the beginning. When I lived there in the 90s they played in a gym that most high schools would have been ashamed of and crowds were in the low hundreds. For them to be in with a shout this year is amazing to me.
  7. Somewhere I read that the accent you have at puberty is the one you keep but I have met exceptions.
  8. Lobo-Me and you and a dog named Boo
  9. 30 year in the States of America and my Glasgow accent is still pure dead brilliant.
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