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  1. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    February would be ideal with changes in place ,as it stands we will get a good old fashiond hiding tomorrow though you live and hope. What a bloody mess we are in playing players out of position a captain that has so much poor quality around him. Would rather play youth than players who don't give a shit about us.
  2. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    Sorry I did not write the game is off. I said there is a yellow and Amber met office warning . Second point did I say what day , what week , what month the game would be played. No I did not. Take it you got out of bed the wrong side today. Or you still don't realise just how shit St Mirren are at this time.
  3. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    If Saints play 22 players to the Dons 11 I think you will still win also.
  4. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    What the manager said and the chairman. Bigger changes than last season 10 out was it 10 in. ? This time more out less in but of higher quality. Oran wants a squad of 22 just now it's 28. Would think around 12 out 4 in my guess.
  5. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    Big changes are coming in January only hope is we keep in touch. Won't be surprised to see a reaction this week. As long as I see us trying and competing will come away quite happy even if we drop the three points. D.Mc. being a Paisley lad with his wife's side being Saints fans always wants one over us.
  6. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    Never understand my wee man is bigger than yours. What is clear when clubs such as Killie become sucesful bigger fish come knocking for players and the manager the Killie fan should enjoy while it lasts.
  7. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Adam Eckerslaen. y should be slotted into left back with the young man put into his natural position in midfield will be disappointed if that does not happen.
  8. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    Snow forecast for most of Saturday not stoped our games before. Safe journey down lads.
  9. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    Almost 1,600 so will done the Dons fans.
  10. Can't see a win for Saints here though as they say football is a funny old game. Huge clear out at Saints in January with quality being brought in we are told. It can't come quick enough.
  11. Livingston v St Mirren

    You can tell the enthusiasm for this game given the number of posts from Saints fans. Not confident Saints can deal with Livie who have beaten all the odds so far so take my hat off to you guys.
  12. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Must be having to too good a season where is everyone? Results are slowly improving would love to see us beat Livie but have my doubts but live and hope.
  13. Hibs vs St Mirren

    I can't remember one positive Saints post that's what I don't get. Maybe your heart is still with Celtic and looking for an excuse. It's not easy being a Saints fan especially with Glasgow so near. But when it's good it's the best feeling in the world. I have seen Saints pick up three major trophies, reach finals, followed them to Europe a good few times . Not bad for a wee diddy club.
  14. Hibs vs St Mirren

    Not like Elvis to be positive why you don't support one of the evil sisters is one of life's puzzles.
  15. Hibs vs St Mirren

    There have very little faith Sir