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  1. The best place to stream music

    My daughter is the same though she admits hearing more in the Music from a L.P.. Streaming is the way of the market has went and will do in the future. Being an old tit I buy LP's and listen to BBC radio 6.
  2. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    Stubbs signings was the disaster they are all but gone. Oran got in 12 players in January our results have not been too bad since then. We are a different proposition from before January.
  3. The best place to stream music

    Just curious does anyone streaming by phisical formats ? Noticed over the years more HiFi shops closing. I'm also a member of a couple of HiFi forums which has a classified section gear is not moving as it once did.
  4. Albums of 2019

    White Denim or the Foals for me so far.
  5. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    We will be at full strength also hungrier we will win. My opinion of course.
  6. Scottish Islands

    When visiting any Island or coast line for that matter please take your shit away.
  7. What Nationalities have you been mistaken for?

    Abroad especially America , are you from Ireland.
  8. Colonel Mustard & Dijon 5

    Seen them at a few festivals not of choice and walked away , now see they did the Barrowlands. Not trying to spoil anyone's fun but Jesus Christ. Anyone got a yellow umbrella ?
  9. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    Not trying to take the piss there was an artical on your club the other day. However ATLIS has explained it very well. Livingston ( got it right this time ) is a very tough venue so will not be an easy game huge match for Saints.
  10. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    If you spend what you don't have it will come back to bite you. You could take a leaf out of St Mirren a very well run club who don't spend what they don't have result no debt
  11. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    Reading Livingstone are in financial trouble again the directors need to put money in to keep the club afloat. On that the club needs to finish as high as possible to get money in so can't see them laying down tools in any of the remainder games. As for Saints we have a fighting spirit with some good players thanks to the January window. A win is a must Hamilton have a very tough game against Motherwell if things go Saints way we could be one point behind Hamilton which would be perfect going into the last four games.
  12. St Mirren v Celtic

    Your a twat we know each other come speak directly to my face.
  13. Hamilton v St Mirren

    A better result for Hamilton than for Saints. Still twists and turns yet.
  14. St Mirren v Celtic

    Im not arguing with you mate I know the feeling is strong within our support regarding the old firm. Personally I don't think many more Saints fans would go along even if the family stand was not given to the old firm as many refuse to attend these games. I respect their view. For me it's about supporting my team cheering on the players in the stripes no matter who we play. I would imagine the family stand will be voted on when we the fans own the club regarding old firm fans.
  15. With players rested last night you know we are going in to this game with the right frame of mind. Both players and fans are right up for this. Hamilton won't make it easy however I'm going for a Saints win. COYS.