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  1. Just been speaking to the GK Coach this morning and, Ross McMullen has asked to be placed on the transfer list anyone interested should contact the Vale of Leithen FC "
  2. Vale21


    good luck becoming chairman at another club and fucking that club up as well
  3. Vale21


    VALEBHOYS citylegend you have to accounts mate you better delete one. It’s funny how everyone knows you are the old chairman and your still trying to play along. give up
  4. Vale21


    uou and before that game did you post I don't actually care who you are but stop trying to get involved in vale as it's not your team.
  5. Vale21


    Yeah you have no connection now as they got you out before you put the club in more trouble. Answer one question if your a CITY LEGEND fan why you posting so much on Vale?
  6. Vale21


    You ruined the club you idiot and everyone knows it. I'm sure they will start picking points up when they have their full team back. Young boys need time to gel, they need to get a steady formation that suits them.
  7. Vale21


    haha that would have been to funny.
  8. I’ve heard it’s still on at the moment.
  9. Vale21


    Exactly. looking forward to the game tonight hopefully the boys can get a win for the club. I still think it will take them another couple of weeks till they have their full team back and can compete to get the top half off the league.
  10. Wednesday 6th August 2014 Lowland League BSC Glasgow 2 - 1 Threave Rovers Dalbeattie Star 2 - 1 Gretna 2008 East Kilbride 0 - 1 University of Stirling Selkirk 2 - 1 Preston Athletic Spartans 2 - 1 Edinburgh City Vale of Leithen 2 - 1 Gala Fairydean Rovers Whitehill Welfare 1 - 1 Edinburgh University Saturday 9th August 2014 Lowland League East Kilbride 0 - 2 Vale of Leithen Edinburgh City 2 - 0 Dalbeattie Star Gretna 2008 1 - 2 Edinburgh University Gala Fairydean Rovers 0 - 3 Spartans Threave Rovers 1 - 1 Preston Athletic University of Stirling 2 - 1 Selkirk Whitehill Welfare 2 - 0 BSC Glasgow
  11. It's funny you thinking I’m Mark I fell like a gather Im Just a dad with banter mate better than your's anyway ahahaha
  12. Vale21


    Getting angry I’m pretty sure mark wouldn’t be so sad to come onto this as he is a manger not a fan. Stop posting a load of shite on this its boring to read.
  13. Spot on. citylegend and VALEBHOYS is the old chairman, sad man. i will settl for a draw against Stirling ha
  14. You know so much about the club city legend. I thought your team was city?
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