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  1. Watching on DUTV - commentator incredulous and rather condescending that Livi defender was “uncomfortable facing his own goal and opted just to kick it out the park” Pretty sure if Utd adopted this tactic there would be far less of the comedy cuts goals conceded.
  2. Aberdeen fans not taking this well. Reports of a number of sheep walking around confused as to why their face is sore instead of their arse this week.
  3. Finlay Robertson should be forced to retire - that was by far there most harrowing display I’ve watched from a Dundee centre midfielder in years.
  4. This Celtic team are tremendous compared to Rangers and of course the rest of the domestic competition. I’m genuinely interested in how that translates to Champions League games where I think their playstyle will either see them pumped rotten or surprise a couple. Key will be whether Ange and the celts have a plan B and can play more defensively - Im not sure if they do.
  5. Not strictly related but seems a good place to ask.. Is Zander Clark still cutting about on a free? Writes his own contract at the DABs atm
  6. Think this is rash tbh. Smells like there is something rotten in the fruits dressing room - all they have achieved here is spending a f**k tonne of money without addressing the real Issue. Maybe if they let Mulgrew/Watt pick the next manager it’ll be fine.
  7. Monday off work - gonna start my day with the past few pages of this thread and a coffee. Thank you
  8. Less Glasgow shit chat - more absolutely pissing ourselves at the absolute state of Dundee United. thank you
  9. Was posting as you posted - my post is not a direct response to yours
  10. French is never a centre half but send to get forward well - Marshall is finished and has had a horrendous start to the season - kerr has previously deputised well at LB French-McGhee-Ashie-Kerr Maybe with that in front of him Sharp relaxes more - maybe not - in any case legzdins should start if fit. Gowser is mustard at this level and we are a better team with him in it - Mulligan also needs to play as a more advanced midfielder as he will cause havoc - stick any other of our paucity of CM options in beside Gowser and ask them to do the donkey work - rudden up top to run about like a nutter - he tires Robinson comes on - or start Robinson - whatever. Our wingers are self explanatory. 4-5-1 - at home we press away we soak and break - f**k 442 and f**k subbing gowser or putting center half’s up top.
  11. That’s our formation - how are we feeding the wingers and getting them into dangerous areas? Seems to me smashing the ball head height at 2 small wingers (or completely out the park if you’re our keeper) has been the most adopted tactic thus far but we even seem to lose that at times and resort to not really doing much at all other than string 3 or 4 backward passes until we are under sufficient pressure to justify pumping it anywhere (or getting robbed like Sweeney did tonight) Its eye-bleeding stuff and the fact he’s lobbed big Ashie on up top leads me to think he’s making a point we lack a focal point up top - so maybe if we get one we’ll abandon launching it at the wings and just start launching it centrally - which will be just as bad. We can only piss with the cock we’ve got but whatever he’s trying at the moment doesn’t suit this current squad of players imo.
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