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  1. No surprise to see players exiting Pollok after the increase of new faces at Newlandsfield I expect to see the same at Cumbernauld with the weaker players who Andy sees surplus to requirements finding new clubs Looking forward to seeing where David Winters is playing his football next season
  2. *turned draws into wins (meant to say) Hes Paul McBride not Paul Daniels
  3. Cumbernauld stating their intent for next year with some very acute signings Paul Murphy is a great addition and fills a void that big Boyle left when he moved on ,
  4. Ha ha Who needs away supporters when you have home suppporters like you Paul was unplayable at times last year and turned wins into draws, scoring hat tricks and braces in consecutive games, finishing the teams top scorer, yet you are still sceptical What more would you like him to do Cant see what your post is looking to achieve
  5. My point is, Shotts are a Central 1st Division club, why would i bother going to the lengths of getting information from a "mole" !! As for putting out "inaccurate information" you confirmed that 2 of the players have infact left the club , so my "mole" must be right after all :) I look forward to hearing the latest transfers at Shotts,(Please post on here so we can keep updated) i just haven't been impressed with the managements signings so far so hope it improves An ex player :) from what i saw last year I should have brought my boots (Puma Kings for me) This is a transfer speculation thread, lighten up Cass_Sba
  6. Dearie Me Cass_Sba. A very paranoid reply...'Mole within the club'???? I was merely stating information on a transfer speculation thread! I think you may be over thinking my post. Shotts are a central first division club now! In my opinion a busy time signing new players needs to take place to have any hope of challenging next season. I look forward to hearing the new signings on the clubs 'official' channels
  7. Shotts Players Resigned for 2017/18 Dean Sutherland, Danny Burns, Max McKee, Ally Martin, Jonny Murdoch, Gavin McPherson, Andy Cross, Ryan Kennedy, Glen Eadie, Scott Crone Jordan Dalziel has left the club Andy Scott & Stephen Maguire awaiting operations (not signed yet) 10 signed players Big summer of recruitment ahead to get out what is a tough league
  8. Shotts Bon Accord sign Scott Crone from Dalziel Amateurs (Scottish Amateur Internationalist) Shotts players that have not agreed new contracts for next season: Sean McKenna Mark Duffy Paul Doyle Jamie Brophy Connor MacLeod Stuart Livingston
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