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  1. Hopefully the game is better than the process of buying tickets on the website, terrible!
  2. Wow that was a hard watch. Dunfermline looked far better and fitter than we did, maybe that’s to be expected? Only Scully really had pass marks for me, perhaps Blair too based on second half. Fyvie and Vigurs look really poor as did Reynolds and Neill. But as you say it’s Orr season but would definitely need at least 5 strong signings
  3. Those are easily the best we’ve had for a while!
  4. Would agree with most of the points here. Cove only deserved the win based on the fact we have a striker that can put the ball into the net. Montrose dominated second half and would have deserved an equaliser if they had a half decent striker. Our keeper wasn’t tested enough. Montrose, Falkirk and Queens only teams I’ve seen come to Balmoral and actually have a go. I’d like to see Montrose go up. Cove are grinding out results but I can definitely see a bad run coming. An injury to Mitch and we’ll eventually crumble
  5. Ola will surely be away. Problem with Hartley is he takes in so many players and expects them to shine, doesn’t really have time to help them develop. Apart from Glass, how many players could you say we’ve taken on Loan and they’ve went back a better player? Maybe Ross Graham too
  6. Heard from a Dundee United fan that Mark Reynolds is on his way to Cove in January
  7. Agreed I think Montrose were the better team and should be disappointed not to have taken any of their chances. we were fortunate to come away with a point having only had 1 real good opportunity. montrose are a really good team though
  8. I’d definitely like to see that, but I also worry with who we’d put out on wings? Masson and Ola? Robertson? Has Jevan Anderson even put on a Cove shirt yet? wasn’t at the game today but have heard we played really well
  9. Not really productive, it felt like we were talking to a politician Sheran thinks Hartley can take us all the way to the premier league Claims he doesn’t know why Stewart was dropped (not believing that) Won’t be overturning our bans as he isn’t convinced we won’t be negative
  10. Not quite sure what he’s hoping to achieve from it, we are just fans with strong opinions!
  11. Sheran was a far superior manager, he cared about the players, the fans and the youth. He installed a “anything less than a win is unacceptable” attitude and that made the players play with urgency and desire, something is lacking nowadays. We seem happy enough with draws etc
  12. I can confirm they have blocked myself and Craig and we are both meeting John Sheran on Wednesday evening
  13. When was our last clean sheet? I’m absolutely baffled Gourlay continues to play in goal
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