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  1. Interesting to see yet another game off at abbey vales new pitch!!! Yet uppers got slagged from all you lot for our games being off a few times! Interesting to see your response super pie and bovril followers!
  2. Says a lot about the players that have been there so long and end up being second best. As much as I admire Brian as a player that's a kick in the teeth to those who have to sit and watch someone waltz in and play straight away!!
  3. Manager has balls picking someone who's never played for lochar and walks straight into the team!
  4. I only cut the grass on Saturdays so I don't know anything up here. Anyway gingerbread man you say it's all around moffat, so you're a moffat man I take it?
  5. Just to clarify something you've all been talking about. Uppers will not be folding, for the last few seasons I've been suffering from a right pain in the arse! Eccles brother!!!!! This clown is rattling things off that are not true. You all must be seriously concerned about us to be talking so much rubbish about us. Leave us alone to get on with running a very well run club.
  6. Look at the post! It's says lochar looking like champions! Not ARE champions, what part don't you understand?!
  7. Dear me you need to look up the table and see how many games have been played. I see your still being a total piss artist on here! I wish you would reveal who you really are!
  8. I'm not disrespecting anyone, I'm simply making a point that lochar are looking like champions, I didn't say they (were) champions! Why not have a good conversation on this forum instead of tit for tat nonsense we get from someone called my brother!!!
  9. Am I being too quick to judge the league results so far already or are lochar Thistle looking like champions?? They are giving teams some real skelpings and seriously look the part!
  10. Didn't think the ref had that bad a game tonight at Lockerbie considering the conditions. Both teams were committed and a number of yellows were given out for both teams. Mids had 4 booked I think so it was hardly just uppers who were causing mids injuries!! Quite a good game aswell and both teams could've won it with good chances near the end. A draw was a fair result in my opinion.
  11. After losing twice to the burgh this season. Uppers traveled to lockerbie to play the burgh in a cup game. Uppers won the match 2-3. What struck me most was the hatred towards uppers just because they won. There didn't seem to be any hatred towards the burgh from uppers when the burgh beat uppers!!!!
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