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  1. I'll not be dishing out any insults to the other teams on this thread and I hope my fellow lions follow suit. No point punching down on smaller/less successful clubs. All love 💞
  2. 1. United 2. Inverness 3. Dundee 4. Partick 5. Arbroath 6. Greenock 7. Ayr 8. Dunfermline 9. QOTS 10. Alloa
  3. 1. The Rangers 2. Celtic 3. Hibernian 4. Aberdeen 5. Kilmarnock 6. St Johnstone 7. Hearts 8. Motherwell 9. Ross County 10. Livingston 11.St Mirren 12. Hamilton
  4. Battle of the Hammer Throwers Volume II. Both excited and nervous for this game, think it’s gonna be tight. 1-1 or 2-1 either way. A point would be excellent!
  5. 1. Celtic 2. The Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4.Hearts 5. Hibernian 6. Motherwell 7. Kilmarnock 8. St Johnstone 9. Livingston 10. St Mirren 11. Hamilton (beat Dunfermline in the playoffs) 12. Dundee
  6. It’s hard to compare these two players this early in the season. Lamie has only appeared in a handful of games against so called “lesser” teams and was sent off in one. I’ll hold my judgement until after the first round of league fixtures. Lithogow strolled it last season and chipped in with a fair amount of goals, think he could be a miss!
  7. Not been this nervous since I popped my cherry! Uncle Tommy was always a sweetheart.
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