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  1. Cheers mate, much more interactive than the version we had planned. [emoji106]????
  2. Superb! That's the end of round 1 sorted, more please Grimbo.
  3. Afternoon, I'm looking for some games ideas for a football team night out. Every year one of the boys and I get landed with organising the Christmas night out and this year it looks like we're going with a pub quiz with a 'million pound drop' theme on it. We're also looking for games that can be played in teams in between rounds. A quick Google search came back with the usual dross of office icebreakers and charade themed games which is all a bit dinner party for a boys night out. Anyone got any suggestions? One that had been mentioned was almost like a race night idea with folk as the horses using dice etc.
  4. I may be going mad but i seem to remember there being a fitness thread in GN and i can't seem to find it. It wasn't the running or cycling threads though. Can anyone clear this up for me and provide a link if it does exist. If it doesn't then i'm wanting to see if anyone has any knowledge on the pre workout supplement 'Black Hemo-Rage' by Nutrex. I'm considering investing in a tub but would like a review on it. The only seemingly non biased reviews kicking about the internet are by beef cake Americans who generally don't seem to have a fucking clue what they're talking about.
  5. Right i'm offski to google Jada Stevens courtesy of Mr. Brightside!
  6. Did Andy not lose something like a minute in a previous TT to Contador in the Tour? It's going to be squeaky bum time.
  7. I really dislike the bumming of Cavendish and Team Sky by ITV4 it's just like the brown nosing Martin Brundell does of Hamilton and Button in F1. Same with the English media when the national side play.
  8. Some boo's for Contador there as he came in.
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