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  1. SPFL Banter Kits World Cup Hope all Fifers and any other supporters out there have registered a vote. Like it or loathe it, we are up against the "Currant buns" variable Turkish blue kit. We can't let that win folks
  2. Hearts ICT Raith Cowden East Fife
  3. If you look at our fixtures for the last few seasons , you'll see why the thinking is like that. Once = computer generated , Twice= computer generated and probability stretch, Third= you have to question it!
  4. It's the same every season KK, 2 years ago we have Stranraer away last game of season ,then first game of next season . Last year we get Peterhead and Stranraer back to back in December, and our last 3 away games would have been treks. Guess where we are heading in December again!!
  5. If his middle name is Finlay, PeeGee will personally sign the cheque, I bet!!
  6. So do I , we were in the Falkirk end for some reason!! Had to make a hasty move that day.
  7. Collins would make that 10; signed bi think, and hopefully the other 4 mentioned will put pen to paper soon
  8. Champions League is simply a bought trophy. If it didn't come back, I for one wouldn't miss it. Also a huge drain on the possible funding to lower leagues. ( There will no doubt be arguements for it) and does nothing for the development of players at a local level. A midweek game used to be a treat, but now it's a curse to some teams as the loss of attendees on a Champions League night is obvious. Only the diehards turnout. There are many downplaying the standard of lower league football in Scotland. I have to say, that I feel the standard has improved immensely in the past few seasons. We have young managers coming in to the game, determined to play an attractive style of football. Think back 20 years, and most of the good players of the time, would probably struggle with the pace and level of fitness in most players in League 1 and 2 now.
  9. Not Cathkin, but add Muirton ,Brockville, Love Street to that list
  10. As was suggested previously, freeze the league as it is. Make the end of season payments based on current position. Then restart in July /August, playing the remaining fixtures from 19/20 season and 3 rounds of fixtures in 20/21 season. The league Cup return to straight KO format for 1 season. Scrap the biscuits cup for a season. Play SC semis and final as season opener. Just a thought
  11. The lad McKay may not have been booked for diving if Murray hadn't been so apoplectic on the sideline. The lad didn't actually claim for a pen as he tripped over his own feet, but Murray nearly bust a vein.
  12. Spot on there, and I still feel we should do more to promote that very Idea. There are literally 100s of local small businesses in the catchment area, and only a few have boards. Put it this way, when you get to the top level, the corporations spending £m's on trackside advertising aren't doing it to simply help the club. Product placement, if you can't see it, and don't know about it, you certainly won't buy it.
  13. This programme has just sunk to a new low!! Geordie Munro, gees peace!
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