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  1. Horse's for courses. Playing "better" football was never going to win that game, probably would have cost us the game due to the conditions. Being glad you didn't travel to watch the team ultimately win is a bit sad though.
  2. Not a great game of football, too much hoof and run from us on a heavy pitch. Result may flatter us a bit, but equally, Stranraer didn't create much in the final third. The win was the main thing though, and another clean sheet.
  3. For those of you aiming to drive down on Saturday, please be aware that the A77 is closed at Ballantrae, and it's along detour. Best going down M74 and head for Newton Stewart.
  4. In front of the nearside? One of those , where Falkirk player pushes Slattery. Slattery falls over, but that wasn't a foul, I agree. Falkirk player then tries to run over the top of Slattery who is lying on the ground, Falkirk player then falls to the ground simply because he really had nowhere to put his feet, there was no contact. Nearside lino the goes all station master with his flag, There was never a foul for any side, game should have continued
  5. As said, that result was on the cards. Been pretty poor since Dumbarton game. Too many times we were guilty of waiting for the ball, while the opponents step past, and take it away.
  6. It was the exact same starting 11 that trounced Dumbarton. Now you see why we were all livid on Saturday night. Losing 3 goals in 30 mins to a non league team is beyond defensible. But, it's happened, we are out the cup, so need to get it out our system on Tuesday night.
  7. I always think Forfar is a great place to go. Old fashioned terracing on 3 sides , 1 which is covered. The banter with the old codgers when you change ends is great. The football authorities have to take the blame for the shambles of rules in the 90s which dictated clubs have 10000 seater stadia for the Premier League. I'm pretty sure The Excelsior Stadium would never have been built as big if it weren't for that ruling. Likewise the stands at each end of Starks would never have been as big. Some of these clubs have still to really recover from the financial damage caused by this. Some terraces however aren't great though. Montrose and Brechin have both maintained their grounds really well in recent years, but I hate standing on the side at pitch level . But that's just me.
  8. Would have been more on the money if I could count properly, it's 5 defeats. 4 in cup matches, 3 of which to lower League clubs, and 1 to Rangers. Plus the 1 league defeat.
  9. We have lost 4 games in total this season. 3 of them have been against lower League opposition. Motivational issues need to be addressed. That was brutal today, and to be fair, it was an injustice that we were 3-1 up at one point. But we were, and for a league 1 team to then concede 3 goals at home to a non league side, is shocking. One thing about DY, he is certainly showing us the best and worst of East Fife. No idea where to start to remedy that performance for Tuesday night, but that the management job, not mine. Get it sorted!
  10. Suppose it is now that you lot have lowered the standard, just have to accept it .
  11. Yes , we have a decent squad of good players excelling themselves most weeks , who are influencing the judges.
  12. Sure it opened not long after kick off. You can set your watch with Sam, 10 mins after KO, "can I get money" . And he went to the away end one.
  13. Beat you to the interesting fact Liam, said the same thing to the guys on the bus on the way through. Amazing how the game has changed in 10 years, and for the better I have to say.
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