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  1. Not Cathkin, but add Muirton ,Brockville, Love Street to that list
  2. As was suggested previously, freeze the league as it is. Make the end of season payments based on current position. Then restart in July /August, playing the remaining fixtures from 19/20 season and 3 rounds of fixtures in 20/21 season. The league Cup return to straight KO format for 1 season. Scrap the biscuits cup for a season. Play SC semis and final as season opener. Just a thought
  3. The lad McKay may not have been booked for diving if Murray hadn't been so apoplectic on the sideline. The lad didn't actually claim for a pen as he tripped over his own feet, but Murray nearly bust a vein.
  4. Spot on there, and I still feel we should do more to promote that very Idea. There are literally 100s of local small businesses in the catchment area, and only a few have boards. Put it this way, when you get to the top level, the corporations spending £m's on trackside advertising aren't doing it to simply help the club. Product placement, if you can't see it, and don't know about it, you certainly won't buy it.
  5. This programme has just sunk to a new low!! Geordie Munro, gees peace!
  6. Just want to see us living on the edge, kitonistas, #tartanterrors #theblackandgoldBroons
  7. Wasn't a great lot of gold either, more an orangey mustard in the 70s. That was the point Faither was making, not so so much the stripes as the colours.
  8. Nope Faither is quite right, mostly black and a differing shade of yellow. My "tap" drawer has 50 Shades o yelly! and a couple with gold.
  9. Especially when you have a force 6 at the back of you , just launch it! There's a time and place for the "silky soccer".
  10. Up to the 72nd minute , I doubt few would argue tbh.
  11. Well we certainly took out of that game exactly what we deserved. Falkirk don't concede many so when you get crystal clears early on, you must take them. Not sure if over the 90mins we actually won a single header in midfield , but I'll stand corrected if we did. 2 poor teams slogging it out until the 72 minute, then it was all over. Can't take much out of that I'm afraid, other than a few questions answered.
  12. No, the 352 didn't work, we look more like a team again now that we've returned to 442. Why is everyone so keen to shoehorn Craig Watson into the team?
  13. He looked like there is potential, and his cross to the sleeping giant was sublime. If only he'd been awake! However, 3 times he tried to take the LB on the outside , all ended in throw in. Will reserve judgement until a few games under his belt.
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